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Books on Breast Cancer

Books on Breast Cancer

Books on breast cancer, TOP BOOKS review and do not spend a penny before you know what is the one that you need. There are many of them. Experts from places around the globe write such book with the intention to help. Some books are very scientific and makes people on the street unable to digest them. Others include life experience books in which you can learn from others’ life lesson. The are breast cancer books about alternative treatments, diet, and something deeper like mammography and breast imaging.

The trick is to find the top cancer books. The main intention of many is to find a cure for breast cancer. There must be a cure for this serious disease, seek and you would find one. Books on breast cancer are for knowledge; like one wise man say – to know the enemy is the first step to beat the enemy. Given that each individual comes with different need, the best book from one’s view is not necessarily the right one for you. Here are most sought after and high rating books on breast cancer:

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, Fourth Edition
Amazon Price: $0.94
List Price: $22.95

Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book:4th Edition 2005 (Paperback)

This book has been reviewed very positively by Amazon reviewer, Publishers Weekly and most importantly has been rated very high by readers. Breast cancer patient says this book covers more than breast cancer; it contains everything about breast. If you think knowledge is power then reader suggests you read this book.

Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors
Amazon Price: $0.45
List Price: $15.00

Uplift : Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors

You can read the experience of 300 plus breast cancer survivors in this book. Written by a cancer survivor herself who is also a prolific novelist – Barbara Delinsky. Something strange about this book, at the time I write this sentence all readers who read it gave it 5 star.

Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) during Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond
Amazon Price: $3.45
List Price: $15.95

Breast Cancer Husband : How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) during Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond

If you think being a cancer patient is hard then try being a husband.. Trust me being a husband is harder.

Breast Cancer Survivor

If you are fighting breast cancer right now the I have to apologize if this site offers not much help. My wish is you will be a survivor. See this video, it is about famous people who had won the battle against this disease. Survivors are not only the famous, there are many people on the street who did it too. I wish you all the strength and best of luck.

Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention: The World’s Foremost Authorities on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Offer Advice on Healing
Amazon Price: $2.97
List Price: $30.95

Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention: The World’s Foremost Authorities on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Offer Advice on Healing

Are you looking for alternative treatment for breast cancer? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you should not miss this top book. Experts in this disease combined their effort to write this book. Topics covered include Chinese medicine, vitamin and mineral supplementation, meditation as well as spiritual approach.Ever heard about ‘microbiotic diet’? It is in this book. A sure eye opener!

Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul: Stories to Inspire, Support and Heal (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
Amazon Price: $5.02
List Price: $14.95
The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Fitness Plan: A Doctor-Approved Workout Plan For a Strong Body and Lifesaving Results (Harvard Medical School Guides)
Amazon Price: $6.92
List Price: $18.95
The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Nutritional Approach to Preventing Recurrence (The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series)
Amazon Price: $10.72
List Price: $18.95
Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors
Amazon Price: $2.48
List Price: $16.00

Books on Breast Cancer Review

The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, Fifth Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide for Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer
Amazon Price: $5.00
List Price: $16.00
Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer
Amazon Price: $0.99
The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book
Amazon Price: $12.84
List Price: $22.95
The Breast Cancer Companion
Amazon Price: $7.39
List Price: $16.95

Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst Pendant

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A lot of people gift jewelry to their loved ones for all kinds of occasions and celebrations. The most common stones and materials used are gold, silver and of course diamond. But wouldn’t it be more interesting to gift an unusual and exotic gift to someone you love to show her how special she is? Everyone gifts diamonds but how many people really gift a diamond and green amethyst ring? It is traditional because it still has the diamond and yet, you would manage to add your own touch to it with the green amethyst!

Amazon Listings

7MM Cushion Cut Green Amethyst Ring In Sterling Silver 1.50 CT In Size 7 (Available In Sizes 5 – 9)
Amazon Price: $25.00
List Price: $99.99
5-3/4 ct.t.w. Green Amethyst and White Topaz Ring in Silver
Amazon Price: $44.00
List Price: $115.00
Solitaire Style 1.75 carats Green Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Size 7, Available in Sizes 5 thru 9
Amazon Price: $39.99
List Price: $199.95
2 3/4ct Cushion Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver
Amazon Price: $13.49
List Price: $199.99
Striking 1.50 carats Green Amethyst Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Size 8, Available in Sizes 5 thru 9
Amazon Price: $29.99
List Price: $149.95

A green amethyst ring is often said to be a great gift for multiple reasons. This is because the green amethyst is supposed to have healing and mystical powers which means the person who is gifting it actually wishes good health and prosperity to the one who receives it. So it is not just a pretty ring you know! If you happen to believe to the ancient powers, you will actually be showering a whole lot of blessings on your loved one. That is surely what makes it a great gift! So you can get one for your mother, your wife, your sister and even your daughter.

While diamonds can be very costly, a green amethyst ring is certainly not that expensive. So if you are looking for an inexpensive yet classy ring, you cannot hope to get anything better than this. Of a beautiful light green color, the green amethyst can also be found set in different types of metal without the expensive diamond accompanying it. These plain rings can be available for as little as $ 50. You can also choose to give an elegant pearl and green amethyst combination ring set in silver. This would be an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

More Amazon Listings

Sterling Silver Five-Stone Amethyst Ring, Size 8
Amazon Price: $26.00
List Price: $40.00
Sterling Silver Amethyst and White Topaz Ring
Amazon Price: $50.00
List Price: $130.00
Enchanting 0.50 Carats Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver Rhodium Finish Size 8
Amazon Price: $24.99
List Price: $79.96
2 3/4ct Cushion Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver
Amazon Price: $44.99
List Price: $199.00
925 Sterling Silver Round Purple Genuine Amethyst Celtic Knot Triquetra Trinity Endless Eye Ring for Women Size 7 – Nickle Free
Amazon Price: $24.99
List Price: $50.99

Sometimes, a green amethyst ring can also be accompanied by semi precious stones like topaz and sapphire for a beautifully colourful and lustrous look. These rings are also available for about $ 100 while the ones set in diamond are priced at around $ 200 and above. These glittery and sparkly rings are so attractive that you should fix your budget before you go to buy them otherwise you might just succumb to temptation and spend a lot more than you intend to! So plan your budget and then get the most exquisite ring for your loved one. You can be sure the ring will be valued and cherished by her for a very long time!

Green Amethyst Ring

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How to cure Breast Cancer through making simple lifestyle changes.

How to cure Breast Cancer through making simple lifestyle changes.

There is a cure for Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer has many known causes and unfortunately you won’t be told these causes by our mainstream medical system as they don’t know. It’s very important to know these causes because before you can beat a diagnosis of breast cancer you have to remove the factors that have caused the problem in the first place.

While our medical system is very good at finding breast cancer and monitoring the disease, their treatments have many problems, toxicity being just one of them. Breast cancer doesn’t have a single cause but many contributing factors and even though the problem is in the breast, the cause of the problem is in the rest of the body, mainly the liver and it’s this underlying cause you must address.

Doctors now days only treat the problem with surgery, radiation and or chemotherapy but there is nothing in those 3 treatments that will stop the spread of cancer. To stop the cancer coming back or shifting to another location find out what caused it in the first place and remove those causes. That is called; “a common sense approach” and very few people when first told they have breast cancer are applying that.

Some of the known causes of all cancers including breast cancer are our wrong food choices with our high consumption of processed food or food that’s been interfered with by man. Another is our sedentary lifestyle. We were meant to be physically active but because of our lack of exercise with our cars, the television and our work where we sit all day we don’t get the exercise we so badly need. Toxic chemicals are another problem and today we are surrounded by them. The ones that have been connected to breast cancer are under arm antiperspirants, hair dyes and sun screens.

The human body is continually trying to heal itself and the most efficient healer you have is your body through your immune system. The way to overcome breast cancer is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as many of them have cancer fighting properties, get some vitamin D which you get freely from the sun and don’t forget the exercise.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specialising in cancer. For information on better, more effective ways to cure breast cancer and other facts you need to know to overcome it; please visit

King Size Electric Blanket – Top 10!

King Size Electric Blanket - Top 10!

King Size Electric Blanket

King Size Electric Blanket, this size is better than Queen they said, do not trust them. HERE ARE TOP 10 BLANKETS + REVIEW + AUDIO & VIDEO! If you are looking for electric blanket then don’t settle for less. Settle for the best. There are many brands in the market, so which one is the right one – Sunbeam, Biddeford, Soft Heat, Cannon or Dreamland?

Lucky with this Internet, King Size Electric Blankets at deep discount are sold in many online stores and to get one is just a matter of several seconds!

You may want to know that there are several types of heating blanket. The most common one is electric blanket that heats you from above as it covers you. There is also electric mattress pads; they heat you from below as they stay on your bed. Another type is electric blanket throw which typically use when you want to lay on cauch and watch your favorite program.

Top 10:

Biddeford Blankets Heated Blanket with Dual Analog Controls, King, Linen
Amazon Price: $73.66
List Price: $199.99
Biddeford King Heated Blanket with Analog Controller, Shell
Amazon Price: $87.24
List Price: $114.99
Biddeford King Diamond Weave Digital Electric Heated Blanket Off White
Amazon Price: $79.95
List Price: $160.00
Biddeford Blankets Heated Blanket with Dual Analog Controls, King, Eggplant
Amazon Price: $83.44
List Price: $199.99
Soft Heat® Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Heated Warming Blanket King Size-Chocolate
Amazon Price: $124.95
List Price: $269.99
Biddeford Blankets Heated Blanket with Dual Analog Controls, King, Rose
Amazon Price: $77.05
List Price: $199.99
Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated King Size Blanket, Natural
Amazon Price: $189.99
List Price: $269.99
Sunbeam Royal Dreams King Heated Blanket, Mushroom
Amazon Price: $68.96
List Price: $167.04


Why pick a good King Size Electric Blanket? There are at least 3 good reasons for it:

1. Electric blanket of any size is cheapest heating method during winter.

With the right technique it may costs you only several cents per night because it heats you only, not your entire room.

2. You are saving our planet when you use King Size Electric Blanket.

This is because electric blanket uses very little electricity so your local power provider would burn less fossil fuel to generate electricity.

Less fossil fuel burning means less carbon dioxide release to environment and this is a good thing to planet earth.

3. Electric blanket king size should be your choice because it is biggest so it will cover both you and person sleep next to you very well.

So, no more wasting energy fighting before the sleep but use the energy to do something nicer!

Items in the left of this writing are Top 10 King Size Electric Blanket.

The list is based on relevant items listed in Amazon. The list contains both blanket and mattress pad of all brands.

This online store’s reputation is indisputable, everybody can trust it. Millions of people enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Even better, Amazon sells electric blanket at deep discount everyday, up to more than 50% discount.

Click item to see full product descriptions:


Amazon Price: $110.00


Biddeford King Heated Blanket with Analog Controller, Shell
Amazon Price: $87.24
List Price: $114.99


Cannon Electric Automatic Heated Warming Twin Ivory Cream Blanket with One Control New
Amazon Price: $45.00

King blanket:

King size electric blanket is not from one brand only, lucky then you have plenty of items to choose from.

If you are looking for top brand, cutting edge technology (like ‘smart’ technology) and most sought after items then choose Sunbeam.

Biddeford on the other hand has a huge collection of rugged blankets. They are straight forward electric blanket and you would not disappointed.

Cannon electric blanket king size is unique and it has people loyal to it too:

Soft Heat

Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad, White, Queen
Amazon Price: $45.89
List Price: $69.99
Electric Heated Warming Mattress Pad Dobby Stripe in White Size: Queen
Amazon Price: $142.20
List Price: $139.95
Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural
Amazon Price: $179.89
List Price: $199.99

Electric blanket king low voltage

Electric blanket king low voltage, here they are.

The most sought after low voltage electric blankets are produced by Soft Heat.

The manufacturer claims that this blanket is very safe, can be machine-washed and dried and extremely comfortable.

Click one item in the left and you will see Amazon has the king size for it:

Electric mattress pad king

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Comfort Queen
Amazon Price: $39.95
List Price: $79.99
The ORIGINAL Bed Band – Adjustable Fastener/Holder/Strap/Suspender/Gripper for Your Sheets. Patent Pending (1 Pack)
Amazon Price: $11.49
List Price: $15.99
Intex Pillow Rest Classic Queen Airbed Kit
Amazon Price: $35.99
List Price: $59.99
King size electric blanket

Sunbeam Contact Information:

Boca Raton, Florida 33431 –
Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA
[get directions]

Sunbeam Products, Inc.
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
(800) 892-7684

{“lat”:26.381407,”lng”:-80.10273,”zoom”:12,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[{“id”:”14046″,”lat”:26.36174,”lng”:-80.09137,”name”:”Boca Raton, Florida 33431″,”address”:”Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA”,”description”:”Sunbeam Products, Inc.nBoca Raton, Florida 33431n(800) 892-7684″}]}


Blanket is a necessity, in winter people need thick blanket and during summer the need is a light one. Depend on geography, demand on blanket from the world is never stop.

When winter is done in Northern America, Australia and New Zealand would start to ‘enjoy’ it; king size electric blanket then is most sought after product in southern hemisphere.

In the house, university and even in rented caravan people would talk about this cheap method of heating.

Blankets for the freezing months include Korean blanket, fleece blanket, wool blanket, snuggle blanket and heated blanket. Here are the top items, click one to read product description:

Electric blanket king

Electric blanket king is very nice for own use as well as a good gift idea.

Imagine, you give this blanket to a person and he or she will enjoy warm sleep every night for many years.

The electric blanket of this size would improve people quality of life.

Don’t settle for less, not even for electric blanket queen size but always opt for king size electric blanket.

PHP Code Example on Numeric Array

PHP Code Example on Numeric Array

PHP code sample, php scripts sample, a php code example on Numeric array

Arrays is very important in every programming languages. Hence, the arrays in php play also an important rule to php programmer epeciallly when they deal series of data’s. This hub contains a php code example on numeric array.

Note: Before you can test and run this php code example, you should know how to run a php file on your browser. The link below would give you the details on how to run a php file and the requirements on running a php code/scripts or file.

How to run a PHP file on your Browser Using XAAMP and Notepad++

Please save the following code as numericalarray.php

PHP Code Example on Numerical Array

Sample Output on numericalarray.php

PHP Video Tutorials

“Learn the PHP basics from 17 info packed video tutorials.” “On CD”
Current Bid: $1.99
PHP Programming Video Training tutorials CBT – 7+ Hrs
Current Bid: $4.99
Learn php -mysql and web develop video &docs tutorials
Current Bid: $5.99

Do you want to test the code? For the sake of clarification, here is how to test the above code intended only for beginners:

1. Be sure that you installed XAAMP and Notepad++.

2. Open the Xaamp application and run the Apache and My SQL on the Xaamp Window.

3. Copy the code above in your notepad++ and save it to the drive where you installed the Xaamp, open the Xaamp folder on that drive and open the htdocs folder. On the htdocs folder where you will save the php file, better name it whileloop.php.

4. Now, go to your browser and type this: localhost/numericalarray.php. As soon as you hit enter, you will be directed similar to the sample output above.

Protector Glasses for All Computer Users

Current Bid: $7.99
Anti-Stress COMPUTER GLASSES Brown WAYFARER Eyeglasses clear sunglasses gunner
Current Bid: $7.95
Current Bid: $7.99
Current Bid: $7.99

Other PHP Code Examples and Tutorials

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What is the Best Programming Language to Learn?

What is the Best Programming Language to Learn?

List of Best in-demand programming languages to learn especially in Web Developing and Networking, Machine Programming and Desktop Programming

What are the in-demand programming languages nowadays and what will be the in-demand programming languages in the future are questions that always popping on the mind of both the computer-related Students and computer-related professionals. Especially now that Technology is always changing, the trends keep changing too. For those who will embark in the real world of Computer Science and Information Technology and also to those who already are in the busy world of Professionals, protecting the job and security for the future is a must. It must be a pressure for everybody to always keep up on the changing trends unless you love what you are doing or you have a chronic obsession of not letting others left you behind. Nonetheless, choosing this career is our own doing so we like it or not we must keep rolling with the world and dance in the light of technology by keeping ourselves ready and always informed.

What is your field of Interest and specialty?

It is impossible to learn all the best programming languages there is, unless you are a genius with a super high IQ and hardworking too. Anyway, if you think you can, go for it. When we limit what we can do, that is the time we waste our time and wash away our confidence. Knowing our interest and specialties would help us so much on learning these programming languages. Below are the lists of best programming languages to learn especially for computer Students.

Guide to Linux Assembly Language Programming!

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux
Current Bid: $148.90

Best Low Level Programming Language for Machine Code Conversion especially for Beginners

What is a machine language? Machine language is the one which is understood by the machines like computer. The programming languages used in machines are the assembly languages or the low level programming languages that is converted to machine codes, or to 0’s and 1’s codes. The first best low level language to learn that is fit for beginners because of its less confusing syntax is the C Language. Aside from that, there are many guides that are available in the web. Even out of school people could learn this because of its vast resources in the web.

Guide for Windows Programming!

Programming Microsoft Windows with C# by Charles Petzold (2002, Paperback)
Current Bid: $9.99

Best Programming Languages for Desktop Programming

Desktop programming are the programming languages especially used for desktop applications. Since, there are only 2 most used operating systems in the globe, namely, Windows and Mac OS it is just logical to know the programming languages that are compatible in those operating systems. For Windows Operating System, the best programming language in making a desktop application are the following.

1. C#

2. Delphi

3. C/C++

4. Visual Basic

5. Java

For Mac Operating System, the best programming languages to learn are:

1. Objective – C

2. Java


So, if you want to make an application that is supported by the both OS, then Java, C and C++ would be the best choice to learn for desktop programming.

Learn Objective C for Mac OS Programming!

Learn Objective-C on the Mac : For OS X and iOS by Waqar Malik, Mark…
Current Bid: $25.98

Best Programming and Scripting Languages for Networking and Web Developing

Below are the notable best programming and scripting languages for web developing.

1. JavaScript

2. PHP

3. Python

4. Ruby

JavaScript and its packages and libraries might be the best for web developing and designing a website. PHP is a significant programming and scripting language too used by many big websites in web developing especially WordPress and Joomla. Same with Python and Ruby, those two cannot be ignored too in their abilities on making an interactive web pages.

Which Programming Languages you think is the best?

Visual Basic
Objective C
See results without voting

Share your thoughts…

What programming and scripting languages would you want to learn?

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Buffalo State Will Face The Three-time National Champs

Buffalo State Will Face The Three-time National Champs
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Wisconsin-Whitewater has won 46 straight games, which is the longest active win streak in college football.
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Caesarae Lewis has an Empire 8-best four touchdowns and is in second place with 14 receptions and 236 receiving yards.

After a disappointing loss to Brockport, the Buffalo State football team will have another tough matchup on their hands.

The Bengals will be facing the three-time defending NCAA Division III national champion Wisconsin-Whitewater, a team that has won 46 straight games, They have the longest active streak in college football and are one win away from tying the University of Oklahoma for third place, all-time in the NCAA.

Wisconsin-Whitewater is also coming off of a bye week after defeating Washington University in St. Louis 34-0 and will be expecting a big turnout since the game has been designated National Champions and Youth Day. The first 500 fans will receive a Willie Warhawk Bobblehead.

Washington University in St. Louis had a 6-4 record last season, but Wisconsin-Whitewater held their offense to just 55 net yards offensively. Their starting quarterback completed just eight of 23 pass attempts for 45 yards and four interceptions while their running back gained 31 yards on 17 carries.

“I’m excited,” said center Kyle Shreve. “It’ll be a good game. We just have to go out there and execute.”

Buffalo State’s offense had a record breaking 706 yards of offense in their Week 1 win against Cortland, but was held to just 321 yards in Week 2 against Brockport.

Quarterback Casey Kacz enters Week 3 with 874 passing yards, best in the Empire 8 and his 62.9 completion percentage and 6 passing touchdowns are the second-best following a record-breaking 579 passing yards against Cortland which earned him Empire 8 offensive player of Week 1. Running back Rich Pete’s 129 rushing yards are seventh best and his three rushing touchdowns are second-best.

Wide Receiver Ryan Carney leads the Empire 8 with 18 receptions and 325 receiving yards. He was named to the National Team of Week 1 for his 12 receptions, 242-yards and two touchdowns performance against Cortland.

Wide Receiver Caesarae Lewis has an Empire 8-best four touchdowns and is in second place with 14 receptions and 236 receiving yards. His kick return average of 27.5 yards is second best and he earned Empire 8 Special Teams Player of Week 2 following his performance against Brockport where he had four kick returns for 152 yards, including a 67-yarder.

In Week 1, Wisconsin-Whitewater senior quarterback Lee Brekke completed 13 of 25 passes for 141 yards and a touchdown with Steve Morris catching seven passes for 103 yards and a touchdowns while running back Desmin Ward had 14 carries for 108 yards and a score.

Defensively, the Bengals have struggled and rank second worst allowing an average of 477.5 total yards, 335.0 passing yards and 142.5 rushing yards. Cornerback Chris Hall’s 4 interceptions and linebacker Pasquale Vacchio’s six tackles for a loss lead the Empire 8 while Vacchio’s 21 tackles are third-most and safety Matt Wesolowski’s 17 tackles are sixth-most.

“I feel as a cornerback, we need to get more reps,” said cornerback Sean Mapp. “They need to get their set corners and really play us. They keep switching us in and out and that’s not working obviously. They need to get their set corners, play us and have us do our job. For me, I get better as the game goes.”

The Bengals will hit the road on Thursday after practice and dinner before stopping at a hotel in Toledo, Oh at night. On Friday, the team will travel the rest of the way to Wisconsin-Whitewater to have their, practice, dinner and meeting before Saturday’s game at 2 p.m. EST.

“We were our own worst enemy on Saturday and it was very disappointing,” said head coach Jerry Boyes. “I thought we had kind of overcome that hurdle, but obviously we have not yet. There are a lot of questions after that game because there is a complete reversal of our first game. You take a look at our first game and the comparison is Brockport was Buffalo State and Buffalo State was Cortland because that’s what it was.”

“They wanted the game much more,” Boyes added. “They were out there to prove something and apparently to me all we had to do is just show up and we were going to win the game. Is it a lesson learned? Only time will tell, but it’s a very harsh lesson and it’s unfortunate, but the best team won this past Saturday. We’ll see if our guys will learn anything after that game.”

Best Vacation Spots In Oregon: Experience SunRiver Oregon Vacation Destination

Best Vacation Spots In Oregon: Experience SunRiver Oregon Vacation Destination

Sunriver Oregon

Sunriver Oregon has much to offer for the vacationer at any time of the year.  Sunriver is a favorite spot for many for summer family vacations, ski get-away weekends, or whatever suits your fancy.  Experience Sunriver Oregon and all that it has to offer. 

If outdoor activities are up your alley, Sunriver Oregon offers many ammenities and unique experiences, no matter what the season.

If you are looking for a totally soothing place to spend vacation time or you need a place for a business trip venue, Sunriver Oregon fits the bill.

Sunriver Resort Photo: Public Domain

Visit Sunriver Oregon

Sunriver Oregon is roughly 15 miles south of the city of Bend Oregon located in beautiful Central Oregon.

Sunriver and Central Oregon boast at least 300 clear and sunny days per year. Summertime temperatures can reach into the 100s but at night, everything cools back down and temperatures fall to 30-40 degrees. Even better – there is NO humidity.

Sunriver is located in the high mountain desert terrain of Oregon. It is at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range and close to many of the state’s prime recreational areas.

Sunriver is a private resort community of roughly 3300 acres that was developed in the 1980s. The total resident population is approximately 1800 but at any given time, there are many more people in residence in the form of vacationing patrons.

There are countless vacation homes, condos, cabins and rooms to rent within the confines of Sunriver, from inexpensive to top-of-the-line executive style homes complete with all the luxuries. Most all of the Sunriver rentals come with passes to several community pools; some come with passes to the health club and spa, and some come with discounts to the 2 golf courses.

Sunriver Oregon boasts more then 35 miles of paved bike paths. These are well marked paths and traverse all around the community of Sunriver. Most places that you rent in Sunriver provide residents with bikes as well. If they don’t, you can rent them in the village.

Sunriver has its own little mall and 2 small but well-stocked grocery stores, one of them also a small gas station. In the mall portion of Sunriver is an excellent bakery, several restaurants and some shops for browsing or picking up necessities.

The Sunriver Lodge provides excellent fine dining experiences or a pub-style atmosphere in the lounge. There is also a cafe and a gift shop that is always stocked with unique offerings. Most importantly, you can arrange through Sunriver Lodge to catch a ski bus, arrange for river rafting trips, horseback riding and many other activities.

There are so many things to do in Sunriver that it is usually preferable to stay at least a week. There is that much to do. Added to that is the fact that Bend is just 15 miles away where you can also find countless topnotch entertainment, recreational, dining and shopping venues.

Besides the 2 golf courses within Sunriver, there is another beautiful golf course minutes away at Crosswater. There are also several other golf courses as close as 10 minutes away, and as far as 1-1/2 hours away. Sunriver, Central Oregon in general, is a golfer’s paradise and many people flock to Sunriver and Bend just for golfing.

Sunriver even has its own small airport; some of the residents in Sunriver on the outer perimeter own homes with hangars attached.

Most vacation rentals in Sunriver also offer their own outdoor hot tub. Rentals also come with all the ammenities such as cooking and dining equipment and usually offer a barbecue as well.

While Sunriver is a resort community, it has the feel of something more along the lines of a wonderful vacation spot all your own in the embrace of the forest. The added beauty of the nearby Deschutes River and Mt. Bachelor have made it one of the most popular vacation spots in all of Oregon.

Bend Overall
Amazon Price: $454.89
Oregon Off the Beaten Path, 9th: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series)
Amazon Price: $45.15
List Price: $14.95
52 Weekends in Oregon
Amazon Price: $7.60
List Price: $12.95

Sunriver Oregon Summer Ideas

Hit the trails and bike on all kinds of beautiful trails – 35+ miles of paved paths
Video or photograph coyotes which are abundant in the area
Take a soak in your own vacation hot tub and watch the stars
Rent a canoe down at the marina and float the Deschutes River
Go to the observatory in Sunriver and watch the stars
Rent a raft at the marina and float the Deschutes River
Fish in the Deschutes River
Go to the High Desert Museum located back towards Bend about 10 miles
Sign up and go on the Palina Plunge – a bike-tour of 6 waterfalls
Sign up to go on an all-day ride into the mountains on horseback (or overnight)
Go on a trail ride for 2 hours
Sign up for a river rafting adventure – 3 hour, all-day, and overnight trips
Go shopping in the mall and pick up some fresh donuts at the Hot Lava Baking Company
Lay out on your deck and read
Go for a work-out at Mavericks Athletic Club
Have dinner at the Trout House for views of the Deschutes River and Mt. Bachelor
Take a fly fishing lesson – sign up in the mall
Try the climbing wall at Mavericks
Experience the wave maker pool at Mavericks
Stay home and play board games and cook a family dinner
Watch a video after a long day in the sun
Sign up for a massage and facial at Sage Springs
Check out the many golf courses in the area
Go to see the Lava Caves just south of Bend
Visit Lava Land just south of Bend
Play tennis on the many tennis courts in Sunriver
Take a picnic and go to hike at Smith Rock
Sign up for an urban mushing lesson at Tumnatki Siberian Huskies

Sunriver Oregon Winter Ideas

Have a warm fire in your cabin, vacation home or condo
Schedule a business seminar and enjoy the winter wonderland
Have dinner at the Sunriver Lodge with its beautiful views
Take the bus from Sunriver Lodge to Mt. Bachelor for nordic or alpine skiing
Cross-country ski on the paths in Sunriver
Go on a dog sledding outing
Build snowmen and enjoy the beauty of winter in the forest
Go ice-skating in the mall
Go sledding on the snowy hills
Stroll to Sunriver Lodge at night and see the beautiful light display
Sit in the lobby of Sunriver Lodge and admire the 2 huge Christmas trees
Go shopping in Bend
Go snow-shoeing
Take in a movie at the many theaters in Bend
Experience the many fine dining establishments in Bend
Take a starlit snow-shoeing tour in Sunriver
Sign up for a horse drawn carriage ride at the stables
Visit the Old Mill District in Bend
Go up to Mt. Bachelor for cross-country skiing
Drive north of Bend to Smith Rock for a winter hike
Experience the observatory in Sunriver in winter
Sign up for a sledding outing or a lesson with Tumnatki Siberian Huskies
Volunteer or go to a dog sled race

Summing Up Sunriver Oregon

Sunriver Oregon was designed to be a vacation paradise and that it is! It is a lovely way to spend vacation time or even participate in business seminars.  Sunriver Lodge offers a fantastic business facility.

You will always find plenty to do at Sunriver and will leave refreshed from your time in the high mountain desert, no doubt wanting to return again soon.

Sunriver is a magical place and once you’re there, it’s very hard to leave. Most all of the vacation homes are exquisite and the amenities are just unparalleled. For a unique experience, stay at the Sunriver Lodge or some of their cabins.

Whether it is for a vacation, a wedding, or a meeting, Sunriver has all you could ask for and more. Happy vacationing, happy traveling!

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Adventurous Nepal- Places Must to be visited

Adventurous Nepal- Places Must to be visited
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Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country located in South Asia with an area of about 1,47,181 It extends from 26°22’N to 30°27’N latitudes and from 80°4’E to 88°12’E longitudes. It is surrounded by India in the east, south and west and Tibet lies to the north.

Nepal is a country of geographical diversity. Green forest is the wealth of Nepal. It is the second richest country in water resources after Brazil.

Here are some beautiful national parks of Nepal which every tourist would want to visit:

1. Chitwan national park

Chitwan national park is the oldest park in Nepal. It was established 1973. This park lies in the plain area of mid-south region of inner Terai. Its total area is 932 It has been included under the list of World Heritage Site in 1984. This national park is situated in the Central Development Region occupying the area of Chitwan, Parsa and Makwanpur districts of Narayani Zone. It is the first National park of Nepal. It contains Chure Hills, Rapti Valley and main regions of The Narayani and Riyu Rivers. Sal trees are found in a great number in this National Park. It is known for Sal Forest, Riveraine forest and grassland. There are about 570 species of flowering plants, 30 species of large mammals, more than 400 bird species, 17 reptiles and 100 fish species. Many endangered animals such as tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, wild elephants, stripped hyenas, sloth bears, gangetic dolphins and alligators are found here.

Different Kinds of insects, python and crocodiles (gharial and magar) are also found in this area. This park also provides an excellent habitat for apes, monkeys, antelopes, bears, tigers, lizards, gaurigai, deer etc. Different species of deer like Chittal, Ratua and Laguna are found here.

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2. Sagarmatha National Park

This park was established in 1975. It lies in the north of Khumbu region and in Solukhumbhu district. The total area of this park is 1148 The highest peak of the world Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha) and other important peaks lie in this region. This park extends to Imja Khola in the south and Tibet of china in the north which is the international border and upper part of Dudhkoshi River. This park was included in the list of World Heritage in 1982.

The highest peak in the world, Mt.Everest (8848 meters) and other several well-known peaks such as Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumoori, Amadabalam and Thamsherku are located in this park. Bhotekoshi, Dudhkoshi and Imja Khola are major watersheds of this region.

There is high mountainous environment in this area. The important vegetation of the park are Gobre Salla, Thingre Salla, Hemlock, Fir, Juniper, Birch, Rhododendron etc. Flowers like Rhododendron increase the beauty of this park during Spring Season. Himalayan Thar, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer. Wolf, Polar Bear, Ghoral, Jharal are the important wildlife of this park. Different bid species are found in this area such as Danfe(Lophophorus), Chilime, Kaliz, wild cock, snow cock, Lalchuche, Himchuche, Himkhukhura etc.

This national park is supposed to be important in the view of cultural heritage. This park is famous for various Budhhist Monastries such as Tengboche, Pangboche, Thame. It provides education on Buddhism. It is one of the best destinations for tourists. Trekking sites, Sherpas Culture, wildlife and rich bio-diversity attract the tourist here.

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3. Shey-Phoksundo National Park

It was established in the year 1984. This park lies in the western part of Nepal in the mountain districts of Dolpa and Mugu. It has an area of 3555 sq.kms. that represent trans-Himalayan eco-system. This is the largest national park. Various kinds of vegetation and birds are found here. This park has spread towards both north and south sides of the Himalayas.

The important trees of the park are blue pine, birch and spruce. The wildlife of the park are blue sheep, snow leopard, Himalayan Thar, Himalayan Mouse, hare etc. This is the main habitat of the wild animals like Himalayan leopard, Tibetan rabbit, Naur etc. Similarly, there are some glaciers and snow-capped mountain ranges also. There is Phoksundo Lake in the middle part of the park. There are Shey Gumba (Monastery) and other Buddhist Monasteries also. These monasteries are taken as the center of religious education, cultural conduct and discipline for Tibetan Buddhist followers.

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4. Langtang National park

This park was established in 1975. It is spread along the Nepal-China border areas. It contains Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindupal Chowk districts of Bagmati Zone. It has an area of 1710 sq.kms. The two prominent Himalayan Rivers namely Trishuli and Sunkoshi flow through this park. Various kinds of land topography and climate are found in this region. So, it is the habitat for different kinds of vegetation and wild animals.

Chirpine, Blue pine, Oak, Hemlock, Spruce are important vegetation species of the park. The forests of Sal, Khotesalla, Louth Salla, Langtang Salla, Gobresalla, Kharsu, Rhododendron etc. are found here. The park is famous for the habitat of Red Panda. The other important mammals of the park are wild dog, Himalayan black bear, common langur, the musk deer, leopard, red panda, Himalayan Thar, ghoral, red monkey etc.

This park has helped to conserve different sites of cultural significance. The Langtang National Park is also famous for its cultural richness. There are many cultural sites such as the “Bon Po” doctrine of Tibet and religious place Goshaikundha. This park is situated in the remote area although it is very near to Kathmandu. This park is also very famous among tourist for trekking.

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5. Rara National Park.

This park was established in 1975. It is situated nearly at the altitude of 1800 meters to 4048 meters. This park lies in the north-west of Nepal. It is spread from Mugu to Jumla districts. The total area of this park is 106 sq.kms. The main attraction of this park is Rara Lake which is the biggest lake in Nepal. It is the smallest park of the country.

The lake is surrounded with green forest, which adds extra beauty to this park. There are Chuchura Peaks in the South and Rum Kandha, Mallika Kandha Peaks in the North of this lake. They have made the natural sites more beautiful and attractive. The wild animals like Himalayan black bear, Himalayan thar, musk deer, Ghoral, red panda are found in this park.

Coniferous forest is all around the lake. This area is a suitable habitat for a great number of birds. Birds from Siberia and Mansarowar visit this area in winter.

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Our Little Phoebe

Our Little  Phoebe

Typically, I only like cats in Chinese food. I know, I won’t win
friends by saying that, but it is what is. For all those that don’t
know they’re ordering Kitty Lo Mein when they head to the corner Chinese
joint, I hope I broke this news to you gently. Have you tried the Pigeon Fried Rice?
In Anatomy class in college, while some girls whimpered about the loss
of poor, pitiful Whiskers when we dissected cats for muscle study, I protested the waste of formaldehyde. I hated Tom of Tom and Jerry with a
fervor so intense, I dreamed about his bloody demise. I dream of a cat
holocaust. I often lie to people who don’t know better and tell them
I’m allergic, so that they won’t see that my only allergic reaction is
sneezes rooted in anger, and the hives that only violent disgust can
cause. This goes pretty deep.
But lately, I’ve been trying to figure out where this nearly irrational
hatred of cats came from. I have had exactly 2 cats in my lifetime make
it past the machete-guarded gates of my cat-hating soul. Those two
cats I liked enough to believe they were part dog, and that was how
they’d won my favor. Still, even then, I was happy to leave them with
their rightful owners after visiting with them. But what lies in this
twisted little mind of mine that makes me hate cats so easily and
gracefully? It’s like a hate ballet in my mind, an overture to the
destruction of felines.
I figured it out a few minutes ago though. It was Phoebe. I never liked
her. We’d had a doberman named Cowboy that my little brother was
terrified of, and by which my brother swore he’d been attacked. So my mom made the
short-sighted decision to get rid of the dog that my Dad and I loved. I
really wanted a replacement dog, and my mother thought a weird little
cat would be a great substitute. She was very wrong about that. I
remember going to get this animal from a woman who was crying. I had to
be about 6 maybe 7 years old. The cat ate out of dishes fancier than
I’d ever seen, let alone eaten out of, but I thought that’s how cats
rolled. What did I know? I was 7. The woman wore glasses, similar to
mine, and I wondered if I cried that much would I be able to see out of
them. I wondered if she could see out of them. I didn’t get everything
that this woman and my mother were saying, but from what I understood,
this woman did not want to give up her adult cat, but had no choice. My
mom kept saying things about what a great home Phoebe would be going
to. How it would teach us kids responsibility to have a pet again, and
how happy she was to have been the one this woman chose. She made lots
of promises of love and nurturing, things like that, maybe she even
brought Jesus into it. Who knows?
As it turns out, my mother found out she hated cats shortly after
Phoebe arrived. I think part of the problem, was that Phoebe’s
expectations were just a little too high. Phoebe needed to face the
fact that she was coming to a home full of minorities, and that ethnic
people just tend not to get down like her previous owner did. In her last abode, Phoebe ate from China dishes and slept on something very
soft…maybe cashmere? Well at our house, she was to count her
blessings to even be allowed indoors. My mom was clear on the fact that
she did not want her house to become a zoo, nor smell like an animal
lived there, so her best solution was to keep that animal as remote
from our living space as possible. Phoebe never liked me. I could tell.
All the animals we’d ever had adored me, but there was something
calculating about Phoebe, and she was ever plotting against me. I had
formed quick and sturdy alliances with all of our previous pets
including the fish, but Phoebe, she was definitely not on team SJ,
and I knew it. I kept my eye on her. I didn’t even flinch when, as
usual, my mother had randomly declared that she’d had enough! of the
animal, and was taking it to the pound. Now everyone knows that cats
aren’t adopted, they’re drowned. A normal child would cry about this,
instead I told the cat to her face that I won. She looked me right in
the eye and cooked up a scheme right then and there.
She kept giving me the consistent evil eye right up until the day my
mom “took her to be adopted.” Then she came back. In my dreams, that
cat tried to kill me at least 10 times. She showed up at my elementary
school, in my back yard, at the park where I played everyday. In
every dream she was bloody, and she somehow had learned to laugh. I never
forgave her for her repeated dream attempts on my life, and for that
reason I can’t forgive her family yet either.

No animals were harmed in the writing of this hub.  Please do not report me to PETA.