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Kids Football Helmets

Kids Football Helmets

Nothing is more precious for a football fan kid than fulfilling the
dream of having an ultimate collection of autographed
football helmets. Why not start making a survey today for kids football
helmets? There are variety of best options available on the web. These may come
in standard product design editions or even the authentic hand signed items
with certificates of authenticity and tamper-proof holograms.

The is a good resource to obtain fun and inexpensive ideas about
collecting football helmets. It is advised that as a beginner, one must
consider to start with mini helmets. The online outlets particularly mentioned
were and, which are the best recommended
specialty sporting stores popular these days. Further, the website provides
that one must choose a standard size of kids football helmets to collect.

and plastic type of kids football helmets has a price range of $0.50-$0.75. On
the other hand, more authentic type of kids football helmets may cost $18-$30.
The more expensive ones are made from similar material used for actual football

particular, the highest quality and most sophistically designed kids football
helmets in the market today are the Riddel football helmets. Their specialty in
sports equipment is proven by recent studies. John Rockwell, in,
wrote about Riddel as an established manufacturing company. He revealed a
significant fact that the possibility of suffering concussion is 31% less with
Riddel products than other youth football helmets. Hence, Riddel football
helmets are specifically made for actual football game activity of kids and not
just for collection or replica purposes.

difference in value, there is however a dramatic effect or drastic increase in
value of these kids football helmets once they are signed authentically. This
places more thrill and excitement on the part of the collector and developments
in football traditions already deal with intricate preservation techniques of
these sports memorabilia.

a kids football helmets collection is no ordinary type of collection but an
exciting investment. Some people may either clear their shelf or buy a case for
these precious collections.

are available practical tips discussed in for avoiding fraudulent
National Football League memorabilia. The precautions involve brand name,
NOCSAE seal, helmet class distinction, distributor’s reputation, and
certificates of authenticity.

It is
said that certain brands to look for are those that carry the “Official
NFL helmets” tag. NOCSAE stands for National Operating Committe on
Standsrts for Authentic Equipment. It is the body that ensures the
manufacturer’s compliance with sports product standards.

must carefully study the distinction between authentic helmets and collectible
helmets. This is not only due to safety reasons but also for avoiding
fraudulent transactions. One most obvious and basic indicator is the “NFL
Replica helmet” tag.

significance of choosing large reputable distributors must always be considered
because as a noteworthy warning, photograph schemes or seller’s photograph of
footplayer while signing items do not necessarily guarantee authenticity.
Finally, on the issue of certificate of authenticity, one must always seek to
obtain an original copy to ensure valid selling transactions.