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Prostate Cancer, what you can do about it.

Prostate Cancer, what you can do about it.

Learn the causes about prostate cancer.




For someone dealing with prostate cancer, the more you choose to get involved, the greater a difference you can make to the outcome of the disease. There is no way someone should blindly trust the system that is employed to take care of you. You can make a major difference to the outcome of the disease.


There are many factors that are known about prostate cancer and it is very rare for it to only have one cause. Rather than simply being caused by a malfunction in your D.N.A. or a faulty gene you inherited from your grandmother, it has many known common causes. Prostate cancer is more typically triggered by a combination of the following; nutritional deficiencies, our sedentary lifestyle, toxins in your environment and sometimes emotional conflict.


Our treatments today concentrate only on the symptom, that is the cancer growth and that does not actually do anything to help a patient regain a level of health necessary to keep the cancer from returning. Our 3 main treatments, which are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, will not prevent the spread of prostate cancer.


It is much more important to address the underlying causes of prostate cancer, which is removing most of the known factors that have caused the problem in the first place. These are diets high in animal fats, the consumption of processed meat or pressed meats which contain the additives sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. These additives are also in sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, bacon, ham and luncheon sausages. Other causes are the low consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.


There are many ways to help with prostate cancer and a change in diet is a great start. Tomatoes have been described as a prostates best friend, so has broccoli and they say their effect is even better when eaten together.


There is no mystery about prostate cancer, if you want to live free of the disease you must eat fresh food, which is food in its natural state, eat in moderation and take adequate exercise.



Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specialising in cancer. For facts on more effective ways to remove prostate cancer so it won’t come back or spread; please visit 



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