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PeopleSoft Interview Questions asked in top Companies

PeopleSoft Interview Questions asked in top Companies

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A beginning has been made to bring out High Quality Interview Questions on PeopleSoft generally used by the interviewers in leading MNC’s.

1. What is PIA and what are its components?
It is n-tier architecture. We have client, web server, application server and Database server. We have jolt and tuxedo. We have WSL, WSH, JSL, JSH, QUEUES and services.
In database server we have system tables, peopletools tables and application tables.
2. Differentiate Field edit and Save edit?
In Field edit for each field change, a transition to the application server to the database is taken place. In Save edit for all the fields, only one transition to the application server to the Database is taken place.
3. What are think time functions?
Think-time functions suspend processing either until the user has taken some action (such as clicking a button in a message box), or until an external process has run to completion.
4. In which events error & warning are used most extensively.
Field edit, Save edit, Search save, row delete, row insert.
5. Is there any way by which you can find out whether the user is in Add mode or Update mode?
%mode—returns A—for Add mode. Returns U –for Update mode
6. What is the purpose of the SQLEXEC function? What are its benefits and draw backs?
SQLEXEC is used to execute the sql statements (select, insert,update,delete).
We can get only one row at a time.
7. How is the searchinit event most often used by people soft application?
A) Searchinit fires before the search dialogue page is displayed to the end user.For this reason searchinit is often used to enhance roll level security by inserting and graying out certain values to the search dialogue page.
8. What are the options for using SQL in people code?
a) Sqlexec
b) Record class methods (selectbykey, delete, insert, update)
c) Using sql class, its properties and methods.
9. What is the difference between component buffer and data buffer?
Component buffer contains all the data of the active component.
Data buffer contains the data other than the data in the component buffer (Data of other records)
10. What databuffer classes are available in people code?
Rowset, Row, Record, Field, Array, File, Sql, chart, grid and so on.
11. When we select a component what events will be fired?
If default mode for component is search mode: only searchinit will fired .If default mode for component is new mode :field default, field formula, rowinit, searchinit.
12. What are different variables in people code and their Scope?
System variables and User defined variables.
Scope — Global, Component, Local.

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PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers