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Without Reproach by Ellie Jones : a love story

Without Reproach by Ellie Jones : a love story

Ellie Jones – Without Reproach

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Ellie Jones – Arousing Caitlyn

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Without Reproach: a love story

Without Reproach, originally a paperback, is now available from Amazon Kindle.

Without Reproach: a love story

A chilling mystery. A heart-warming story. A sizzling liaison

Mrs Joanne Beech says – “What a wonderful book, I just couldn’t put it down. Very raunchy…

Mrs. B. M. Dix says – “A spellbinding, sympathetic novel.”

Jenny, from middle-England, is recovering from a car crash, when she discovers she has inherited part of La Finca Piedra from Spanish artist, Juan Garcia. The problem is she doesn’t know Juan Garcia, she is not related to him, and no one understands why she has been cited in his Last Will and Testament.

Jenny travels to look over the finca, only to find the place feels familiar, yet she has never been there. She freaks out when she finds there is a nude oil painting of her hanging in the hall.

Eduardo, the younger half-brother of Juan, is used to having his own way, and wants Jenny removed from the villa. He tries to buy her out, but she stubbornly turns him down, attracted as she is, by the secrets of the finca. This obstinacy causes heartbreak, as, like a moth to a candle, Jenny is drawn to Eduardo…

Set amid the stunning sierras of the northern Costa Blanca of Spain, Without Reproach embraces the full gamut of emotions.

Conspiracy, deceit, disillusionment, anger, passion – all fester beneath the surface as mutual distrust turns into lust and even fear, as self-control is thrown out of the window.

Once started, Without Reproach is difficult to put down. A real page-turner, but you need to be warned, Without Reproach is romantically explicit, and is not for the faint-hearted.

This is an adult, poignant, romance with an absorbing mystery at its core.

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What Its Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Dont Know

What It's Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Don't Know

Working Through the Pain

To me, the only way to filter out pain from my heart is to write down what I feel. Sometimes, that means writing an entry in my journal or writing it down in the form of a poem. The poem below is something I wrote back when I felt that my world was ending due to a love that went wrong. To me love was something that only brought me grief and sorrow.

What It’s Like Being In Love. . . For Those Who Really Don’t Know

It’s puffy red eyes,

It’s cracked lips and neglected hair,

It’s a lemon drop on an open wound,

It’s deep loneliness. . .

It’s a damaged heart,

It’s feeling like there’s no air,

It’s being able to sleep but lacking rest,

It’s a cold summer and crappy holidays. . .

It’s having to look at you and think of her,

It’s forgiving you, but not forgetting what you did,

It’s being ignored and not cared for,

It’s being used and misled,

It’s being kissed with open eyes. . .

It’s not noticing the change of season,

It’s barely being able to sustain life,

It’s trying to filter out anger through tears and having dry eyes,

It’s still feeling the butterflies in my stomach from our first kiss and not being able to release them,

It’s being fragile and about to break. . .

It’s talking to you and feeling like I never finished saying what I wanted to say to you,

It’s knowing that you don’t even care,

It’s not being able to concentrate,

It’s constant pain and no cure,

It’s being disappointed with life.

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love and like

love and like
the truth about emotions is that its not written on the face!

love and like

Like a foetus to a baby, it grows with time

But like a sea flows into an ocean, a boundary undefined

Both a natural mystery never solved, you will always find

Call them brothers and be right, they are LOVE and LIKE


The passage of time is the factor of difference

The absence of distance could be an influence

A conscious mind, of course would be a means there

And the evolution will only be a mere inference


A hug to a hundred a sign you know

And a kiss to just one, a symbol with no codes

A good shown to all, a reason caused by LIKE

The best given to one, the only one that is LOVED


As general as it seems though, it could be shallow

The man called LIKE will get to where you can

Then the other man called LOVE will get where you want

LOVE transcends your input cause in it lies life itself


However, as sweet as it sounds and looks to all

It only begins with a root from LIKE at first

Then subject to time, distance and all that hurt

It grows into an unraveled entity called LOVE.

BETRAYED: an adult love story – by Ellie Jones

BETRAYED: an adult love story - by Ellie Jones

A love story with mystery and suspense

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones – sizzling with steam and suspense, dark with secrets.

BETRAYED is the power struggle between fashion doyennes trying to make it to the top at the expense of the other. Rebuttal and sexual tension become the norm. Can there be room in the relationship for love?

BETRAYED by Ellie Jones – available from Kindle

Hot, hot, love
Source: Ellie Jones – Adult romance

Betrayed – An Adult Love Story

Katrina has a shameful secret , an urgent need for sex that she simply cannot explain, and can only barely control, and it is ruining her life.

BETRAYED opens in Middle England, but develops amongst the sierras of the Costa Blanca.
Katrina’s father owns a dress factory, and Rafael is involved in an agressive takeover bid for it. Katrina is set against it, but her father is in financial straits The incompatibility of uncompromising wills and irrational emotions, amongst the peaceful Sierras, reinforces the mood of BETRAYED.

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Betrayed – mysterious and dark

Katrina finds herself fighting with Rafael on a number of levels; her growing fascination with him, his shameless reputation, his insistence on learning everything about her, her conviction that he may be implicated with fraud, and his unwarranted aversion towards her best friend, Francine.
Rafael tries to dig into her mysterious past, but there are dark secrets that she declines to recognize or explain. The enigma corkscrews as the hesitant relationship with Rafael progresses.

BETRAYED, is a love story filled with erotic sensuality, tension, and dark secrets. The storyline is strong, dialogue impeccable, and characterization, flawless.

All in all, if you enjoy a strong and emotional story with your erotic moments, you’ll find it a book worth reading.



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Arousing Bethany by Ellie Jones

Arousing Bethany by Ellie Jones
Kindle Edition only $0.99
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Arousing Bethany

book review

Author – Ellie Jones

Title – Arousing Bethany

Stars – 5

Arousing Bethany:

Disenchanted with her meddling mother, and nursing a shattered heart, Bethany Wright is determined to do something about it, and maybe teach her mother a lesson at the same time.

Too late, she realizes the eye-catching guy at her front door was not sent by Mom.

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Arousing Bethany is a short story but an excellent read. This blistering romance from Ellie Jones is undoubtedly a contender to put you in the mood for your very own romantic interlude.

The plot has appealing dialogue, a smattering of humour, excellent descriptions, and of course, the obligatory, stunning hunk. The accounts are breath-taking, and about as steamy as you get.

Arousing Bethany is an interesting story involving the frustrations between a daughter, an interfering mother, and a disasterous marriage. The plot extends beyond physical attraction, and influences the realms of the heart. As with all Ellie Jones books, emotion plays a big part in the story, while humorous quips inject balance, and act as an important foil for all the heavy stuff. All in all, a well-written book, well worth a look.


Eternal Love by ALB21467

Eternal Love by ALB21467
Source: Roses

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

You gave my life a true meaning

I can see you in the morning

I can see you in the evening

To me you are my everything

In the darkness you’re my light

In the day you’re my sunlight

In my sadness you bring delight

In my sky, you’re my starlight

If I was a book, you’re in every page

If you were a book, I’ll read you through ages

Without you I could be in rage

With you, I’m like in a cage

In you, my world is in unity

Beside you, I feel serenity

Just trust my sincerity

I will love you ‘till eternity


–(C) Copyright —–

— Albin Lansang Buan —

— 22 April, 2011–