Apple iPhone OS 3.0 first look, Hits and Misses

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 first look, Hits and Misses
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Spotlight Search
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New Copy paste feature
Voice Memo

Apple announced the new operating system for iPhone and
itouch yes i.e. iPhone OS 3.0. Now you can upgrade your iPhone for free and you
have to pay $10 iTouch . Here is some most awaited feature is included in this
version but still misses some; I hope better luck next time.

Spotlight Search

Now user can use comprehensive search function for all
application like mail, Massage, Calendar entries and song library. Clicking on
the left side of home screen brings up search bar; selecting the search result
you can launch application. You can also search in specific application.

Copy paste function

Why apple missed in first realize? I can’t understand! Now
have this function in new Apple iPhone Os 3.0.

Multimedia messaging service (MMS)

Shocked! Yes before this version does not apple was not
supported MMS. Now you can send MMS, but again video missing! Something for
next update, May be!

Voice Memo

Now you can record voice memo in your IPhone via inbuilt mic
or head phone mic. You can also edit it like trim etc and send via MMS or email

Peripheral application support

Now external hardware can be attached via iPhone dock
connector. Yes now soon you will see blood pressure device connect via dock,
which show result on your IPhone screen.

Other feature

Notes syncing to Windows based PC
and Mac systems.
Bluetooth A2DP
usable after Bluetooth on second generation iPod Touch gets unlocked on
applying iPhone OS 3.0 update.
Peer-to-peer over Bluetooth
Auto login for Wi-Fi Spots
YouTube account support
iTunes account creation
Form AutoFill
Background notifications in the apps
Streaming Video and audio as per the connection to the
Turn-by-turn directional maps
In game voice can be used which calls for more massive multiplayer
online apps within game voice chat support.

Some iPhone must have product

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What Miss in Apple IPhone OS 3.0
other higher end phone have?

Flash Support
Search function in safari
Background application and
Video support
Voice dialing

There is some miss and some hits in
apple IPhone OS 3.0. What missed this time may be getting in new version wait
and watch! We still love IPhone it makes you out of crowd.