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The Visual Dynamic

The Visual Dynamic

Coloring My World

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Coloring My World, Volume 1, Issue 19, 2-23-2013

We are visual beings and we are story-tellers that tell stories without words through artwork in visual pictures, sculptures, mosaics, design, and style in our everyday lives. The use of artistic creations in medicine and alternative medicine has been and is currently being tested and engaged to relieve stress, tension, improve memory, and generate a field of energies in the brain for cognitive, intelligence, intuition, inspiration, and testing. It also has healing properties in cognitive lapses due to brain injuries and aids patients with supplemental methods for the body’s positive responses.

Babies are stimulated by the use of colors in their rooms and with their toys. The first year of life for a baby is critical in developing positive growth. Keeping in mind the external environment of the baby’s visual aids. Not only is it important to feed and stimulate the brain for better growth and concentration in the central nervous system, sensory perceptions, growth, and endocrine systems, but it is important to purchase food that does not immobilize the central nervous system of a growing infant like the substance known as Chlorpyrifos that inhibits the growth of the central nervous system and is a chemical used in food pesticides. There are also negative effects in some Genetic Manufactured Organisms otherwise known as GMO’s that parents must be aware of and educated on.

We are basically engaging the right-side of the brain that is considered our holistic side of the brain. It is a visual gamut of unique conditions and responses for different mental states that emit reactions and responses to different organs ( Not only is it therapeutic in creating art by patients who create artworks, but it is therapeutic in stimulating the brain; after seeing beautiful artworks. The creator of the artworks relaxes and focuses on the task at hand ( While the viewer of artwork is stimulated with responses, reactions, emotions, intuition, and intrigue, to name a few reactions.

Sculptures, two and three-dimensional pictures, diagrams, and hypnotic images take the viewer to a different state of mind, a different emotion is radiated with each painting and the brain also reacts and responds to the colors used in the artwork, creating calm affects or other emotional results.

So we could say from the eye, to the brain, and back down to the body that produces chemical reactions in the body while it produces melatonin and Oxygen naturally in the body, after it is stimulated with a visual platelet.

Melatonin in its natural state produces a substance in the body that speeds up the absorption of vitamins A and slows the processes of cancerous cells already in the body.

Some of the substances and vitamins produced can speed up the metabolism in the body or liver that converts the energy as it engages it into vitamin A, which is carotene that we absorb from ingesting carrots or orange colored vegetables or orange colored squash. It also produces beta-carotene that is good for our eyesight and produces much needed anti-oxidants. This function also improves the production of keratin a substance that is good for our hair and nails.

Vitamins and supplements that generate energy are:

CQ 10


Beta Carotene


Energy Producing Fruits

· Raspberries

· Blueberries

· Bananas

· Kiwi’s

· Pomergranites

So where do we find artwork that generates or stimulates the substances above that promote our well-being, vitamins, and natural supplements in our own bodies? Some say, that the use of Tandric Buddhist’s Mandalas for medicinal healing in visual artwork form is the most profound of stimulated artworks. Mandalas are graphic pictures or images of a wonderfully colored and detailed abstract that naturally creates a condition in our brain to react or respond to the visual aid. It stimulates the brain and is good for people who have had brain injuries.

Not only are Mandalas effective in producing a relaxing state of mind, but they also elicit or trigger responses from the brain and rouse emotions that relieve stress and are used in behavioral medicine therapy.

Free images of mandala’s light show/slideshow.

The Atom Soup-Oxygenated blood

The Atom Soup-Oxygenated blood

An Atomic Soup

See all 2 photos
A moving Atomic Soup
Source: google free images
See all 2 photos
A moving Atomic Soup
Source: google free images

In order for our bodies to stay alive they must go through the process of respiration where the food we ingest is broken down into a molecule form and properties further breaking it down into an atom soup, where it converts to energy, glucose, oxygen, nucleic acids, and proteins.

Oxygenated Blood Process

The oxidation process is glucose (C

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

The Trees of Life within and Outside of us

Health, Oxygen, & Divine Intervention

Oxygen & Divine Intervention

Not only do our bodies need healing, but so do our minds. Some of the greatest thinkers of all time like Sigmund Freud and Hippocrates were teachers of philosphy and psychology and the profound effects of meditation and prayers to whatever higher power or divine intervention they believed in.

Different cultures have different religious belief systems however; it does not deny that through meditation that a higher power is our intermediary. It is this intermediary that looks after our overall health when we communicate through meditation or prayer.

It also shows how we actually look at ourselves and how we view the processes and those processes are undeniable.

A suggested look into Visual Intervention

I am going to visualize all the dendrites (trees) in my body and immune system create an electrical current through my white blood cells to attack any defective cells in my body and sweep out the abnormalities that are impeding my health. I want it to flow through my bloodstream without any interruptions so that all parts of my bone, organs and blood become nourished with all the good cells. From Brain to Bloodstream the LIQUID FLUIDCY of it to rejuvenate my psyche, then my bones, muscles and every organ. Dopamine will flow and my adrenal gland and pancreas will produce the needed insulin and cells to give my muscles better function. (Meagan, F. (2009) Natural Health). All the proper chemicals to give my body better functional elements. The burst of neurons and photons spinning, churning, and moving in an adrenaline rush through my adrenal glands that produces nutrients and metabolizes into all parts of my body and bones. My brain can communicate it and produce the substances needed to bring my body into optimum health.

Our cellular structure is like our very own Eco-system just like everything outside of us, and everything around us. Propelled by the laws of motion at a speed of 225 miles per hour in our bloodstream inner space its electromagnetic field, my Eco-system where there is no end, and there is a means for illness not to survive. A cascade of WATER, OXYGEN, CARBON, HYDROGEN AND NITROGEN to move through my body and clear my mind and body of any abnormalities, and exit out of my body. It has a parallel universe outside of my body and internally and externally to go to.


In itself it has strings of intelligence and is nowhere yet everywhere. Therefore I know I will HEAL.

We have guardians who want us to exercise the right choices in our lives who intercede on our behalf. Like those who unconditionally give life and limb for us to be free. I believe they intercede for us in this realm on a spiritual level with our intermediary, the divine interceder, our higher power.

To the elements and the four winds, I ask through prayer my higher power for a resolution.

Those who sacrificed and live today include all have inspired me and those who are living in this physical world inspire me. I take this quote for its word.,“All dreams are possible and nothing is impossible our dreams hold many possibilities.” I appreciate the guidance and beautiful thoughts and words of encouragement.

To a Better Mind, Body, and Soul. I quote; Yoga Vasishtba’s, writing in the book, Quantum Healing p. 180, “In every atom there are worlds within worlds.”

Simply put these organisms are not meant to survive or be in our bodies, it is not what we were meant to be or what was meant to be by our higher power.

Ours is Unity in Nature

Since Disease is an outside organism. It is not of our inner body and not of our inner world. We can dispose of it. It has its own world to go to.

As to the human body, so is the cosmic body

As to the Mind, so is the cosmic mind

As to the Microsym, so is the macrosym.

Therefore, I request its release outside of my body.

The Oxygen Converter

The Oxygen Converter

The Oxy Converter

The energy conversion to fuel
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The Mega-Oxy Converter


So what is metabolism? The greatest catalytic converter consuming the food we ingest and converting it in our body speeding up energies and transmissions of the energies, for the forces of electrical currents, photons, and neurons in our bodies. When it is activated the shifts in energies move the energy to burn calories, move out waste products, pressurizes, and controls the temperature where it energizes the body to perform numerous functions in the body. Metabolism speeds up the body functions where proteins become the worker molecules and our metabolism is sped up. Metabolism burns the fats in our bodies, generates energy so our body won’t fail, and finally converts what we ingest into nutrients and elements the body needs especially Oxygen.

Metabolism is also a function that repairs and regenerates cells for muscles, tissues, and organs that are vitally important to survive. This function is a master generator of sorts that splits and converts water (H20) into Oxygen (02). Kratz, R. Molecular & Cell Biology for Dummies, (2009). Our body reproduces 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs of cells to repair or duplicate when it repairs itself.

Human beings and animals are different when it comes to the metabolism processes it is called, “Metasis” and plants convert and metabolize through photosynthesis whereby converting vitamins, water, and energy into a carbon footprint as is metabolism to the human body.

The carbon footprint is the DNA or genealogy of all living things and the traits that they have been pre-destined to have by their parents or generational lineage for every person on earth.

Some of the foods we could eat to metabolize when eaten in moderation could speed up our metabolism are:

· Grapefruit

· Green tea

· Yogurt

· Almonds

· Coffee (the lover’s drink)

· Chocolate (in moderation)

Just in time for a Valentine’s special candy.

· Turkey

· Apples

· Spinach

· Beans

· Jalapenos

· Broccoli

· Oatmeal

· Soymilk

· Curry

· Cinnamon (the lover’s spice of life)

Some of the foods mentioned above serve as double boosters for energy and other healing properties that stimulate the arteries and pump Oxygen-rich blood to every part of the body that is stimulated and energized with the metabolic switch.