Airsoft-UK….Choosing the right Rig.

Airsoft-UK....Choosing the right Rig.

Choosing the right Rig!

Hey Folks,

During any Airsoft game no matter where you play, you will see players running around with their kit bouncing all over the place. It really is poor. Don’t be one of these players, get yourself a decent set up that works for you. You will want it to have enough space in it for spare mags, ideally you will be wanting to carry 3-4 High caps or 8+ mid caps. Try to choose something that will also allow you to modify a bit, my rig is from the British Army and it is what was used in Northern Ireland. I have added 2 more pistol mag pouches, a grenade pouch and ive added a hip holster. All these things make my set up my own.

Here is a picture of my own set up

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Ive worked on building this rig up from scratch, now its everything i need in a game, not too heavy but has enough space for everything you will need in a standard skirmish.

MOLLE Ranger

One of the best vests on the market is the MOLLE ranger vest, favoured by the British, American and various special forces units worldwide, no wonder it has become very popular on the Airsoft Field. One of the nice features about these vests are the ID pads on the chest, here you can add different Blood group patches and Flags. also if you have a bit of military knowledge you can add a unit TRF.

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The MOLLE vest is a well thought out design, plenty of storage and fits well.

however next is an option that i like very much, you dont often see it at many airsoft sites but…..

PLCE Webbing

Personel Load Carrying Equipment or PLCE for short, this is currently used by the British army in theatre. It is a very capeable peice of equipment which allows the user to mount just as many pouches as they need, it is also good as it allows you to mess around with the configuration of what goes where.

It is useful in real combat as all the pouches are on the sides and around the rear, which means when in a contact situation and you are prone on the deck you will still have access to ammo and supplies.

Here it is laid out?

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and here it is on a dummy…

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See all 5 photos