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Addiction to video games by Alen Ostovic

Addiction to video games by Alen Ostovic
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How many of you out there are addicted to video games? Well If you say “I’m not addicted” that is what they always say, I know for sure that I might be addicted to video games although I’m not sure about it. I just know when I dont play any games I don’t feel like I must play a game or like I have a crysis or something, but I do think about gaming a lot and even when I’m out with friends although I don’t have many I still think about coming home and playing games. When I’m home I’m always at the computer because I work on the computer and when I don’t work I play games. However I don’t know if I’m addicted but I do like to play video games. I came up with some scientific explanations about Video game addiction.

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Is it really an addiction?

Video game addiction or video game overuse is considered to be a possible disorder, however there is no formal diagnosis on the subject that would say that video games are addictive. However the effects or should I say symptoms are similar to gambling addiction, so some psychiatrists say that video game addiction is a mental disorder and that should be cured in a mental facility, now that’s a fun way to end up in the nuthouse I say lol. Players who begin to think that their ranking is more important in an online game then in real life, players who play the games even at work and during the major holidays, even their birthdays and they don’t answer any calls and lie about their play time… Sounds familiar huh? Well jokes to the side but people who risk their family life and they work or school because of gaming are not normal people and they sometimes forget that game is just a game. I forget many times that it’s a game when smashing my keyboard because someone in WoW ninjas my item, lol no I’m kidding. However symptoms sound real and you may risk some consequences with an overuse of video games. Scientists say that if you play a game more than 2 hours a day that it is overuse and that may cause sleep deprivation or weight issues. I thought: “WTF 2 hours a day?? are you f*****ing kidding me” aswell but all the people are different and if you feel any of the symptoms you should chill out from games a little bit.

MMORPG is considered to be most addictive type of game because there is a social pressure in the game that requires you to spend all of your free time in the game, social pressure would be the guild and/or friends, I mean people who played MMO can understand that a lot of achievements in the game require you to have a party, and if you’re in a hardcore raiding guild you are required to do a lot of raids and when you’re not raiding you’re trying to prepare another character with whom you want to raid, so during the day you play your alts and during the night you raid. What I just described is an excessive overuse of gaming.

People died because of gaming

Now this is a serious matter although it is unbelievable, but there are people who died because overused gaming.

In south Korea there is a couple who played somekind of 3D video game where they took care of their virtual baby and left their real three month old baby in apartment all day, unfortunately this baby died of starvation because her parents were irresponsible assholes who played too much video games.

A 21 year old young man killed himself during playing Everquest, after his suicide they went through the room for a note but there was only notes he was taking by playing the game.

A 13 year old boy from China (not sure) jumped of a roof of a 24-story building after he finished playing WoW, his parents discovered a note written from his character point of view.

After his parents took his Halo 3 game 17 year old Daniel Petric tried to find the game where they hid it, the game was in a safe he found including a 9 mm pistol which he brought with him to his parents room. When he entered the room he asked them to close their eyes cause he had a surprise for them, he shot them both in the head.

I wont talk about death by gaming anymore cause I think it’s rather disturbing piece to read but I’m sure you get my point. My point was not that the games are addictive, my point is that there are sick people out there and people killed people even for the parking spot or without a reason. In my opinion people are one to blame and not the games, if you’re mentally stabile you can spend all the time in the world playing a game without any consequences but if you’re not… well let’s just say I’m not going to hang out with you.

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