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Caramel Soy Latte…How I Make One Of My Favorite Hot Drinks!

Caramel Soy Latte...How I Make One Of My Favorite Hot Drinks!

The Perfect Caramel Soy Latte!

Yes, I’m an espresso lover!

I started my journey back in the late 80’s with a simple cup of steamed milk with almond flavor. However, that drink quickly turned into my first latte that fateful day I added a shot of espresso. When that moment happened, I was hooked on that creamy delight for good!

I loved it so much that I even thought about starting my own mobile espresso business and selling the tasty drink to the public. Then I priced the venture and checked out all of the details involved. While an expresso franchise may be perfect for the right person, for me, my research told me this was a goal I would have to put on the back-burner.

However, since that first cup of steamed almond milk, I’ve come to be proficient at making my own hot, foamy lattes having purchased my own machine for the job. I use an inexpensive espresso machine I bought for about $30 that helps me save tons of money that I would’ve spent inside one of those infamous coffee houses. I might not be preparing espresso drinks for the public to earn a living, but I’m more than happy with satisfying my own espresso cravings!

I buy my beans in bulk already flavored at one of the local major grocery store chains, so I rarely think about buying syrups. The beans I use usually cost around $8 a pound. I routinely purchase the caramel beans and/or the vanilla beans. I buy my soymilk at my other favorite national retailer, which at the time of this writing, is about $3 for a half-gallon. I estimate that every time I make a latte for myself, I’m saving at least $4 a cup. Eventhough I have an affection for going to the coffee house and having a barista prepare my drink, I also hold a special place in my heart for saving money where and when I can.

When I make each latte, I grind the beans in my inexpensive personal grinder. I generally grind them three times because I feel this makes them the consistency that I love. I use the fine setting, and one large scoop usually makes two huge venti-sized lattes.

I absolutely love steaming the soy milk and watching the foam grow. I love to watch the milk thicken and become creamy, and when I hear the sound of the foaming process change, I know exactly the moment when it’s just the right temperature. That deep, roaring sound gives it away!

Then comes the agave nectar, which I prefer, or sugar stirred into the cup. Finally, I pour half the espresso I made into my cup and save the rest for the next day. Or, if I happen to have a friend enjoying a cup with me, I’ll make another one immediately.

Every time I make a fresh latte, it’s just like having it for the very first time, and it never ever gets old!

If you’re hesitating to make your own espresso, don’t be afraid to go ahead and jump in with both feet. You may need to practice a bit, but eventually I know that you, too, will make your own perfect drink.

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