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Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon Gym Leaders in Kanto (Badges Help)

Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon Gym Leaders in Kanto (Badges Help)
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So, You Want To Be A Pokemon Master?

The best way to do this is to get all the badges and defeat the elite four, but of course you already know this if you are already reading this. Getting badges is done by defeating Gym Leaders, each one of a specific type with it’s weaknesses and advantages. This specific little guide is for the FireRed and LeafGreen games, set in the Kanto Region (starts with Pallet town) and therefore helps with those Gym Leaders. So let’s get into your journey shall we?

Bages of Kanto Region

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These are the 8 Kanto Region Badges, in the order left to right. Top row then bottom row.
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Boulder Badge (Brock)

The first badge you will receive is in Pewter City and is a pretty easy beginner badge. The Leader is Brock, a rock type leader and not as tough as he seemed in the tv series.

He has a level 12 Geodude (Rock-Ground type) and a level 14 Onix (Rock-Ground type) in his party. But what to use against him in order to win?

If you chose bulbasaur or squirtle they will do just fine against Brock. Fighting moves are also quite effective so if you caught a mankey on Route 22 you can use that (useful if you chose charmander). Any water, grass, or fighting move will be effective in defeating Brock just avoid using any pidgeys as they won’t last long against his rock moves.

When you wipe the floor with Brock he will give you the Boulder badge which lets you use flash outside of battle and gives a boost to your pokemon’s attack skill. He also gives you TM 39 or Rock Tomb which is a strong attack that lowers speed of the victim (useful for slowing down opponents so you might attack first).

Cascade Badge (Misty)

The second badge is in the next town after traveling Mt. Moon, Cerulean City. A slightly more difficult badge to win, Misty is the leader with water type pokemon. Don’t let her beauty fool you, she didn’t become leader for her looks it was her skill at battling.

She has a level 18 Staryu (Water type) and a level 21 Starmie (Water-Psychic) at her disposal and uses them effectively. But what kind of pokemon will help you against Misty?

Well, poor little charmander is again not very helpful but don’t worry little guy you will soon be destroying enemies with a flick of your claws. Pokemon with grass or electric moves will help here, so if you chose bulbasaur he/she will be useful yet again on this second gym leader (but don’t forget to keep your other pokemon trained in case you need them). If you caught a pikachu in the viridian forest it will be helpful as well, but finding one can sometimes take quite awhile. Now, on Starmie because it has a psychic type attached to it bug moves will be super effective as well as the grass and electric moves (in case pikachu and bulbasaur or whatever pokemon you have, faint) so remember that.

When defeated Misty gives you the Cascade badge which lets you control pokemon up to level 30 and you can now use cut outside of battle. She also gives you TM 03 or water pulse, which is a water move with a 20% chance of confusing the victim.


Thunder Badge (Lt. Surge)

This third Gym Leader is located in Vermillion City and he is a really tall dude. He goes by the name of Lt. Surge and is a really big military man, using that to his advantage in the pokemon scene. He uses electric types which really can cause some people trouble. If you have mostly water and flying pokemon beware, he will destroy you in mostly one hit KO’s.

In his selected gym leader party he has a level 21 Voltorb (Electric type), a level 24 Raichu (Electric type) and a level 18 Pikachu (Electric type). Now in my personal experience that Raichu has always given me the toughest time even when I was using moves super effective against it, so be careful?

Electric types have pretty much one big weakness, Ground types. There is a cave nearby called Diglett’s Cave which has ironically Digletts, taadaa. These pokemon are useful against Lt. Surge so you might want to try getting one out of there if you are having trouble or just want one. Otherwise, there are grass and normal type pokemon that can learn ground type moves to use against Lt. Surge. Avoid using water and flying types as I said before as he will just electrify them and you will soon have a fainted pokemon, not very helpful when trying to defeat him.

If you manage to defeat Lt. Surge he will give you the Thunder badge which increases the speed of your pokemon and you can now use fly outside of battle (yay less traveling time). He also gives you TM 34 or Shock Wave which he probably used to defeat your pokemon many times as it never misses the target.

Rainbow Badge (Erika)

The fourth badge is received from Erika, a grass type pokemon trainer located in Celadon City. She may look sweet and innocent, but her pokemon can pack a punch if you give them the chance. Solution? Don’t give them the chance to attack and everyone on your side of the fence is happy.

She has a level 29 Victreebel (Grass Poison type), a level 24 Tangela (Grass type), and a level 29 Vileplume (Grass Poison Type). All of these pokemon can deal out poisons and other status conditions so make sure you stock up on Antidotes and full heals unless your pokemon aren’t effected by them or you think you can tough it out. Poison can be a real game changer though, hit with it and your top pokemon (possibly only one able to deal heavy blows) could faint before you get a chance to attack (mixed with sleep and paralyze).

Well, let’s say you picked Charmander at the beginning and kinda disappointed he hasn’t been much help Gym leader-wise. Here is his chance to prove how freaking awesome he is at wielding that flame. No fire type pokemon? Fear not young trainer, there is always flying and psychic types, and most people keep a flying type if only to use fly when they need to. Because she likes to deal out status conditions make sure you take her out as quickly as possible, aka no tail whips and growling please.

Once you win the battle Erika gives you a Rainbow badge (it’s so pretty) which makes all pokemon up to level 50 obey you without question (kinda sounds like pokemon are slaves) and it gives you the ability to use strength outside of battle. But don’t go running out to move boulders just yet, she has TM 19 to give you or Giga Drain, a very powerful grass move that sucks the life energy from your opponent and gives some to you.

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Soul Badge (Koga)

Badge number five, congratulations you are halfway to getting all of the badges, and to being able to try to defeat the elite four! Confetti! Anyway, Gym Leader Koga is here, in Fuchsia City, to defeat you or at least try to. He focuses on poison type, not one of my personal strong suits as it poisons you and seems to be super effective against most of my chosen parties.

Koga has a larger party than we have seen so far in a Gym leader with four pokemon. He has a level 37 Koffing (Poison), a level 39 Muk (Poison), a level 37 Koffing (Poison), and a level 43 Weezing (Poison). All one type pokemon so no weaseling away with some pokemon useful against specific pokemon of his like Misty’s Starmie. So what will be useful against him?

Psychic types are really your only super effective advantage over him. Ground types are also super effective but Koffing and Weezing (three of his two pokemon in case you missed it) have the levitate ability so any ground moves won’t hit them. Stock up on your antidotes and psychic pokemon this one will be over fast without either (over with you being the loser).

Once defeated Koga gives you the Soul badge that boosts the defense stat of your pokemon and lets you use surf outside of battle. He also gives you the TM 06 or Toxic, a poison move that poisons the opponent’s pokemon.

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Marsh Badge (Sabrina)

Badge six makes you three fourths of the way through the Gym Badges and this one could be another one of those easy players, if you know how to win. Sabrina is a psychic pokemon trainer in the city of Saffron and she is another one of those beautiful leaders you want to remember are powerful trainers.

She has a level 38 Kadabra (Psychic type), a level 37 Mr. Mime (Psychic type), a level 37 Venomoth (Bug-Poison type), and a level 43 Alakazam (Psychic type). Seems like you can just find something super effective against psychic and destroy her, right? Wrong!

This is important to take note of: her three psychic types have a high special defense so dark and ghost types, though super effective will do less than bug types would. Use a bug type or a strong attack pokemon against them and winning will be a piece of cake, unless Venomoth gives you trouble. Because of it’s bug type Venomoth is highly damaged by fire and flying pokemon and it’s poison branch gives you the ability to use a psychic pokemon if you have one. Bug against her psychics and fire, flying, or psychic against Venomoth and you will send her crying back to her mommy.

Once you earn victory against Sabrina she gives you the Marsh badge which raises the level of pokemon who obey you up to 70, which I doubt you will reach anytime soon unless you take a break from the story and just train for weeks. She also gives you TM 04 or Calm Mind which raises your Special Attack and Special Defense but doesn’t attack, so use it if that idea interests you (I’m more of an attacker than a stat changer).

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Volcano Badge (Blaine)

Badge number 7, how you entice me so, being so close to the end but so far if I cannot earn you. Surf to Cinnabar island (or fly if you have already been there before) and you will see the next Gym. Inside is Blaine and as the name of the badge suggests, he is a fire type leader although don’t let that fool you he is strong.

He has a level 42 Growlithe (Fire type), a level 40 Ponyta (Fire type), a level 42 Rapidash (Fire type), and a level 47 Arcanine (Fire type). Strong pokemon and two of my favorite evolution lines, not that you care about my favorites. His pokemon enjoy burning their opponents so try bringing along some burn heals just in case.

Fire, fire, fire everyone can guess one of fire’s weaknesses without ever playing pokemon. Water, the thing everyone uses when there is a fire (or sand for some but not as common for things like house fires and such). So use water, rock, and ground moves to quickly defeat Blaine before he burns your perfect lovable pokemon. Oh yea, you remember that move you used to get here surf I think it’s called? Try that one, it is powerful, super effective, and looks pretty.

Once you put Blaine out and leave just cool coals behind he will give you the Volcano Badge which raises your pokemon’s special attack and special defense stats. He also will give you the TM 38 or Fire Blast which is a powerful fire move that can sometimes leave a burn on it’s target.

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Earth Badge (Giovanni)

The 8th and Final badge before you can fight the elite four. Located in the first town you visited outside of your hometown, Viridian City this gym leader is one you may recognize. Giovanni runs this gym and is the leader of Team Rocket so you know he’s going to be one tough cookie. Trained Ground types fill his team and they aren’t to be messed with either.

He has a level 45 Rhyhorn (Ground Rock type), a level 42 Dugtrio (Ground type), a level 44 Nidoqueen (Poison Ground type), a levle 45 Nidoking (Poison Ground type) and a level 50 Rhyhorn (Ground Rock type). They know the move Earthquake that will most likely destroy your pokemon before they get a chance to do any real damage so watch out.

Useful pokemon consist of water, grass, and psychic types especially if you still have that pokemon from the last gym that knows surf. Nidoqueen and Nidoking might be a bit harder to take down and if you are having a problem try a Ghost and Poison type pokemon. The poison half will allow it to not be poisoned and the ghost part will have levitate so Earthquake won’t be a problem. Sometimes it just comes down to luck so if you lose just keep trying, eventually he will fall victim to your obvious power.

Congrats! You beat Giovanni the very last gym leader and can now go against the Elite Four, well done young trainer I wish you luck in your new conquest. You received the Earth badge which allows you to control pokemon of any level which is helpful since there are no more badges. Also given to you by Giovanni is TM 26 or Earthquake, that powerful ground move that most likely sent a few or more of your pokemon to the Pokemon Center, hitting all earthbound pokemon in battle except the one who used it. Again, good luck in the Elite Four!

My Guide on the Elite Four

Firered and Leafgreen Elite Four and Champion Help
The Elite Four of any pokemon game is often the most challenging part for any player. This will hopefully help you defeat the Elite four on Firered and Leafgreen versions. Also on here is the champion as he counts in the Elite Four conquest.

How To Defeat/Beat Pokemon Fire Red/ Leaf Green Elite Four and Champion/Rival (Weaknesses)

How To Defeat/Beat Pokemon Fire Red/ Leaf Green Elite Four and Champion/Rival (Weaknesses)

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Help Defeating Elite Four on Firered and Leafgreen

For many trainers the Elite Four is the hardest part of their journey (except maybe completing the pokedex). This little guide is designed to help you with the Elite Four on the firered and leafgreen games. Need help with one or all four they will be here with helpful suggestions and warnings, and I even put the champion for good measure.



The first member of the Elite Four is Lorelei who uses mostly ice pokemon types with the exception of slowbro. Her party is strong and well-trained but with the right moves you can defeat her in no time. Her main weaknesses are electric, grass, and rock (but not a rock pokemon as most of her pokemon are half water type).

Dewgong: Her level 52 Dewgong is a water-ice type pokemon so use grass, electric, fighting and rock moves but not a rock type pokmemon as it will be destroyed just as easily as her dewgong will.

Cloyster: Her level 51 Cloyster is a water-icy type pokemon too so use electric, grass, fighting and rock moves, again no rock type pokemon against cloyster either.

Slowbro: Her level 52 Slowbro is a water-psychic pokemon so you can again use electric or grass moves. Also useful would be bug, ghost and dark moves.

Jynx: Her level 54 Jynx is an ice-psychic pokemon so like with slowbro, dark, ghost, and bug moves will be super effective. You can also try steel, rock, and fire moves.

Lapras: Her level 54 Lapras is a water-ice pokemon so back to the electric, grass, fighting, rock moves. *REMEMBER NO ROCK POKEMON*

If you manage to beat all five of her pokemon congrats! Heal and revive your pokemon, it’s time for number 2.



The second member of the Elite Four, Bruno is a fighting and rock trainer that can one hit KO your pokemon if you aren’t careful. His main weaknesses are psychic, water, and flying type moves. That slowbro Lorelei had in the last battle would be amazing against Bruno (probably could defeat all of his pokemon on it’s own *hinthintnudge*.

Onix#1: His level 51 Onix is a rock-ground type pokemon that has quite a few weaknesses. Water, grass, ice, fighting, ground, and steel would all be useful especially water and grass dealt by the same type pokemon.

Hitmonchan: His level 53 Hitmonchan is a straight forward fighting type pokemon weak against flying and psychic moves. Immune to fighting attacks are ghost types so if you don’t have a good flying or psychic but a ghost type, try that one at least you won’t get attacked as easily.

Hitmonlee: His level 53 Hitmonlee is also a straight forward fighting type pokemon with the same weaknesses as hitmonchan. Psychic moves do more than flying types and ghost types won’t be attacked when he uses a fighting move.

Onix#2: His second onix is a level 54 rock-ground type. Same exact weaknesses as the other onix but will need a little more power since he’s a higher level. Water, grass, ice, fighting, ground, and steel with water and grass being most effective.

Machamp: His level 56 machamp might be a little more difficult, it is a fighting type so use psychic or flying moves. He is a higher level than hitmonchan and hitmonlee so moves that defeated them in one or two hits may take three or four for him.

Once Bruno is defeated you move onto the third member of the Elite Four and you are halfway done (with exception of the champion of course) so congratulate your pokemon with some revives and heals as necessary and save if you wish.

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Agatha is a powerful trainer, if slightly creepy looking (at least to me, you could think she’s hot I don’t know). She sports the poison type pokemon which have one gigantic weakness, psychic type pokemon (with high speed so you attack first is optional but highly useful and recommended). If you don’t have one of those, try a poison type so at least it won’t be poisoned.

Gengar#1: Her level 54 Gengar is a ghost-poison type so try psychic, ghost, dark, or ground moves. Psychic is most effective as it will be for all her pokemon.

Golbat: Her level 54 Golbat is a poison-flying type so along with the psychic moves try electric, ice, or rock ones too. They should have golbat fainted in no time at all.

Haunter: Her level 53 Haunter is a ghost-poison type so the same weaknesses as her gengars, psychic, ghost, dark, and ground moves.

Arbok: Her level 56 Arbok is a straight poison only type pokemon so only ground and psychic moves will be effective with it.

Gengar#2: Her level 56 Gengar, though still a ghost-poison type, will be more powerful than the other gengar. The psychic, ghost, dark, and ground moves may not take him out as quickly as with the other one.

Well done, you defeated Agatha and can move onto the last Elite Four member. As always make sure you revive and heal your pokemon before moving onto the last battle before the champion.



Lance, you sly dog dragon type pokemon really? Yes, he has dragon type pokemon which always seem to be a pain in the butt for anyone who goes against them. Hopefully you still have some hyper potions or full restores (or your choice of potion) and revives left from the other trainers as his hyper beam will take down at least one of your pokemon unless you know how to defeat him quickly with electric, ice, and rock moves (dragon as well but not very common).

Gyarados: His level 56 Gyarados is a water-flying type pokemon so use electric or rock moves against it.

Dragonair(both): His level 54 Dragonairs (he has two and they are the same level so I grouped them, please don’t get mad or confused at me) are the dragon type and powerful. Use ice or dragon moves against them to quickly put an end to their terror.

Aerodactyl: His level 58 aerodactyl is a rock-flying type pokemon and surprisingly has many weaknesses compared to Lance’s other pokemon. Water, electric, ice, rock, and steel are all super effective against aerodactyl so take your pick as I’m sure you have at least one pokemon to choose from with those move types.

Dragonite: His level 60 dragonite is a dragon-flying type (making it in theory easier to faint than it’s previous evolutions). Use ice, rock, or dragon moves against dragonite while crossing your fingers to make sure it is defeated.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! *confetti* You beat the four members of the Elite Four! Wait hold on, there’s another battle to do? Alright, I’m getting news that there is a last battle against the Champion so revive, heal, and you probably want to save your game before you move from in front of Lance.

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Champion Rival

So you go to see the Champion and BAM it’s your Rival (Sneaky). You have defeated this loser plenty of times before so let’s just add another count to your wins shall we? This one is a bit confusing so try to follow along.

Pokemon that are always in his team are as follows:

Pidgeot: His level 59 Pidgeot is a normal-flying type pokemon. Knock it out fast with an electric move or use ice or rock to send it crashing to the Earth.

Rhydon: His level 59 Rhydon is a ground-rock type pokemon. Use water, grass, ice, fighting, ground or steel to quickly remove it and move onto the rest.

Alakazam: His level 57 Alakazam is a psychic pokemon with bug, ghost, and dark weaknesses.

The rest are by Starter so zoom down to whatever pokemon YOU started your journey with.


Exeggutor: His level 59 Exeggutor is a grass-psychic type pokemon. Take it out easily with either a fire, ice, poison, flying, bug, ghost, or dark move and you can be on your way.

Gyarados: His level 61 Gyarados is a water-flying type pokemon. Just like Lance’s in the last battle take it out with an electric or rock move and let out a little happy squeal (or not, totally cool if you don’t).

Charizard: His level 63 Charizard sure has grown from it’s itty bitty Charmander but is now a powerful fire-flying type pokemon not to be messed with. Use water, electric, or rock move to get rid of this nasty before it’s too late.


Arcanine: His level 59 Arcanine (rhymes haha) is a fire type pokemon so douse it with a water move or put it out with a ground or rock move.

Exeggutor: His level 61 Exeggutor is a grass-psychic type pokemon who has many weaknesses. For example, fire, ice, poison, flying, bug, ghost, and dark are the complete full long list of moves that would quickly get rid of it.

Blastoise: His level 63 Blastoise may have come from a small squirtle back in the day, but now it’s a powerful water type pokemon with huge cannons in his shell. Shock him with an electric attack or just use grass moves to faint this giant over grown wanna-be ninja turtle.


Gyarados: His level 59 Gyarados is a water-flying move that is vulnerable to electric and rock moves. Quickly take him down and move to the others.

Arcanine: His level 61 Arcanine is a fire type pokemon that can easily be removed from the battle with a water, rock, or ground type move.

Venusaur: His level 63 Venusaur is a grass-poison type way larger than the bulbasaur your rival picked up from Oak. Use fire, ice, flying, or psychic moves to faint this gigantic plant monster.

Congrats! You beat the Champion, the Elite Four, and all 8 Gym Leaders what a story to tell the others at the pokemon fan club. Go run along home now and tell your mom how fast you grew up and don’t forget to see the Professor about more free stuff.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Elite Four Help and Champion (what to use and weaknesses)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Elite Four Help and Champion (what to use and weaknesses)

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How To Defeat The Elite Four Diamond and Pearl

So you made it to the Elite Four and possibly tried going against them but can’t seem to win. Hopefully this will help you put you at least in the right direction so you can win against them and focus on completing your pokedex or whatever it is you do after you beat the Elite Four. The Champion is of course in here too, so once you’re ready make your way down to Aaron (on this not in the game).

See all 5 photos
See all 5 photos

Elite Four Aaron

Aaron is a master of bug type pokemon so with the right battle strategy you should beat him quickly and be ready to go onto the next battle of the Elite Four. Prepare your pokemon and make sure you are stocked up on healing and reviving items, plus ether if you feel you need them.

He has a level 53 Dustox (Bug poison type), a level 53 Beautifly (bug flying type), a level 54 Vespiquen (bug flying type), a level 54 Heracross (bug fighting type), and a level 57 Drapion (poison dark type). That Drapion is the one you have to watch for since it isn’t a bug type and knows strong moves to fight against types super effective against bug types.

Use fire, flying, rock, electric, and ground moves against Aaron. Below are specifics against each pokemon.

Flying fire rock or psychic against Dustox.

Rock does quadruple damage against Beautifly and Vespiquen. Use high pp moves against Vespiqueen since each hit takes away two pp from a move.

Fire against Heracross, but flying does double damage if you have one.

Drapion can be defeated with ground type moves.

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Elite Four Bertha

Besides being a stereotypical old lady name, Bertha is actually quite powerful with her ground and rock pokemon. Bring along pokemon who aren’t as damaged by ground moves like Earthquake. (rock, steel or ground types)

She has a level 55 Quagsire (water ground type), a level 56 Sudowoodo (rock type), a level 56 Golem (rock ground type), a level 55 Whiscash (water ground type), and a level 59 Hippowdon (ground type).

Use grass to easily defeat all of her pokemon, but water will work well against a few with flying as a partner in crime. If you don’t use grass below are when to use what.

Quagsire and Whiscash are when to use flying type pokemon moves.

Golem and Sudowoodo are best defeated with water type moves.

Hippowdon is also defeated with water type moves just remember he has a high defense, can raise it further with moves, and carries a sitrus berry so you might take awhile defeating it.


Elite Four Flint

Halfway through the Elite Four and you are going to battle Flint next. Flint is a fire type mostly but has a few that aren’t fire types. You can even use fire against him so listen up.

He has a level 58 Rapidash (fire type), a level 57 Steelix (steel ground type), a level 58 Drifblim (ghost flying type), a level 57 Lopunny (normal type), and a level 61 Infernape (fire fighting type).

Use electric, fighting, ground, or water moves here but only use them when they will be effective so pay attention to how the battle plays out.

Rapidash has solarbeam so don’t let it use it, KO it with water preferably in the first move.

Steelix will be taken down quickly with fire, even faster if Rapidash used sunny day and it’s still in effect.

Drifblim is defeated with electice, ice, rock, ghost, or dark type moves so you should have one of those handy.

Lopunny can defend special moves so use fighting moves to take it down.

Infernape could be taken out with water moves but with sunny day they won’t be as effective. Use ground, flying, and psychic moves unless you really have no choice but to use water.

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Elite Four Lucian

Lucian is the last and strongest of the Elite Four, so again make sure you heal and ether if necessary. Save as well unless you want to go against the last three again (which might be useful if only to level up pokemon). He has psychic pokemon so be prepared for anything.

he has a level 59 Mr. Mime (psychic type), a level 59 Girafarig (normal psychic type), a level 60 Medicham (fighting psychic type), a level 60 Alakazam (psychic type), and a level 63 Bronzong (steel psychic type). Bronzong will be the most difficult so make sure you know how to win.

Use bug, dark, fire, flying, and ghost moves against his party but don’t have your dark moves used by dark type pokemon to limit damage done to them.

Against Mr. Mime, Girafarig, Medicham, and Alakazam are best hit with bug and dark moves but not dark pokemon.

Bronzong will be most difficult since really only fire does damage worth anything to him, and Lucian heals quite a lot. Try burning Bronzong if you can, if not aim to use strong fire moves and hopefully defeat him before you run out of PP or revives.

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Elite Four Champion Cynthia

Cynthia is the Champion of this region and didn’t earn that title without proving herself. She is a tough opponent and remember to save, heal, etc before you enter her room since the battle starts right after you go in there.

Her party is filled with a level 61 Spiritomb (ghost dark type), a level 60 Roserade (grass poison type), a level 60 Gastrodon (water ground type), a level 63 Lucario (fighting steel type), a level 63 Milotic (water type), and a level 66 Garchomp (dragon ground type).

Spiritomb is weak to nothing and you can’t use normal, fighting, and psychic moves so the best you can do is use a high attack pokemon that doesn’t have those moves.

Roserade is weak to fire, ice, poison, flying, bug, ghost, and dark types so choose whichever you have the strongest of and fight fight fight.

Gastrodon has one weakness, grass, but don’t use a grass type pokemon since it knows sludge bomb, a poison type move that deals heavy damage to grass type pokemon.

Lucario has a high special defense so use fire, fighting, or ground to weasel around it and take him down.

Milotic knows Ice beam, so don’t try using grass type pokemon, instead use electric type moves to take it down.

Garchomp is weak to dragon and ice moves, but don’t use a dragon pokemon since it will be just as effected by the moves as Garchomp is. Focus on ice moves and you should faint Garchomp.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just defeated the Champion and can now do whatever you want to do (just make sure you get the national pokedex from the professor).

Need Help with the gym leaders, not the Elite Four?

Gym Leaders Guide- Diamond and Pearl
Need help with the Sinnoh region gym leaders on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? Hopefully you came to the right place since this is a guide designed to help you defeat all 8 of the leaders of this region. Unstick yourself from the rut you have with a cert

How to Beat the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire help

How to Beat the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire help

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Pokemon Sapphire
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Help with Pokemon Gyms Ruby and Sapphire

Need help with a certain gym leader in Ruby or Sappphire pokemon games? Don’t know the right type to use, or just want to know what each leader has for pokemon before you go against them? Read this nifty little guide and all you need to know will be shown in plain english.

See all 7 photos
See all 7 photos

Stone Badge Roxanne

Following the other pokemon game tradition, the first gym leader is a rock type user. Located in Rustboro city just after you traverse a forest you battle Roxanne for the Stone badge. Easily defeated even if you chose torchic if you know who else to use.

She has a level 14 Geodude (rock ground type), and a level 15 Nosepass (rock type). Rock types are easy for beginning trainers since two of the three starters are super effective against it.

Grass and water are your best bet, so train up Mudkip or Treeko. But if you don’t have either one of those and chose torchic try using a makuhita against her, or catch a grass type pokemon. All of those will lead to an easy and quick victory.

Once defeated Roxanne gives the Stone badge and TM39 or rock tomb. The Stone badge increases your pokemon’s attack stat and you now have the ability to use cut outside of battle. TM39 is a rock move that can lower the victim’s speed stat.

Knuckle Badge Brawly

Take the boat to Dewford town to challenge your next gym leader. Brawly is a fighting type leader so if you caught the right pokemon in the beginning you should do excellent against him.

He has a level 17 Machop (fighting type), and a level 18 Makuhita (fighting type). Train up your pokemon in the granite cave if your levels aren’t quite high enough. Catch an aron if you see one they are quite powerful and will be helpful later on in the game.

Use flying and psychic moves against Brawly to win the Knuckle badge. If you caught a ralts or taillow in those first few routes you should be fine, if not you can always go back and get one. Ralts is a bit harder to find than taillow but will be useful later on against other gyms and trainers.

Once defeated Brawly gives you the Knuckle badge and TM08 or bulk up. The badge gives you the ability to control pokemon up to level 30 and the ability to use flash outside of battle. Useful to explore the granite cave for items you may have missed (or if you haven’t found Steven in it yet). Bulk up is a move that raises your attack and defense stat.

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Dynamo Badge Wattson

Mauville city, with it’s game center is a fun place to relax when you don’t feel like training pokemon and just want to play some games. But we aren’t here for that, we are here to battle Wattson, the gym leader of this city. He has electric pokemon so stock up on paralyze heals if you are worried about that.

He has a level 22 Magnemite (electric steel type), a level 20 Voltorb (electric type), and a level 23 Magneton (electric steel type). Once you get through his puzzle and make it to Wattson, be prepared for a shocking battle.

Ground types are key to winning against any electric type pokemon, because they are super effective and aren’t effected by electric moves all that much. Do not use any water or flying types as it will probably just be one hit KO’d and you will just be left with a fainted pokemon.

Wattson will give you the Dynamo badge and TM34 or shock wave once you win against him in pokemon combat. The badge gives you an increase of speed on your pokemon and you can now use rock smash outside of battle. Shock wave is a move that has amazing accuracy so you might want an electric type pokemon to learn it well.

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Heat Badge Flannery

The fourth badge is in Lavaridge town, up by a volcano with hot springs with a pokemon egg for free and everything. A small town with only two houses besides the gym, mart, and pokemon center. Flannery is leader here and has fire type pokemon just as hot as the lava in the nearby volcano.

Her level 26 Slugma (fire type), other level 26 Slugma (fire type), and level 28 Torkoal (fire type) are all single type pokemon so you can just use normal moves without worrying about that second type. Take Torkoal out quick before they use overheat as it is extremely powerful even when it’s not very effective.

Use ground like in the last battle with Wattson, or use rock and water moves to take out Flannery. But remember to bring along some revives in case your water, rock, or ground type pokemon faint and you are left with say, a grass type. Actually you might as well leave that grass type in the pc and grab another pokemon instead.

Once you win Flannery hands over the Heat badge and TM50 or overheat. The TM is one you most likely saw Torkoal use, it’s powerful but lower’s the user’s special attack stat sharply. The Heat badge allows you to use Strength outside of battle and you can now control pokemon up to level 50.

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Balance Badge Norman

Good ol’ Dad, gym leader number 5 and the first gym you come across in the game. In case you forgot his name it’s Norman and he is a normal type gym leader with no lightening of his power because you are his offspring.

He has a level 28 Slaking (normal type), a level 30 Vigoroth (normal type), and a level 31 Slaking (normal type). Slaking takes a break every other turn (giving you a free turn to heal if necessary or switch out without getting damage) but Vigoroth doesn’t.

Use the power of the fist against dad, fighting moves are a must if you wish to end this quickly and in your favor. Try putting them to sleep as well, it will gives you a few turns away from their powerful facade move.

Once defeated Dad gives you the balance badge and TM42 or facade. The Balance badge gives your pokemon a higher defense skill and the ability to use surf outside of battle. The facade move is extremely powerful normal move (you probably saw it in action during the battle).

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Feather Badge Winona

Make you way to the coolest town in Hoenn region (in my opinion, I like treehouses) and get ready to defeat the one and only Winona. You need a Devon Scope to actually get to the gym but after that get read to defeat her flying type pokemon and send them crashing down.

She has a level 31 Swellow (normal flying type), a level 30 Pelipper (water-flying type), a level 32 Skarmory (steel flying type), and a level 33 Altaria (dragon flying type). Altaria is bound to give you the most trouble and is always the one that keeps me from defeating her even with pokemon super effective against it.

Use Electric, Ice, or rock moves to give her birds a taste of defeat. You may need to go against her a few times even with them as Altaria is a powerful pokemon that doesn’t seem to understand you are here to win, not lose.

Once you defeat Winona make sure you receive your Feather badge and TM40 or aerial ace. Aerial ace is a powerful move you want to teach your favorite flying type pokemon, it has awesome speed and accuracy. The Feather badge gives you the ability to use fly outside of battle so you won’t have to surf back to Mauville City if you don’t want to.

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Mind Badge Tate and Liza

Surfing that huge expanse of ocean left you tired and in need of rest. Don’t take too long though, here in Mossdeep City is a dual power pokemon gym that needs you to defeat it. Tate and Liza are twins with psychic powers, so they of course use psychic pokemon to compliment that.

They have only two pokemon (one each) but don’t let you think it’s going to be easy just because of that. Their level 42 Lunatone (rock psychic type) and level 42 Solrock (rock psychic type) are powerful as a team and you will be lucky to faint one if you don’t know what you are doing.

The good news is the move you used to get here the first time (surf) is powerful against them, so put that pokemon in the first or second slot of your party. Dark is also effective if you managed to catch an absol back on route 120. They use many hyper potions so make sure you bring even more.

Once you win the battle get your Mind badge and TM04 or Calm mind. The Mind badge increases your pokemon’s special attack and special defense while also allowing you to use dive outside of battle. Calm mind raises the user’s special attack and special defense stat but doesn’t do damage.

Rain Badge Wallace

Sootopolis City is a very difficult to get to place without flying or diving into it. Once you manage it (and do the necessary tasks to get Wallace into the gym) feel free to go against him and battle his water type pokemon.

He has a level 40 Luvdisk (water type), a level 42 Whiscash (water ground type), a level 40 Sealeo (ice water type), a level 42 Seaking (water type), and a level 43 Milotic (water type). Many pokemon to defeat in order to win the eighth and final gym badge of the hoenn region.

Electric and grass shall serve you well during this battle, but don’t rely on just electric type moves. Whiscash is half ground so electric moves won’t do so well against it, grass will though. Bring along a few high attack pokemon to back up your grass and electric pokemon in case they faint.

Once you win against the last gym leader, Wallace, he hands you the Rain badge and TM03 or water pulse. Water pulse is a powerful move that can confuse the target pokemon. The Rain badge allows you to use waterfall outside of battle and you can control pokemon of any level now.

My other Hoenn Region Guides

How To Catch and Evolve Feebas
Learn how to catch the elusive feebas pokemon in the hoenn region. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions apply to this hub and I even tell you how to evolve Feebas after you catch/find them.
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Elite Four Help
Ruby and Sapphire’s Elite Four could be difficult if you don’t know how to beat them. Defeating the Elite Four is a bit easier if you read this, and the Champion is in here for good measure.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Elite Four and Champion Help in Hoenn Region (Types/moves effective against them)

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Elite Four and Champion Help in Hoenn Region (Types/moves effective against them)

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Pokemon Ruby
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Pokemon Sapphire
Amazon Price: $199.99
List Price: $39.95

Defeating the Elite Four

Pokemon games are always the most difficult once you reach the Elite Four, no pokemon center between the battles, so you have to rely on potions, ethers, and revives to progress you through. You won’t be getting all that far if you choose the right pokemon though, so read this and make sure you get the right party for defeating the Hoenn Region’s Elite Four.

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Elite Four Sidney

Sidney is the First Member of the Elite Four and has dark type pokemon.

A level 46 Mightyena (dark type), a level 48 Shiftry (grass dark type), a level 46 Cacturne (grass dark type), a level 48 Sharpedo (water dark type), and a level 49 Absol (dark type).

Use fighting and bug types to win against Sidney. Fighting against everyone but Absol and Shiftry and bug against Shiftry and Cacturne. Fire also works well aginst Cacturne and Shiftry if you don’t have a bug type. Don’t use psychic moves or pokemon unless you absolutely have to, they will be defeated easily and quickly.

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Elite Four Phoebe

Phoebe is the second member of the Elite Four and handles Ghost type pokemon.

A level 48 Dusclops (ghost type), two level 49 Banettes (ghost type), a level 50 Sableye (dark ghost type), and a level 51 Dusclops (ghost type). WIth the right moves you can easily defeat Phoebe and will be halfway through the Elite Four.

Use ghost and dark type moves in this battle. No Ghost, normal, or fighting pokemon. If you don’t have a pokemon who knows ghost or dark moves, try steel type pokemon for a defensive approach.

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Elite Four Glacia

Glacia is the third member of the Elite Four so if you made it this far, congrats you are halfway done. She has ice type pokemon so prepare accordingly.

Her level 50 Glalie (ice type), level 50 Sealeo (ice water type), level 52 Sealeo (ice water type), level 52 Glalie (ice type), and level 53 Walrein (ice water type) are all easily defeated with the right moves.

Luckily they are only two evolutionary chains and she has two Glalie and two Sealeo so if you beat one the other should fall with the same move (or almost depending on level differences). Use fighting and electric moves against Glacia to score the most damage. If a pokemon of yours has thick fat ability you will have extra protection against Glacia’s moves.

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Elite Four Drake

The last member of the Elite Four is Drake, and he uses Dragon pokemon. He is easily defeated as long as you follow simple rules that might be a bit difficult if you don’t read carefully. Tricks and tips below.

He has a level 52 Shelgon (dragon type), a level 54 Altaria (Dragon flying type), two level 53 Flygon (ground dragon type), and a level 55 Salamence (dragon flying type). Dual types mostly so you can weasel if you know the right moves.

Dragon and ice moves are most effective, just don’t use the same type pokemon. Dragon is super effective against dragon and his pokemon know moves super effective against ice types so just don’t use them if you can avoid it.

Onto the Champion since you defeated the Elite Four, save and heal. Then continue.

Elite Four Champion Steven

The champion is the most difficult of the five so take your time preparing your party. He has steel and rock pokemon mostly but let’s look closer.

He has a level 57 Skarmory (steel flying type), a level 55 Claydol (ground psychic type), a level 56 Aggron (steel rock type), a level 56 Cradily (rock grass type), a level 56 Armaldo (rock bug type), and a level 58 Metagross (steel psychic type). So many types so little time, defeat them all but how?

Fire, water, and fighting moves are what to use mostly but I will now go through each pokemon.

Skarmory is defeated with fire or electric moves.

Claydol is defeated with water or fighting moves, same with cradily, and armaldo.

Aggron is best fainted with ground or fighting moves.

Last against Metagross use fire moves.

How to Defeat/Beat Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gym Leaders (Help obtaining badges in the Sinnoh Region for you)

How to Defeat/Beat Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gym Leaders (Help obtaining badges in the Sinnoh Region for you)

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Pokemon – Diamond Version
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Need Help With A Gym?

Defeating gym leaders on any pokemon game is the only way to progress through the story line and to get to the Elite Four. They are tough and so trainers may have questions on how to defeat them or just need a push in the right direction. Well, if that is you then you are in the right place. This guide will help you defeat the Gym Leaders in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions so you can go against the Elite Four. Read through the whole thing or jump to the leader you are having problems with, or just scan through to see which pokemon you should train ahead of time.

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Coal Badge Roark

Once you get the leader of Oreburgh city’s gym actually in the gym you can challenge him. Roark is like most pokemon first gym leaders, a rock type leader. Pretty easy if you have the right pokemon.

He has a level 12 Geodude (rock ground type), a level 12 Onix (rock ground type), and a level 14 Cranidos (rock type). Cranidos may be a little harder than the other two to faint as Roark uses potions on him and is a higher level than the other two.

So the types to use are fighting, grass, and water. Turtwig and Piplup would be the two starters to help but say you chose Chimchar then what? Well if you caught a machop on route 207 you can use that against Roark and defeat him once it is trained up a bit.

Once you crush Roark, he will hand over the Coal badge and TM76 or Stealth Rock a move that damages any pokemon that switches into battle and even lasts the whole time (amount of damage determined by the type of the pokemon that switches in).

Forest Badge Gardenia

The Second badge is in Eterna City and is hosted by Gardenia, a grass type leader. You have to play hide and seek to get to her but it’s good practice for the real deal. (Just a helpful hint, when you go against Roserade it has a sitrus berry so if you use pluck you get to eat it instead.)

In her arsenal Gardenia has a level 19 Cherubi (Grass type), a level 19 Turtwig (Grass type), and a level 22 Roserade (Grass poison type). Remember that note about pluck earlier? Well I ‘accidently’ forgot to mention it also does a great deal of damage against Roserade as well as taking the berry (Oopsies).

Bug, Fire, and Flying are all good types to use against Gardenia, so yay Chimchar, you can show off now. Don’t have a bug, fire, or flying type pokemon at all? Well this is easily solved, grab a ponyta from the routes east of Eterna City to set fire to her little grass minions.

Once defeated you gain the Forest badge and TM 86 or Grass knot which does more damage the heavier the target pokemon is.

Cobble Badge Maylene

Veilstone City, what a wonderful little town with it’s dept. store and Galactic HQ building. Right, there is a gym too, how could I forget? Maylene is the leader here and she equips herself with fighting type pokemon.

She has a level 27 Meditite (fighting psychic type), a level 27 Machoke (fighting type), and a level 30 Lucario (fighting steel type). Lucario will probably give you the most trouble, with it’s steel type and being the highest level in her party.

Use psychic, flying, and ground type moves to win this badge easily. Psychic on meditite and machoke and pluck that berry from Lucario before he uses it.

Once Maylene loses you gain the Cobble badge and TM 60 or Drain Punch. The badge gives you the ability to use fly outside of battle while the TM deals damage to the opponent giving half of the damage to you as a healing power.

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Fen Badge Crasher Wake

Pastoria City has the water gym which might be one of the easier gyms depending on your party. The leader here is Crasher Wake and he needs to wear a shirt even if it is his gym (no shirt no shoes no service, even if it is a pool). Anyway here’s how to win.

He has a level 27 Gyarados (water flying type), a level 27 Quagsire (water ground type), and a level 30 Floatzel (water type). Seems easy enough if you aren’t low in levels and have the right pokemon, but what would those be?

Pokemon with grass or electric moves would do the trick just fine. Use the grass type against his Quagsire (and the barbroach of the other trainers in there). Since they are half ground type the electric moves won’t be effective against them, so get a strong attacker or a grass type.

When you blow Crasher Wake out of the water and defeat him he will give you the Fen badge which allows you to use Defog outside of battle. The TM he gives you is number 55 or Brine, which does more damage if the opponents HP is more than half full (twice the damage to be exact).

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Relic Badge Fantina

Hearthome City has a gym, inside you can earn the Fifth Badge. Battle against Fantina and her ghost type pokemon in order to get the Relic Badge. Ghost types require special attention as some moves can’t attack them so choose pokemon wisely or you could end up not being able to attack.

In her arsenal she has a level 32 Drifblim (Ghost flying type), a level 34 Gengar (ghost poison type), and a level 36 mismagius (ghost type). But what will help you against these pokemon and how should you try to defeat Fantina?

Try dark, electric, and ghost moves for starters. Dark is your best bet, but you don’t need a dark type pokemon, just dark type moves such as bite. Choose a high attack pokemon or a high speed pokemon to try and avoid damage by her ghost types and victory shall soon be yours.

Once defeated Fantina will hand over the Relic badge which allows the move surf to be used outside of battle. The TM of choice for Fantina is TM65 or shadow claw, which is a good move as it has a high chance of critical hits (double damage is always welcome, isn’t it?).

Mine Badge Byron

Canalave City holds another gym badge for the Sinnoh region. Byron is it’s keeper and won’t give it up without a fight (we can hope they will just hand it over and save themselves the embarrassment of losing). He has Steel type pokemon so prepare against them.

He has a level 36 Bronzor (steel psychic type), a level 36 Steelix (steel ground type), and a level 39 Bastiodon (rock steel type). Get ready for some change-ups during this battle (switching pokemon out).

Set a Fire type in the lead to deal with Bronzor (and Steelix if he switches right to that), then once they are defeated use a water, ground, or fighting types to take down Bastiodon and you will have no problem (well, you shouldn’t but it’s a game of chance too).

Once you win you receive the Mine Badge which gives you the ability to use Strength outside of battle (boulder moving power activate!). You also get a TM, in this case you get 91 or Flash Cannon which is a move that also has a 10% chance of lowering the foe’s special defense stat.

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Icicle Badge Candice

Candice is the gym leader of the extremely cold Snowpoint City and is one of the very last badges to obtain. In fact, she is badge number 7 in case you were curious or bad at counting. As the area around the city, and her gym decor suggest she is an ice trainer and will freeze your little pokemon.

She has a level 38 Snover (ice grass type), a level 38 Sneasel (dark ice type), a level 40 Medicham (fighting psychic type), and a level 42 Abomasnow (ice grass type). Seems difficult but as with every gym leader there is a trick to defeating her quickly.

What melts ice? That’s right, fire does so let’s try using a fire type to melt her pokemon (not literally that would be tragic). It is doubly awesomely useful against Snover and Abomasnow since they are ice grass types so don’t let it faint before you get a chance to try Abomasnow. On Medicham use a flying type pokemon and fighting against sneasel if you don’t want to use fire.

Victory for you, gifts include an Icicle badge and TM 72 or Avalance. Avalance does double damage if the pokemon it is attacking has already done damage to the user that turn. (Sorry if that isn’t explained well.)

Beacon Badge Volkner

The last gym leader is Volkner, located in Sunyshore City. The 8th badge will be a little difficult to obtain and making your way over to Volkner might take you awhile to figure out. An Electric type pokemon gym leader he will try to shock you into submission, but he doesn’t have only electric type pokemon.

In his party he has a level 46 Raichu (electric type), a level 47 Ambipom (Normal type), a level 47 Octillery (water type), and a level 49 Luxray (Electric type). Only half of his are electric as you can see, but still doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated just as easily as the other 7 gyms you went against. It will just take a little more effort on your part.

Try ground, fighting, electric moves will do well against Volkner. Electric on Octillery, ground on Raichu and Luxray, and finally fighting moves against Ambipom. Grass also works well against Octillery, but of course you may not have a grass type in your party.

Once defeated you can control any pokemon of any level and use waterfall outside of battle all because of the Beacon badge. Volkner also gives you the TM57 or Charge Beam which attacks the opponent and has a 70% chance of raising the user’s special attack stat.

Diamond and Pearl Elite Four Help Guide By Me

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Elite Four Help
Need help defeating the Elite Four in Sinnoh region? The Diamond and Pearl Elite Four can be highly challenging if you don’t know how to win, they are kinda designed like that though. This little guide should help you win victory against all four.

Play all