Biddeford Electric Blanket – Top 10!

Biddeford Electric Blanket - Top 10!

Biddeford electric blanket

Biddeford Electric Blanket, for several points it beats popular electric blanket like Sunbeam flat. HERE ARE TOP 10 HEATED BLANKETS + REVIEW + VIDEOS! Electric blanket and mattress pad by Biddeford are for you who are looking for durable and affordable items. They are also for people who had bad experience with what seems as expensive, sophisticated and high tech electric heated blanket.

Biddeford electric blankets are this good according to happy users. Lucky, they are within reach of people around the globe. Whether you are in US, UK, Canada or Australia you are no different because Biddeford electric blankets are sold at deep discount in many online stores!

Top 10!

Biddeford Blankets King Heated Blanket with Analog Controllers, Sky Blue
Amazon Price: $76.99
List Price: $111.99
Biddeford Blankets Twin Heated Blanket with Analog Controller, Sky Blue
Amazon Price: $49.99
Biddeford Blankets Full Heated Blanket with Analog Controller, Sky Blue
Amazon Price: $64.99
Biddeford Blankets, LLC Brown Plush Electric Blanket – King
Amazon Price: $90.99


These are the benefits of having electric blanket and mattress pad by Biddeford:

1. You own a straight forward failure proof item. Happy customer praise the fact that items by Biddeford have less problem compared to what dubbed as ‘intelligent’ heated blanket. Smart or intelligent electric blanket, like other items dubbed as intelligent, is expensive and most of the time would have something wrong with it (then, you have to pay a lot to fix it!).

2. You use Biddeford electric blanket then you care for our mother earth! Electric blanket uses very little electricity, so there would be less burning of fossil fuel by your local power provider. The end result is cleaner and greener environment. Better than that with the right method you would only pay several cents per night for it.

3. This blanket is a good gift idea. Give it to a person and it would provide good service for many-many years.

Biddeford electric blanket, 100 Poly fabric, QUEEN.

This is the number 1 in Top 10 list in the left or the best and most sought after item by Biddeford. Let see among the features this blanket has – it is 100% polyester with nylon binding and you can wash it using washing machine. For safety reason it comes with 10-hour auto-switch off feature. The 2 year warranty provided by the manufacturer ensures you a peace of mind.

Happy users found that this Biddeford electric blanket is very easy to set up and to use, comes with easy to set manual controllers and they believed it would last many years. Click the picture to read full product description and review:

Also, you should see that this Biddeford electric blanket, 100 Poly fabric, QUEEN has two controllers. One controller for you and another one for person next to you. This feature solves one problem – no more unnecessary quarrel as each person can set his or her own heat level.


electric mattress pad:

Amazon Price: $78.65

Biddeford heated fleece throw

Biddeford Blankets, LLC Tan Heated Fleece Throw – 50×62″
Amazon Price: $49.50

Biddeford plush electric blanket

Biddeford Ivory Plush Electric Blanket – Full
Amazon Price: $59.99

Biddeford electric mattress pad

Electric mattress pad heats you from below (blanket heats you from above).

If you prefer the ‘fire’ under you then this kind of heating method is for you.

Check the size to ensure it fits your beds.

Similar to Biddeford heated blanket, mattress pad also consume little electricity.

Nice for own use and as a gift item:

Biddeford also has two series of microplush heated blanket – (i) heated fleece throw and (ii) plush electric blanket:

Heated mattress pad

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Biddeford Electric Heated Warming Blanket, Queen Size, Clover Size – Diamond Weave w/ Digital Controller
Amazon Price: $69.95
List Price: $140.00
Biddeford Blankets Heated Blanket with Dual Analog Controls, King, Linen
Amazon Price: $73.66
List Price: $199.99
Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad, White, Queen
Amazon Price: $45.89
List Price: $69.99


You are disappointed because your smart electric blanket having problem after problem, or your electric blanket is not warm enough even though you set it at highest?

Here could be the solution. Happy Amazon customers praise this Biddeford blanket as straight forward item, reasonably priced and the one they have bought would last many years without fail.

Joint them now, pick one Biddeford electric blanket!