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Increasing Your Google Page Ranks Without Spending Money

Increasing Your Google Page Ranks Without Spending Money

There is no doubt about it. If you have pages on the web that you want visitors to go to then Google Page Rank matters to you. Google has a lot of power and as one of the leading search engines their opinion matters to web designers, site owners, bloggers, and writers all over the Internet. There are a lot of methods for increasing your Google Page Rank, and many claims for ways to do it for lots of money, but understanding how Google Page Rank works and building your site and traffic often does it well.

What is Google Page Rank?

Google rates all the pages it comes in contact with (or its bots come in contact with). To do this it runs your site and its statistics through a complicated algorithm and places it in a page rank from 0 to 10. 10 is the top of the scale and sites such as Google and Yahoo have a page rank of 10 where other sites rank lower. Sites such as Wikipedia and YouTube have 9’s and Hubpages itself rests at a 6.

While Google doesn’t tell anyone exactly how their rating came about, there are some things that we know. The more traffic you have, the more likely you will be to have a high page rank. This can be shown with sites such as YouTube, which has a ton of traffic. The second factor that is really important is links. The more links there are to your page, the higher it will be on page rank (although this isn’t quite that simple since Google will decided on how valuable your links are).


There are a lot of things that need to be considered when you are working hard to increase your Google Page Rank. The first is that your content matters. Sure the Google bot doesn’t care if your gramar is perfect, whether or not you spelled a word here or there wrong, or if you write an article that is 500 words or 5000 words. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind.

SEO. There is a ton of talk these days about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is because the Google bot does care about your key words, how often they appear, and what they are. While many claim that writing great SEO articles is all it takes, there are still more things to consider.
Writing Content for People. Sure you want bots to find you, you want them to index you, and mark your keywords. But you also want people to enjoy reading what you write. This is why it matters whether or not you have good grammar or work hard to catch typos and spelling errors.
Writing Content that Others Want to Link to. Traffic is important and because it is important you want to write high quality pages that are worth linking to. You want others to send traffic your way.

Content is the first step in the Google Page Rank process. Your site will do best if you have lots of good content on it. That’s why Hubpages continues to grow in page rank!


Traffic building always starts with your content. You can’t grow your traffic without having content. However, there are a few ways to increase the traffic to the quality content that you have out there.

Talk about it. This can be with your friends, family, or even others that you meet. Many people will be interested in what you do and if you have a website or a place you put content they want to know about it.
Business cards. Yep there are lots of times that you can hand out your business card if you take the time and a little bit of money to make some up (whether you are paying a service or making your own). These can help many people remember where to go and they may find it interesting later on.
Join online clubs, message boards, and forums that are related to your topic. Don’t just spam the site (no one likes spam or the people who leave it). Instead join in, make friends, and add your link to your profile. This way you can direct people who are interested in your site to your profile without leaving a link. This makes it more user friendly.
Add links to all your profiles. Most of us have a lot of profiles out there these days. Add your links to your MySpace, Facebook, and other sites were you have a place to add your info to. 
Use social bookmarking sites. You can use lots of different social bookmarking sites to easily link to special pages. This can draw in traffic and ratings to your site.

Building traffic takes time. Remember that it starts with quality pages and then goes from there. You can get lots of traffic from using your resources and working toward free advertising for your site.


Links are important to building your Google Page Rank. Google will evaluate each of your links to determine quality. The higher quality the site the better. This makes it important to note that spam links aren’t going to help you much.

The first important part of link building is content (does this sound familiar?). This is because if you have high quality content others will link to your material for you and do some of your work. There are also some good link building ideas in the traffic building section. Here are a few more to keep in mind.

Link different pages together as long as they go together. This is really important if you write on more then one site. Add links that might be of interest to your readers.
Trade links. Often other small website owners will trade links with you. To do this, choose sites that your readers might be interested in. Make sure you consider your readers. After all, if you have a blog about power tools, you aren’t going to want to trade links with my blog on beadwork and jewelry making. Most likely readers from my blog aren’t going to be interested in power tools and your readers aren’t going to be interested in beadwork.
Add links to the bottom of your e-mail. This is usually easy to do with a signature. Stick to three or less for easy navigating. This is a tip that may have worked better for traffic building, but these links still have some marrit here.

Link building is important, but often comes when you concentrate on quality content and traffic building.

Other Tips

Remember to focus on content and traffic. These things will get you where you need to go slowly but surely. You don’t need to find a way to cheat the system or work overly hard finding a magic combination. Instead, your hard work will pay off. Some other tips can be:

Update often. Updating your site, pages, and blogs makes them fresh. This is good for Google, but also good for your visitors. It is much nicer to go back to a site that has new information or pages then to go back to one that is always the same!
Allow comments. Whenever possible allow comments. This can build discussions, get your readers involved, get people coming back, and also looks like updates and changes to Google which can get your rank up there.
Reply to comments. Replying to comments can often get more comments and discussion. This is good and very important if people ask questions in their comments. Try to get your readers involved and working hard to comment. 
Ask your readers questions in the hopes of encouraging them to post. You can also open it up for discussion on your site with simple phrases.

Google’s PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings
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I am by no means an expert. I have been doing this a little over a year and watched my page ranks slowly rise. These things continue to work for me and others like me. Content is still one of the biggest keys out there! Don’t forget that your content is important.

*If you have more tips to add, I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

The Sorry Tale Of The End Of My Beautiful Friendship With Google

The Sorry Tale Of The End Of My Beautiful Friendship With Google
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But apparently not…

You unleashed your psychotic, blood-frenzied zoo. I was caught unprepared. My pants were pulled down by a relentless onslaught of axe-wielding penguins and pandas. They took it in turns to spank my search engine optimized bottom. They didn’t stop when I cried out. Our friendship died that day.

But to understand this sorry story of our fractured friendship requires a brief rewind to happier times. Let me remind you of what we had…

Life before you

I never really liked libraries much. It took a long time to find what I wanted, and quite often the book I needed was already out on loan. The books were always dusty, and I’m allergic to dust. I never really liked libraries.

I never really liked the Encyclopedia Britannica collection at home either. It was 10 years out of date, and the pictures weren’t glossy. Book number 14 had pages 105-114 stuck together by a coffee spillage. I used to like those pages.

Then one day, I got a commodore 64. It didn’t do much, but it was more fun than trying to work out what was on line 15 of page 112 in book 14 in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Except, of course, for the bit where I had to wait 30 minutes for the tape to load a game.

Skip forward many years …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. later and the commodore 64 is like a horse and cart to a Ferrari towing a caravan. I have a computer that is faster than a sloth on ketamine, and along you came, google.

No more sneezing in musty libraries

Whenever I was unsure, lost, dumbfounded, confused or ignorant, you were there to pick up the pieces.

Do you remember that time when I didn’t know how to change a plug, and was too embarrassed to ask someone? You didn’t laugh…

Remember the time when I chewed my pen so hard, the ink exploded in my mouth, and I was scared I’d given myself a tongue tattoo? You told me everything would be ok, and it was.

When I was lonely

When I was all alone and sad, I asked you about internet dating one day. After months of tantalizing exchanges, I went to Scotland at Christmas to meet the girl of my dreams. You even told me how to get there. It turned out she wasn’t the girl of my dreams at all, but Scotland was nice.

You cured me of so much

When I was shaving the wrong way round, and I got horrible, horrible in-growing hairs. You told me to grow my beard again and stop shaving backwards.

When I had a nasty case of athlete’s foot, you prescribed me the best cream – even if it did turn out to be for thrush really.

When I was too shy to ask out girls, you told me to go to the supermarket on a Friday night and look out for the ones buying a single small pizza.

When that girl in the supermarket left me the next day, you told me about Kegels…

Oh how we laughed

When I was bored, down in the dumps or just felt like a good old chuckle, you were there. Sometimes I thought even you were laughing too. But it turned out to be the dishwasher.

There was that night when you showed me the funniest video site and I peed myself laughing. Then, faithful as you were, you told me that it was ok and I shouldn’t be embarrassed as long as nobody noticed.

How could you?

But then you deserted me…


……….are you there?……………….google?


Was it because I started blogging? Was it when I asked you a small favor – to bump me up the rankings? All your other friends were doing it. Why shouldn’t I? After all, you asked me not to hang out with Bing, Yahoo, AOL and all the rest of the riff-raff. I thought we had an understanding.

Was it because I spent too much time with Adwords? Did you get jealous? Did you feel that Adwords put me up to all this search engine optimization? You got paranoid that we were talking behind your back – plotting, scheming and conspiring?

Am I just not good enough for you any more?

Maybe you just don’t like what I have to say anymore. I’m not fresh enough. I’m not unique. You’ve moved on. Do you have no sense of loyalty?

Do you not like the company I keep?

Was it because I found new friends? I made too many new acquaintances, too quickly. I thought everyone used social media to make new friends.

All I did was joyfully shout to the world:

“here I am!”

……………….don’t you do the same?


……………………………………………………………..don’t you do the same?

It’s not over just yet old chum

It’s not over my friend.

I’m still here.

I’m still making noise.

I have a new email address.

I have new blogs.

As you grow, so do I.

Bring it on

So bring it on. Your pandas and penguins may have given me a sore beating, put me down and caused me a sleepless night or two (on my front, by the way). But I’m up for a fight.

You started it. You made the rules. I played by them.

But I’ll finish it google. And this is how I will have my revenge…

No more capital G for you

That’s right.

No more capital G. I know how much you like your capital G. But from now on, from me, there will be no more capital G. Your crony, spell check, will fail dismally to suppress my desire to banish you to the land of lower case letters.

Perhaps if you call off your relentless siege on my other blogs, we can discuss this further.

But when the time comes, and you are willing to enter into parlay, I won’t talk to you in person.

Send the girl from the supermarket…..

……………………………………………………She was nicer than you.

One last thing

By the way, don’t you dare fill this page with your very boring chrome adverts just because I’ve mentioned your name so many times. Nobody ever clicks on them anyway. And It would only brand you with the label of having a narcissistic personality disorder – on top of what we can already establish is your primary diagnosis of Paranoia Extremis. That’s not a real mental health classification. But you knew that already didn’t you? No, I made it up just for you. Consider it ‘original content’.

Yours sincerely

Your old friend. You know who I am…

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How to Change Your Google Logo

How to Change Your Google Logo

Turn the Google logo into your name!

Source: Googlemyway

Just about anybody who owns a computer and  regularly surfs the internet  is familiar with Google’s logo. This logo is a perfect example of astute marketing strategies crafted by corporations so to help customers identify a business. Google’s current logo introduced in May of 2010, was designed by Ruth Kedar, however, every once in a while, users may notice modifications in honor of special events, holidays, or  to mark the birthdays of famous people across the glob. Such modifications are affectionately called ”Goggle Doodles”.

One of the most popular and enjoyed logos was the one created for the 30th anniversary of the Pac-Man. This was an interactive logo that actually allowed you to play the video game by clicking on the ”insert coin” button. If this was clicked once again it also allowed two players to play at once. Those nostalgic of this favorite logo can simply see it again by visiting this ”link”.

How to change the Google logo to your favorite Google Doodle

There are over 900 Google Doodles at this time. If you happen to find one you are particularly fond of, you can turn it into your default logo by following some easy to follow instructions. This way, you can see your favorite logo every time you connect and are ready to search. Following are step-by-step instructions on how to get your favorite Doodle.

For Google Chrome Users

1) If you use Google Chrome, you must first visit the Google Chrome Extensions page at this ”link”. 

2) Download the ” Favorite Doodle ”  feature by clicking on ”install”. 

3) Once Installed, go to

4) Click on the Google logo 

5) You should see now a gallery of Doodles.

6) Select one to set  as your favorite and click on ”Make this my favorite Doodle”.

For Firefox Users

1) Follow this link to install Greasemonkey, a popular Firefox add on that uses JavaScript.

2) Click on ” Add to Firefox”.

3) Follow the installation instructions and restart Firefox.

4) Go to this ”link”. This should take you to a ”gmsearch scripts page.”

5) You should see a note like this ”Howdy, this is a greasemonkey user script” click install.

6) Once installed, go to You should see a Doodle.

7) Click on the Doodle and you should be directed to the Doodle Gallery.

8) Choose your favorite Doodle and make it your favorite one!

You are now done. Consider that some Google Doodles my be missing from the gallery due to licensing restrictions. While you enjoy your new Doodle, the best part is that you will still be able to occasionally see the new doodles on special occasions.

How to Change Google into Your Name

You can also play around with the Google Logo by putting your name instead. Visit Google My Way and simply enter your name and then hit ”Make it”. The URL will then be generated. The website also offers an e-mail form to send friends which lets them know that you have become so popular, Google has decided to make your own personalized page! Have fun with it!

Logo Design Studio 4.0 [Download]
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Interesting Google books

google search ( Kindle Fire,Phones,Tablets )
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In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives
Amazon Price: $5.99
List Price: $26.00
Google Shortcuts
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Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?: Trick Questions, Zen-like Riddles, Insanely Difficult Puzzles, and Other Devious Interviewing Techniques You … Know to Get a Job Anywhere in the New Economy
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gReader (Google Reader / RSS)
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Creating Your Own Google Page

Creating Your Own Google Page
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Why Create A Google Page?

If you don’t know much about a Google Page, fear not. Most haven’t, which is kind of weird since Google has given one to each and every business in the world. It can be forgiven in part, because only just recently, Google merged its former Places Page with its updated Google Page, for businesses and just about everything else.

Most local businesses haven’t yet figured this out and so their page languishes, unoptimized and a bit useless on page 1 of a Google local search. Local business just have to claim verify and their page and then they can use it to get the word out for their own particular service or product. For everyone else though, you just have to create one, which is a relatively easy thing to do.

How To Create A Google Page

Like most Google products, creating a Page is free, and all you need is a gmail account. Google has a 3 step activation process which allows you to choose the most appropriate type of page for your enterprise. It doesn’t just have to be a local business, although that is the most important use. It can be an organization, brand, service, product, event, or even a hobby. Anything you want.

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Source: Google+ for business

Create A Great Looking Page

One you’ve entered the basic amount of information, your page will be live, and is ready to be filled with the content that will make your page unique and useful. Local businesses will have to wait for their page to be verified, usually a 3-4 week wait, which involves a mailed post card with a PIN verification.

In the meantime, your page can be edited or optimized to produce the best user experience and search results. If you have a local business, consider hiring a manager for your page as there are a few things that can be done to create more synergy with the other web properties that you might have (such as websites and Google profiles) and thereby increase the search and rank.

Google+ Quiz:

If you own a local business, what is the main reason why you haven’t yet claimed and verified your business Google+ Page?

Didn’t know what a Google+ Page was
Didn’t know how to do it.
Afraid to do something wrong
Didn’t think that it was important
Want someone else to do it for you
Unsure what Google+ is
See results without voting

Get Your Google Page Now

Get Your Google+ Business Page Now!
When your potential customers search in Google for products or services that you offer, the first Page 1 listings they often see are the maps listing the top 7 businesses. This is Important real estate. What are you wanting for? Get one today!