Causes of Alcoholism

Causes of Alcoholism
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Causes of Alcoholism

It is estimated that 80 percent of the population drinks alcohol. Out of this 80 percent, a tenth will be diagnosed with diseases related to alcohol consumption. There are thousands of people who suffer from alcohol addiction and seeking treatment could be difficult and costly in the long run. Withdrawal from alcoholism can also cause emotional, physical and psychological harm to the person. Sleepless nights, weight loss, depression and paranoia are some of the effects of alcohol addiction.

There are also various reasons why a person turns into an alcoholic. Everything starts from that innocent bottle of beer to satiate one’s curiosity or a single shot of tequila to show some friends that you’ve got guts. All these could start from a bottle or a shot which will prgress to a couple more and eventually you will realize you’ve had a couple too many drinks that’ll keep you hungover for the rest of the day. Soon, the cycle will just continue. Aside from these, the following are other common reasons why people become alcoholics.

To forget problems – This is one of the most common reasons why people resort to drinking without knowing that they’ll end up with more problems if they are addicted to alcohol. There are people who can’t get through the day without a taste of it. Drinking is never an escape for your problems. Remember that it will just worsen your circumstances.

Peer pressure – When you are a teenager and a little naive, it is understandable to give in to peer pressure. Underage drinking is something that really appeals to teens. For some, doing such shows they are mature which is of course not true. This could even lead to more problems like early pregnancy, accidents and pretty crimes.

Depression – Another common notion when one is depressed is to drink to forget whatever that bothers him or to calm his nerves. Many do not know that alcohol will just worsen how they feel. A person will have jitters and feel uneasy. Alcohol could only worsen the situation. It makes the body feel down and hangover the next day will just add up to the depression.

Understanding the common reasons why a person becomes an alcoholic will make one learn what to avoid and expect. It will also be easier to apply alcoholism intervention measures when the source of alcoholism is determined in the first place.

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