Can One be Happy Without Money?

Can One be Happy Without Money?

Often times people connect money with how happy they are. This would lead a number of people to ask, “Is happiness connected with money?” This is a complicated issue and has many different sides.

Money = Happiness

The theory that money makes one happy is a theory that unhappy people who don’t have money often give out. They are hoping that they can blame their unhappiness on a lack of money and then there is a solution or at least a cause. This isn’t a true theory, but it does make for a good way to get on.

Happiness is much deeper then one’s pocket book.
On one hand there are happy people who don’t have money, on the other hand their are miserable people with lots of money.

Often we fail to look into ourselves and see why it is that we aren’t happy.

On the Other Hand

While it can be said that happiness isn’t connected to money, it is harder to be happy without money. If you don’t have a home or a place to sleep, if you don’t have food in your belly and you feel the groans that it makes, if you don’t have anything…it is harder to be happy then if you have a good place to live, good food to eat, and plenty of things to do.

Kids are proof…they are happy when they play, when they eat, and when they…They can be happy doing a lot of different things and they don’t feel the need to have money.

Find Happiness Within

If you are unhappy with your life right now then you need to search inside yourself for the reason why. Sure you could use more money, most people could. However, if you are believing that is the answer to your happiness then you will probably be disappointed when you get more money.


Actively figure out what you are thankful for. Think of all the little things that you have to be thankful for. Keep a list if you often forget.

Find things that are free that you enjoy doing. Be happy in those things.

Spend some time examining when you feel happy and when you don’t. What do you need to do to be happy?

Try to take time for you. This should be time that you relax and enjoy yourself. You will find that if you have you time, it will be easier to go through your whole day, and life.

It is easy to link money and happiness. After all with more money you would be able to buy more things, have more things to do, and so forth. However, as long as your basic needs (food, shelter, warmth) are met, then you can’t blame your lack of happiness on money. There are many people who struggle to pay their bills and get food in the house who are indeed happy. Be thankful for what you have and learn to think positively. You can be happy!