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How to Connect Your iPhone or iPod to your Factory Car Stereo

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPod to your Factory Car Stereo

iPhone / iPod Kit for Factory Stereo

iSimple IS77 Universal iPod and iPhone Audio Input Cable for FM Radios
Amazon Price: Too low to display
List Price: $89.95

If you would like to use your existing car stereo to play music from your iPhone or iPod it is actually easier than you might think.

There are 2 ways you could make this connection.  The easiest way will be if your car stereo has what is called and Auxiliary jack on the front.  It looks just like the headphone jack on your Apple iPod or iPhone and is normally labeled AUX.  If your car is fortunate enough to have one of these inputs you will only need one inexpensive cable to connect it.  The cable you need is a 1/8″ to 1/8″ Stereo TRS cable.  Connect one end to the Apple product’s headphone jack and the other end to your AUX jack.  After this you will need to change the source on your stereo to AUX.  Now you are ready to go!

1/8″ to 1/8″ Audio Cable

Monster iCable 800 MP3 Player to Auxiliary Input Cord (3 Feet)
Amazon Price: $7.99
List Price: $19.95

The 2nd way is a little bit more difficult to install but still should
only take about an hour.  The product you will need is called iSimple. 
It connects to the antenna part of your stereo and has the advantage of
also charging your iPod.

First you will need to remove your existing factory radio.  Every stereo is different but most aren’t very difficult to remove, just be careful not to scratch anything if you are worried about such things.  You will now need to locate a diagram of the plug that is plugged into your stereo in the back.  It may be on the stereo or maybe in your car manual.  From here you will need to follow iSimple’s instructions on which wires to connect.  I would recommend using wire nuts to make the connections.  The 2 connections that you will be making are + Power and also Neutral Ground.  Once these are connected you will need to unplug the antenna and plug the antenna into iSimple, then plug the iSimple into the antenna.  Everything is now connected, you can mount the on/off switch where ever you like but I keep the switch and plug in the glove box.  While turned on iSimple will overpower any radio station, but turn it to an empty station to get a nice clear signal.  I set a preset on my radio to turn to when I want to listen to my iPhone.  Turn it off want you want to listen to a regular radio station.

These two options let you use your existing radio without having to buy a new one.  In addition you will be much less likely to have your car broken into because thieves don’t attempt to steal factory stereos very often as opposed to aftermarket stereos.

iPhone Accessories

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 3G and 3GS 8GB and 16GB

Android Applications

Android Applications

Android Applications

There are many other application’s as
compared to the Apple iphone application from Android operating systems. As
there are many mobile operating systems also present which are used by many
users; but I think Android is the best operating system for mobile computing.  Now android can be used in all the gadgets
like mobiles, smartphone, PDA, ebookreaders and many more.

Android system has the charachterstics
such as user friendly and versatile. As there are several applications available
for the users in android. You can download all the application of the android
from the android market which are enclosed with the Android OS.

Here are some android applications:

Google Goggles allow users to search by image input; as
you can make use of the pictures fro the searching. This android
application will checks the picture, analyze it and then shows all the
data that is related to that picture.
iMusic gives unlimited music download to user’s. Also
it allows free MP3 downloads.
Google Voice application is utilized to do calls, obtainable
for voice calling, call taking, texts and voice mails. It has crystal
clear sound clarity and it is there in Android powered device now.
Google SkyMap is great application with better navigation
system. It uses GPS in Android Device to collect data and database from
Google Sky. It is used for recognizing stars as it displays distance, name
and other details.
Floating Images gets feed from flickr
random images and show that in animation. Images displayed in screen can
be easily used as desktop of Android device by press of fingertip on image.
Talk to Me is the language conversion software, by which
we can change texts or input voice into any other language, also it supports
forty main languages of World. 

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Top 6 most craved for features in iPhone 5

Top 6 most craved for features in iPhone 5
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Here’s the list

With the rumors everywhere in the news about iPhone releasing on June 5th during this years WWDC, what do you expect from the giant Apple. Here is what we think are 3 most craved-for features for iPhone

Support for LTE:iPhone 5 will feature Qualcomm’s baseband processor and chips and so is expected to be compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks. And it might also feature LTE. And we can say this by taking a look at the job postings this year by Apple. The job listings specify LTE integration into the iOS as a “SPECIFIC DUTY”. Which might be a hint that LTE support will feature in the next iPhone as iPhone 5 will have the next version of iOS i.e. iOS 5. But there is also another side of the story. The company is still looking for Cellular Protocol Software Engineer to help develop their next generation iOS products. So, looking at the fact that this job post has not yet been filled then there might be no LTE support this time but we will definitely see it in the future.
The Antenna Issue: While many might have started seeing the downfall of iPhone because of the antenna issue. But Apple resolved it for the iPhone 4 for AT&T, maybe in an inconvenient way, but iPhone 5 will definitely be better with its antenna.
HDMI Output: The faster GPU also gives it the ability to play 1080p HD videos. So, iPhone 5 might also feature HDMI port giving it the ability to play HD videos on your televisions.
Faster Performance:iPhone 5 will feature cortex A9 dual core processor giving it the power it always deserved. Giving it a very significant performance boost. Apart from getting CPU performance boost, the next iPhone will also have the latest GPU from PowerVR SGX core from Information Technologies.
Better Multitasking: All previous iPhone’s were real bad at multitasking. And this is something that almost every iPhone user has already complained about. But this time with the faster CPU and the GPU almost doubling the iPhone performance this issue is expected to be solved. iPhone 5 will be better at multitasking and that is for sure.
NFC:NFC (near field communication) is a much hyped technology by Apple(as are every other products by them). NFC is supposed to convert your phone into a digital wallet or debit card, and you will be able to pay your bills using your phone just as you would do it with your credit card. But the vendors equipment will also have to have the NFC chip to be installed for this to work. When Apple filed too many patents for this product last year it was expected that it will be there in iPhone 4 but since it wasn’t, this time its almost certain that it will be there in iphone 5.

With so much hype being given to iPhone 5, no matter what the specs turn out to be, one thing is for sure that it will be one more success for the men at Cupertino. And if you also want to roast your turkey in their success visit our page and learn how to create apps and games for iPhone and iPad in few easy steps and start earning. What are you waiting for?

iphone 5… the world phone

iphone 5… the world phone

iphone 5… the world phone

Source: iphone5jailbreaks

Why iphone 5 will be the world phone?

Can iphone 5 be the so called world phone? The terminology comes from the fact that iphone 5 has been rumored to include support for 3G versions of both CDMA and GSM mobile networks. The inclusion of both the standards in iphone 5 has been rumored from last years CES 2010. The rumor also has some facts associated with it which makes it a very happening possibility for the iphone 5. The version 4 of the iphone came in to 2 flavors. Verizon iphone 4 and AT&T iphone 4. Verizon iphone 4 was the CDMA version while the latter was the GSM version of it.

Another thing that makes it almost a certainty that iphone will support both CDMA and GSM is that the recently released Verizon iphone 4 has Qualcomm’s MDM6600 dual-mode baseband chip which works well with the 2 networks. This is the same chip that powers Droid Pro. This chip supports both high-speed HSPA+ connectivity on GSM networks and EV-DO technology that Verizon and some other CDMA carriers use providing data rates up to 14.4Mbps. And why the Verizon iphone 4 only supports CDMA is for the fact that Apple intentionally disabled the GSM functionality on the chip. Presumably, in order to limit its functionality just to carrier’s CDMA network.Now, about the support of LTE in iphone 5. We think that might not be on the inclusion list of Apple for the iphone 5. This will give LTE a chance to shake out and of course give Apple something to offer in their next upgrade (coz support of LTE will definitely be there, maybe later if not sooner). We have covered LTE on iphone in our previous post Will iphone 5 support LTE?.

CDMA and GSM are the 2 giants and most used technologies in the world of mobile networks. By supporting both of them iphone 5 would be able to access virtually every network anywhere in the world. So, if it happens, the next gen iphone will be a true world phone.

Foursquare iPhone app Review

Foursquare iPhone app Review

Foursquare for iPhone and iPod Touch is a free app.  This app is turning the overwhelming
trend of social networking into a location-based game linked to all your
favorite social networking sites.

This app has been around since the spring of 2009 but was limited
to certain large metropolitan areas. 
Now it is available to everyone worldwide.  Its user base is growing at tremendous rates since opening
up to everyone and is quickly becoming what twitter became in 2009.

The premise of this new iPhone app is to “check-in” whenever
you arrive at a new place.  The GPS
features of the iPhone make it very easy to do this and if the place you are at
isn’t listed it is also very easy to add new places.  What makes it a game is that if you have checked in the most
in a location and have been there within the last two months you are now the
mayor of that location.  It is
surprisingly fun become mayor and trying to keep it at your favorite hangouts.  There is also a badge system
implemented which gives you awards for completing certain tasks.  Some are for a certain number of places
checked-in in one night while others are more specific like going to a gym a
certain number of times.  It is
also fun trying to obtain these badges. 
The social networking aspect of this app lets you be connected to
facebook and twitter.  You have the
option of letting your friends know you have arrived at a place or shout a
message when you arrive.  Foursquare
can also search through your facebook and twitter friends as well as your
address book for others using foursquare which makes it extremely easy to add
all your friends.

Users can leave tips for others at any location.  These tips can be anything from
recommending an entree to information about where to park.  This feature also turns foursquare into
a sort of location review and recommendation site as well.

Foursquare is not without competitors.  Gowalla and MyTown are among them.  The simplicity and ease of use are what
set foursquare apart from its competition and it seems to be catching on fast.

I find this app very entertaining and predict it will be
huge in 2010.  Check it out, it is
free and fits seamlessly with the social networking sites you are probably
currently using.

iPhone Accessories

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 3G and 3GS 8GB and 16GB

iPhone How To

How to Connect Your iPhone to your Factory Car Stereo
If you would like to use your existing car stereo to play music from your iPhone or iPod it is actually easier than you might think. There are 2 ways you could make this connection. The easiest way will…

Ugly Meter hurtful for childrens

Ugly Meter hurtful for childrens

There are
many critics about the Ugly meter application of the iPhone as it is very easy
to use and handle. But now it is seen that they are affecting bad on the
childrens. As this application scans the face and rated the face according to
it. Rate poinbts will be given from the 1 to 10. As 1 says that “not ugly ” and
10 says that “you are so ugly , when you walk by the bathroom, toilet flushes”.

application had tested on few male and female members but the results shows
that it often varied based on the angle fo the photo or how well your face is
going to be matched with the face recognition software. During the testing the
one of the male staff scored the highest point and the other score some lower
point and according to it iphone is displaying the messages.

As many persons feel that this is very interesting and the silly
application but consider with teenagers or young peple they feel very bad if they
score very low in it. So they feel very bad about their look and appearance;
due to this other friends wiil tease them; and this is very much hurting if all
friends are teasing in school or college.

I think this application is giving the bad effect on the childrens
mind so just remove this application from the iphone or just give access to
only adults by giving the password or anything else.

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See all 2 photos

The New iPhone – Is the iPhone 5 finally on its way?

The New iPhone - Is the iPhone 5 finally on its way?
What the new iPhone is rumoured to look like.

The rumours once again abound about the iPhone5, or perhaps the i5 as some rumour mongers would have us believe. We know that it is coming, people have stopped buying the iPhone 4S in hot anticipation of the new iPhone. The biggest piece of news to come out so far is that it will have a different connector making your Apple speakers, alarm clocks and bicycles all fitted with an Apple docking station will become obsolete. Whether that is actually true or a way in which to churn the rumour mill will not be known until the launch of the next generation of iPhones.

This means that the iPhone 5, which well will call it in this article does need to pull something very special out of the bag with the iPhone 5 for people to upgrade from the iPhone 4S, the former pulling Siri out of the bag. It is also hoped that those who did not find Siri enough to upgrade will find something in the design and specification of the iPhone 5 to make the next Apple leap rather than the HTC or Samsung leap.

It is my humble opinion that the iPhone will be launched in November 2012, may be late October 2012, with a shortage of stock leading to a magically appearing abundance of stock just in time for Christmas. Though many other pundits have gone for October 2012 so if you are awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, best to get ready now. The next instalment of the operating system for the iPhone iOS6 was launched in June 2012 and does have some pretty big improvements on iOS5, including improved maps which now not only talk to you but you can talk to them – and they understand. This only works with Siri and Siri only works with the iPhone 4S so for those who want to move forward, the iPhone 5 is the only way.

One thing the iPhone 5 needs to deliver to keep its market is something which is much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 given the legal wrangling about the design and functionality of this really very good smart phone.

It does look like the iPhone 5 will have a complete overhaul of design and casing, unlike the iPhone 4S and there are rumours that it is going to be not only better but bigger. The casing of the iPhone 5 is going to lose the aluminosilicate glass. This glass is apparently what high speed trains are made from and is apparently really hard to break, except I have managed to break mine twice. In place of the breakable, unbreakable glass will be a brushed aluminium case, reminiscent of the case on the first incarnation of the iPhone. The speakers are also destined to be bigger and as a result may not become the fluff and lint collectors which they seem to be on previous versions of the iPhone.

Whilst the iPhone was once one of the fastest smart phones on the market, it is now lagging behind many of its competitors, even when we take in to consideration the upgrades brought with the iPhone 4S. The next iPhone is muted to contain a quad-core processor for the first time which should make it as fast as its rivals.

Finally, what would phone improvement be without 4G (or its equivalent once the kerfuffle about bandwidths in the UK has died down)?

The iPhone 5, or iP5 or simply the new ‘iPhone’ is destined to be bigger and faster, but is it destined to be better. It may be better than its predecessors but that does not make it any better than its rivals who are picking up their fair share of the market thick and fast.

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 3G and 3GS 8GB and 16GB

Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 3G and 3GS 8GB and 16GB

The best screen protectors for iPhones will keep your screen clean and scratch free and is essential to keeping your iPhone investment pristine and they do not even have to cost very much. 

EMPIRE 5-Pack LCD Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPhone 3G 8GB 16GB [EMPIRE Packaging]
Amazon Price: $0.01
List Price: $5.99

5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector

You will get 5 individually packaged screen protectors for a super cheap price.  There is a protective film on both sides of each protector so that you do not get your fingerprints on the protector while applying it to you iPhone.

EMPIRE 5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Mirror Screen Protector with Lint Cleaning Cloth for Apple iPhone 3G 8GB 16GB / 3G S 16GB 32GB [EMPIRE Packaging]
Amazon Price: $1.95

5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Mirror Screen Protector

These are the same screen protectors as the ones above but with a cool mirror finish so that unless your phone is shining through it just looks like a mirror. It gives your iPhone 3G or 3GS a cool flashy looks but is super cheap.

One hint is to turn your iPhone brightness up all the way if you are having trouble seeing it through the mirror but generally it is pretty easy to see.

Case-Mate Screen Protector Film 3 Pack for iPhone 3G, 3GS
Amazon Price: $0.01
List Price: $9.99

Case-Mate Screen Protector Film 3 Pack

These fit perfectly for an iPhone and you get 3 so when the other one wears out you can put a new one on without buying a new pack.  They are also super affordable.  Take your time putting them on and they will probably out like your iPhone 3G or 3GS and the next pack you buy will be for a new iPhone.

More Goodies for Your iPhone

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPod to your Factory Car Stereo
If you would like to use your existing car stereo to play music from your iPhone or iPod it is actually easier than you might think. There are 2 ways you could make this connection. The easiest way…

The Best IPhone Cases

The Best IPhone Cases

Where To Find Iphone Cases Under $10

Iphone cases for under $10? Is that possible? Yes. If you have ever had to replace your phone because it got damaged, you know how expensive it is. My phone was run over by a car, so I know. Not to say one of these cases could protect my phone from that, but if you have a tendency to drop you phone like my brother than a protective cell phone case may be a good idea for you. A rubber case may even be better.

There are a ton of cases out there and just as many designs. Even better, there are a great number of them that are affordable. I mean, under ten dollars affordable.

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Colorful Strip Snap on Case for iPhone 4/4s
Amazon Price: $9.99

Here is a Hello Kitty inspired rubber case cover protects your phone from dust, scratches and bumps you know your phone can get. This case also allows your phone to function fully because it has openings for all buttons, ports, jacks, and speakers. You can be fashionable and your phone can be functional and safe.

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This colorful strip inspired iPhone designed cover is perfect for someone who is fun at heart. The pink, yellow and green color scheme keeps things fresh and fun. The case also allows your phone to function fully with openings for the things you use on your phone. Plus the cover is rubber so the protection is awesome.


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Hand Made Lace and Pearl Green Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 4G 4S
Amazon Price: $0.01
List Price: $19.99

I recommend checking out Targets list of Iphone cases for some great deals and some great designs. But really, whatever design you choose, the most important thing you do is choose. Getting protective case for your cell phone should be non negotiable. Even if they are closer to $20 like the bonus Iphone case option above.

Until next time,


iPhone screen problem

iPhone screen problem

As I think repairing iPhone
Screen is the common repairs for iPhones. So you must shield your iPhone screen
from getting damage but there is not anything that stop screen from cracking. So
you have to just take care of your screen and minimise impact if it falls on
ground. Rubber case for back helps to protect after falling on the ground. Also
bumpers for iPhone 4 gives the shock protection.

iPhone is rather hardy
but we frequently fall it on the ground or on the steps. Also it can be broken
quickly as it falls on the corners or very hard surface. Also rubber case helps
to grip on every surface and pocket it is in.

As when iPhone screens
breaks it looks very weird but there are many repair shops local or online. As
you just give iPhone with the address to send repair, then repair will be done in
24 hours and give back to you after all the work is done. Also we suggest you
that do the care during holiday season as in the parties there are
possibilities that you can drop your iPhones, damage them, etc.

Apple Guys are expert
repair company repairing all the products of Apple like iPhones, iPods of the
complete Mac range. They also gives the business to business services,
installing and supporting their Apple network.

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