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Better SEO techniques for Beginners

Better SEO techniques for Beginners

SEO is the one of the booming industry in todays world. As
there are many companies worldwide who doing the SEO for their clients web
site. But some seo web-master found seo packages are very costly; so here are
the some basic and better seo techniques which can be used by the beginners and
experts also to get the better seo results for their particular web site.

1) Title
tag is the important thing in the source code of the website to get the better
index of the website in the search engines. Make use of the two or three
keywords in the title tag.

2) There
are two main meta tags description and keyword tags. Also make sure that you
are including the relevant keywords in the meta tags.

3) Make
use of the proper header tags which really helps to index your site in the
search engines. As main pange title must use tag and make use of the


tags for the other information on the web page.

4) Also
make use of the alt tags on al the images which you used in creating the web sites.
Give the proper title attribute on links in the web page.

5) Sitemap
is the one way to get the maximum visitors on your sites as most of the new
users make use of the sitemap to navigate through the web sites. So create the
XML sihtemap for your website which has all the details about the web pages of
your site.

6) Having
the good and the quality content on the website helps to get the more unique
visitors on the web site.

7) Many
link building methods are used to get the better page rank for the web site in the sear ch engines
like google, yahoo etc.

8) Also
make use of the social media and social networking sibtes like facebook,
twitter and many other to increase the visitors for your site.

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