Best Way For Conversational Chinese Fluency-What Is The Best Approach?

Best Way For Conversational Chinese Fluency-What Is The Best Approach?

Should you use the traditional method to study Chinese?

There are tons of people trying to learn Chinese nowadays, however most of them fail to achieve conversational fluency, which is the goal for most learners, and they claim “Chinese is really hard” after months or even YEARS of studying.

Funny enough, even most of the learners never achieve the goal they want, they would still keep using the same method, and expect one day they would suddenly speak Chinese fluently.

Even worse, they would recommend other people using the same method to study Chinese, as if there is no other way you can use.

And that is the traditional way: you go to a language school teaching you how to speak Chinese, and the teacher gives you a bunch of textbooks, you try to memorize and repeat what the teacher says in the class, and spend tons of time and effort on the textbooks, and you take a test to see your progress once in a while….

Sounds familiar? This is the way most language learners do.

And let’s assume failure means “not getting conversational fluency”, most people failed in that case.

Maybe you know lots of words/phrases after studying for a while, maybe you know how to say all the alphabets in “Pinyin” (a tool for Mandarin Chinese learners to understand how to pronunce Chinese words), but when you tried to speak Chinese in a conversation, something just didn’t “click”.

It is because your listening/speaking system and your reading/writing system for a language are different, different procedures are involved between them.

When you are writing/reading something, you have plenty of time to think, you can analyse words slowly and come up with the best possible understanding.

But for listening/speaking, especially when you are in a fast conversation, you don’t have time to think, you need to respond quickly to keep the conversational going, and that is the most common sticking point for most people trying to learn a foreign language, of course Chinese involved.

So what is the best approach if you want to speak Chinese fluently?

I’ve created a video to show you we’ve actually got all the tools to learn a foreign language in the most effective and effortless way, so watch the video down below.

From the video, we know why children are the best language learners and the best approach to learn a foregin language.

So by following the “methods” they use, we can replicate their success with almost 100% guarantee.

The core out of those methods is “listening first”, there is no approach more powerful than this when it comes to learn how to speak a language fluently.

It has been proven by countless scientific research and the personal experiences from lots of people(including myself).

So now it is time to throw away all of the boring textbooks, and put on your earpone to listen useful Chinese materials!

By using this method you can learn AT LEAST 3 times faster than average Chinese learners, plus your success is guaranteed if you put effort and time in it!

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