Amethyst Gemstone and its Mystical Powers

Amethyst Gemstone and its Mystical Powers
The Amethyst geode is most commonly displayed in the home as part of Feng Shui

In ancient times as well as to this day, people have linked a large number of magical powers to the Amethyst stone. Beginning with how the gem picked up its name, the ancient Greeks believed that the wearing of Amethyst gems will enable you to keep you sober and concentrated, whilst keeping you from becoming drunk. That’s why the title Amethyst came from the Greek word “amethustos” which means “sober”. In fact this supposed power resulted in Greek and Roman Soldiers consuming liquor from goblets created from Amethyst.

In Hindu and Buddhism, there’s the idea that the human body is broken down to 7 diverse “chakra” or areas exactly where your power arrives from. In this religious convention, the Amethyst stone is utilized as a component of the therapy to activate the seventh Chakra, or the Chakra that based at your “crown”. It’s regarded that the Amethyst supplies the connection between the physical and also the spiritual self, and so providing comfort and peacefulness.
In New Age faith, the Amethyst has been known for its mixture of protective and healing properties, made use by bearing either Amethyst rings, pendants, or having Amethyst gemstones around the your house. The curative properties comprises of the ability for the Amethyst to deal with a headache, or other problems linked to the heart or lungs.

The Amethyst gemstone also originates with use in Feng Shui, on account of the Amethysts powers to provide protection, healing and good fortune. The powerful effects includes the capacity to combataddictive problems, prevent nightmares, while at the same time having other healing properties. A few of the approaches toutilizing the Amethyst stone with Feng Shui consist of the following:

Having an Amethyst stone situated on your office table will foster concentration and a beneficial work ethic. The Amethyst will also increase your mental capabilities such asresourcefulness and intelligence.
As a way to avoid a unfaithful partner, an Amethyst gem on a red-colored string can beknotted to the base of your bed on the side you sleep.
In modern times, Amethyst Rings and pendants are becoming worn commonly by women to provide supportive effects of Feng Shui.
By adding an Amethyst geode near to your bed at night will enable you obtaina superb night’s sleep, without fear of nightmares or hours of insomnia.
By positioning an Amethyst geode at the Northeast end of your lounge area will increase the intellect and competence throughout the house.
In case you have any specific rooms or offices within thehouse or workplace which can be inclined to boast unhappiness and discord, by placing Amethyst rocks within those rooms, this can promote an equilibrium and goodwill between family members or co-workers.