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Watch Java Videos From Your IPad for Free

Watch Java Videos From Your IPad for Free

So, you’ve missed your favorite show. You’ve downloaded a ton of network apps, but it’s not on any of the big networks. You have Netflix, but it won’t be on Netflix until next year, after the season is done. It’s the big episode where the unlikely main characters finally get together too! You try going to the website, and of course, it cannot be displayed on your device. You’ve tried downloading all of the different apps, and you do not want to unlock your Ipad, because it would void the warranty. What now?

The reason why you cannot view your favorite show’s most important episode is because it’s format is JAVA. Safari does not support it. There is a very simple and not well known answer to your dilema. A JAVA supported web browser. There are a few in Itunes, but only one free one that has a ton of great reviews. Puffin.

The Puffin Web Browser is a great browser offered for a free trial in Itunes. It not only allows you to watch any video in any format, but also has a great trackpad feature which allows you to tap it and use the designated square as a mouse pad, for those tiny links. Once it recognizes a video format, it shows up next to the address bar to be able to view full screen as well. It’s fast and easy to use. A must have for any busy person that may not be able to watch live TV.

The best part is that it is free. You do not need a subscription to Netflix or HULU. The only downside is that your free trial is exactly that, a trial. That is an easy fix. Once your trial is up, you refer users to use your referral code and that gains you four weeks at a time. Yes, finding referrals can be a pain, but simply make a comment on the Itunes page and leave your referral code and you will very quickly gain referrals. That is the fastest way to get referrals, as opposed to facebook. If you know more tech savvy people, such as yourself, you can always refer that way. You will easily be able to gain 200 extra days by making a comment on the Itunes page.

Bottom line, Puffin Web Browser is the best way to watch JAVA videos from your Ipad, Iphone, any mobile device really. Without paying money or unlocking your Ipad, which will void the warranty. A little bit of effort will also land you as much as a whole year of free watching.

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