Being Irish!!

Being Irish!!

If you associate yourself with any of the below then you know you’re Irish!!!!!

– The only reason you don’t drink on a night out is because you’re on antibiotics.

– Flat 7-Up is the only cure for a sick stomach.

– You grew up terrified of the wooden spoon.

– Where the sentence “I will yeah” means no.

– You make more money on your First Communion and Confirmation combined than you do with a job.

– You know the meanings to “Culchie” “Langer” “Gowl” and “Yokes” (Culchie = someone who lives in the countryside, Langer = a d**khead, Gowl = a fool, Yokes = drugs.)

– You have more freckles than there is days in the year.

– When you greet someone you say “WEEEEEEEEEELL”

– You know several people named “Mary”, “Anto”, “Deco”, “Tom”, “Murph”

-It’s acceptable to live with you’re parents…..all your life.

– You only go to the doctor when your on the verge of death.

– It’s not a proper dinner unless it includes some spuds!!

– When someone gets angry it means their “tick”.

– You absolutely love TAE!(tea).

– You pronounce Jesus “Jaysus”.

– Every stupid thing you do was “for the craic”.

– You have an extensive knowledge in swear words.

– You have at least once lamped some rabbits.

– You have an almighty fear of electric fence.

– You have been to one or more GAA hurling matches.

– You think you’re great at singing, and will sing regardless of knowing the words.

– You know several people that are stingey (including yourself)

– You’re incredibly tactless.

– You have fed you’re dog guinness at least once… just to see.

– The biggest compliment you can give someone is “your lookin well”

– You can get punched from rows dating back years.

– You own a shotgun, and are mightily afraid of “travellers”

– Irish Stew is short for all the leftovers.

– Coming up to exams you’re granny will always light a candle for you.

– Silage is the best time of the year.