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Dangerous Dog Breeds And Most Aggressive Dogs

Dangerous Dog Breeds And Most Aggressive Dogs


I consider myself to be a seasoned malamute dog owner, having had the pleasure of their company for more than 10 years. However, realizing that my particular dog breed is on the most dangerous dog breed list came as quite a shock to me.

You can find many different lists of aggressive dogs or dangerous dogs. Some of it might not surprise you but then again, some of it might be very revealing.

You can check out the American Veterinary Medical Association for a list of the most dangerous dogs.

You can also check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for more information on their programs for bite control and their list of the most dangerous dog breeds.

Let’s take a look at the dogs that made the list and some other “dogs of notable mention”. Then let’s look at some of the reasons for these lists and ways as a society we can hopefully eradicate the need for having these lists.

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Pit bull – weighing in at 30-55 pounds
Rottweiler – weighing in at 85-110 pounds
German Shepherds – weighing in at 70-85 pounds
Huskies – weighing in at 35-55 pounds
Alaskan Malamute – weighing in at 80-110 pounds
Doberman – weighing in at 65-90 pounds
Chow Chow – weighing in at 40-65 pounds
Presa Canario – weighing in at 100-125 pounds
Boxer – weighing in at 50-64 pounds
Dalmation – weighing in at 40-70 pounds

Also given dishonorable mention were:

Saint Bernard – weighing in at 110-180 pounds
Great Dane – weighing in at 90-120 pounds
Wolf Hybrid – weighing in at 70-100 pounds
Mastiff – weighing at 100-170 pounds though some claim up to 200 pounds
English Sheepdog
Border Collie

Most Dangerous Dogs

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Alaskan Malamutes
Source: facebook audrey kirchner
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Pit Bull Terrier
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German Shepherd
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Siberian Huskies
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Source: wikipedia
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Chow Chow
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Saint Bernard
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Great Dane
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Presa Canario
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American Akita
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Wolf Hybrid
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American Mastiff
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When you look at the list of the most dangerous dogs, of course what stands out most is that most of the dogs are large dogs.

However, it should be noted that one of the main reasons dogs make it to the dangerous dog breeds list is because by and large, the dog bite reports or incidents reported almost always involve large breed dogs.

The reason for this is that smaller dogs generally do not do as much damage as a larger dog and consequently many dog bite incidents go unreported, simply because they are small and people assume that the dogs are not dangerous.


As a dog owner of one of the dogs on the aggressive dog breeds list, I believe there is information lacking. In terms of bite reports, many dogs are arbitrarily “assigned” to a breed because there is no category for the dog.

For example, a Wolf Hybrid dog attack may be classified under the bite statistics for Alaskan Malamutes (which happens quite frequently) which thus skews the reporting results for my particular breed of dog.

Or a brown and black dog of unknown breed will be classified as a Rottweiler when in fact it could be a shepherd or another mixed breed.

Also lacking in the reporting of bite statistics and most dangerous dogs is the fact that in many cases, the bites or attacks happened because of dog owners or situations out of the control of the animal itself. I always believe that there are no bad dogs….just bad dog owners.

If we stopped to consider the situations that some of these dogs are in when the attack or the bite has occurred, in my opinion, you would find in almost every case that it was an unnecessary risk that was taken by the pet owner and a no-win situation for the dog involved.

Correcting Aggressive Dog Behavior Early


There are many factors to consider when talking about aggression in dogs or the term “aggressive dogs”.  Yes, certain dogs if allowed to pursue their own road without training can develop certain traits that are not desirable in today’s society.  However, this is where the pet owner’s responsibility is crucial. 

Would we allow our children to grow up undisciplined?  Would we allow our kids to roam without supervision?  Lastly, would we place our children in dangerous situations unsupervised and expect them to behave?  Of course not. 

The question then becomes why do people get dogs that they know relatively little about in terms of exercise, behavior, personality, etc., and then expect that there is no training or work involved in growing the pet into a good citizen? 

Or even more saddening is the staggering number of dogs remanded to shelters for euthanasia each and every year because someone thought they wanted an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky but they didn’t get the facts.  They discover that they simply can’t “cope” with their decision and drive off into the sunset to let their dog be destroyed. 

I believe that every dog has an inherent need to please its owner.  I also believe that every dog is trainable and no dog is disposable.  That said, there are some mitigating circumstances that can perhaps shape a dog and turn them into a dangerous dog.  Sadly, there are some that cannot be rehabilitated because the window of opportunity has passed and they cannot be turned into a good citizen in some situations. 

These types of dogs can still be a companion but they necessarily require vigilance on the part of dog owners to make sure that they do not have access to situations they become dangerous in. 

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The most important factor in reducing aggressive dog breed behavior is the human factor. That means not putting your dog into situations where he or she cannot succeed.

Here are some triggers of dog aggression to consider:

Reproductive status – Most dog attacks and bites occur from males who are not neutered or females with puppies
Dogs acquired for fighting purposes and trained to fight
Protection dogs that are trained to react and protect at all costs
Lack of socialization especially at an early age
Individual temperament of the dog – was he or she a bully in the litter?
Genetic conditions such as cocker spaniel rage syndrome
Victim’s age and physical condition
Loose, roaming, unsupervised dogs
Chained dogs
Animal neglect and abuse
Lack of confidence – a frightened dog will react more than a confident dog
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time

All of the above situations have the potential to end in tragedy. My question is then do these dogs truly qualify to be listed as statistics on the list of the most dangerous dogs? If trained properly and not put into situations where they cannot succeed, most experts would agree that the incidents would not have occurred.

There are no breeds of dogs that simply attack for no reason. There is something wrong or going on that the dog doesn’t understand when a dog attacks. Or an unfavorable owner-induced lack of structure and responsibility with the dog.

For instance, many of the attacks on children and bite statistics come from dogs who are left alone with children. Many more come from children left to wander around dogs when they are eating. These situations are in fact no brainers in my opinion. Dogs are not human, nor are they babysitters.

Dogs are animals with natural instincts to protect themselves and their food. Training of course can teach a dog to curb those instincts and again, be a good citizen. However, would anyone want to test a dog by putting a child in the middle of a dangerous situation?


The most dangerous dogs in the world are the ones who have improper training or none at all.

The most aggressive dog breeds are the ones who have the potential to do bad things if left to their own devices and are not trained properly.

Understanding the breed of dog is essential to a positive outcome for any dog we choose. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses is also essential in providing them a safe environment and a life where they feel successful.

There are many misconceptions about dog breeds today and many movements to ban certain dog breeds altogether. I think that would be a mistake on so many levels as each breed has its own unique qualities that make it special. Extinction should not be an answer as many of these dogs have been bred down through the decades successfully.

There are no easy answers when it comes to aggression in dogs. In subsequent articles I will deal with some of the associated issues with dangerous dog breeds such as:

Obedience Training
Finding Your Dog’s Niche
Understanding Dog Breeds
Real Life Situations and the Law
Keeping Your Dog Safe

These are just a few of the many aspects of dog ownership that I feel strongly about. Our dogs are only as good as we allow them to be. Much as when we have children, we need to train up our pets to live their lives happily coexisting with us but learning the rules of the road.

Discipline is the name of the game when it comes to any dog breed but especially so when it comes to breeds with a tendency towards aggression or dog breeds that are large and strong.

There should be a zero tolerance policy for pet owners who do not understand the proper care for dogs in their possession. I believe that if we started at the core of the problem and people were smarter about man’s best friend, there would be fewer and fewer bite reports and perhaps less need for the most dangerous dog lists.

As the scripture says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This most definitely applies to our canine companions as well.

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