Can You Use your Mobile as PC?

Can You Use your Mobile as PC?
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Ubuntu going to revolutionize again!


Easiest web apps installation.
Lowest hardware requirement.
Virtual Desktop Support.

The new Ubuntu OS offers much more.

“When the phone is connected to keyboard, monitor and mouse, users get the same experience as they are using a PC” offers the makers of Ubuntu, Mobile phone manufacturers have to support this OS, which is now dominated by giants like google powered android and apple iOS

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What’s in this new OS?

Seamless Navigation

Observers reported, success of the OS depend on the extend of support given by manufacturers in coming month. In countries like India the phones to PC ratio is 10:1, hence this function is very important. Users choose PC to create content and phones to access the content. Using the computing power of the latest chip, users are able to create contents and improve productivity. In Ubuntu powered mobiles, Navigational system cleverly exploits all four edges of the phone screen for scrips that give access to navigation options & apps control and settings and pop up display space. Users need unlock phone everywhere they want to use it or come back to home screen to access contents.

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Enhanced Apps Performance

Web applications based on HTML v5 can be installed on the new OS and can run along with the other apps pre-installed. Softwares made for Ubuntu computers will also work like charm in this phone. The OS could work on even low end hardware because the apps uses the full hardware capabilities. The most interesting part is mobile phone gaining the features of a PC if its connected to a keyboard, monitor and a mouse. This can be done via cables, bluetooth or dock provided with the phone.

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Virtual Desktop Support

As we can see the boom in the mobile technology, devices with powerful quadcore processors will be easily available by the next year.At that time Ubuntu-loaded devices are expected to be the market monopoly. Corporates of India are already showing keen interest exploring such options.