Central Oregon Beauty Services: The Best Spa Services in Central Oregon

Central Oregon Beauty Services: The Best Spa Services in Central Oregon

Top Spa Services in Central Oregon

Some of the top spa services in the country are located in Central Oregon. This is in part due to the fact that there are so many destination resorts here. For such a small part of the Pacific Northwest, Central Oregon has an incredible number of spas and if you ever want to experience the best of the best keep Central Oregon in mind!

We will only focus on 3 of the spas located at destination resorts here in Central Oregon but again, there are many, many more in the major cities of Central Oregon. We’ll see those on another day of touring this region but for now, we’ll explore the 3 resorts and their spas – and what they have to offer.

Our virtual tour for today will cover Sage Springs Club and Spa, The Spa at Black Butte Ranch and the Spa and wellness Center at Pronghorn.

Keep in mind that all 3 of these destination resorts are geared towards pampering their guests and helping them to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Each of these destination resorts is the perfect place to go to ‘get it all’ and never have to leave because everything is right there.

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courtesy Black Butte Ranch

Spa Services and What They Can Do for You

Even though I don’t go often, spa services are for everyone.  From time to time, hand and foot appointments are wonderful indulgences – and make the best gifts.

Massages are by far my favorite spa service though.  Most specifically hot stone massages are the most relaxing treatment or spa service I’ve ever had and most often the gift I receive for services.  It is a little piece of heaven to feel the healing warmth of the basalt stones followed by a deep tissue massage.

Makeup spa services for special events are also not only fun but serve a great purpose.  When our daughter got married, we all went together before the event and had pedicures, manicures and then makeup application.  That was a special treat and it really did help everyone relax and not worry so much about how they looked!

Spa services are even for men though.  Although my husband balked at my gift of a hot stone massage for our anniversary, when he came out of the room, he was sold.  He said that he had never thought about indulging in massage services but he, too loved the combination of hot basalt stone massage followed by deep tissue massage. 

There is much to be said for spa services as a form of relaxation and tension relief.  Massage spa services are also a great form of therapy for chronic conditions such as tendinitis, fibromyalgia and arthritis. 

Spa Service Rules of Engagement

Spa trips are generally associated with pleasure. The whole point behind going to a spa is usually to relax or have someone perform a service for you that will either help you look better or feel better.

Spa services range from facials to nails to full body massage to waxing. There is a wide variety of services as you will see – for instance a mud pack is available – or a hot rock massage – or a bikini waxing – or a pedicure complete with massage. There are also great combo packages available at some spas.

Some tips on spa services:

Make sure you book your spa treatments in advance – most are not done by walk-in
Be aware that prices may vary according to the level of service – for instance a ‘regular’ pedicure may be $40 while a ‘deluxe’ pedicure may be $60. Always ask first so there will be no surprises
Ask about payment methods – debit card, credit card, checks – always best to know before you go to pay
Dress comfortably for whatever service you’re having – if you’re having a pedicure, wearing tennis shoes is okay but you might be better off wearing flip-flops until your polish has dried
Shower before a massage so that your skin feels fresh and clean – if you’ve used a pool before the massage, make sure you shower off the chlorine as it can make your skin dry and brittle
If having a facial or makeup applied, use as little makeup as possible before the facial and go easy on jewelry application
Make sure you request a male or female practitioner if you have a preference ahead of time – thus avoiding surprises if you would rather not have a man giving you a massage for instance
If you have special needs, such as being pregnant, make sure you let them know ahead of time and possibly request someone specializing in pregnancy massage for instance
During the course of a body massage or even a foot massage during a pedicure, if the pressure is too much, don’t be afraid to say so – spa services are supposed to be relaxing and your comfort is the most important part of the service
Always leave your cell phone off during spa services – it should be a time of relaxation – for all customers and it can be distracting to others trying to relax
Don’t bring children or pets to spa services appointments unless you have inquired first and have gotten the okay for this – most customers do not enjoy having children and pets distract them from their spa service treatments
If beverages or snacks are offered, be courteous and clean up after yourself – meaning throw away disposable cups or paper
Depending on the service you are receiving, ask about clothing – and go with what you feel is appropriate. For instance, many people leave on their panties or underwear when having a full body massage but remove everything else. It is strictly up to the individual and geared to the spa service being performed
Use only the towels or items you are provided with and don’t take more unless you’ve asked for them
Tipping should be between 10% and 20% depending on how you felt the spa service went. It is customary to tip after the service and as you are finishing up paying for the service.  Be aware that some spa services include the tip in the price so it pays to ask!

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Clubhouse at Pronghorn
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Jack Niklaus course
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Lodging at Pronghorn
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7th hole on Nicklaus course

Pronghorn Spa and Wellness Center

The Spa and Wellness Center in Pronghorn is the largest spa in the Pacific Northwest. Pronghorn is a golf destination resort set in a private golf community surrounding the Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio golf courses. This resort is a golfer’s paradise.

However, even people who don’t golf will enjoy the wide array of spa services that Pronghorn has to offer at the Spa and Wellness Center.

The concierge is available at 541.693.5300 for appointments and 24 hours advance notice is suggested. You also must notify the concierge 24 hours ahead if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment to avoid being charged.

Open 7 days a week by appointment.

Your tip is calculated into the charge and 20% will be added to the bill for spa services.

Check in 20 minutes before your appointment to avoid feeling rushed. It also gives you time to change into a robe and slippers and to relax. Each guest is given a robe and slippers and a personal locker.

Let’s look at what the Spa and Wellness Center has to offer.


Mini manicure or pedicure – for people short on time or needing touch-ups – 30 minutes for $40
Classic manicure – 50 minutes $55 – rejuvenation of hands, nails and cuticles
Pedicure – 50 minutes $55 – complete foot treatment
Paraffin wax added to any of the above – $12
Change of polish color – $8


Mini facial – great for teenagers or first time spa goers – cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration – 30 minutes $50
Trailhead facial – customized facial for a healthy complexion – this facial is tailored to your skin type whether it is oily, dry or a combination of both – 75 minutes $115
Facial with warm stones – a massage style facial to the face, neck and shoulders with warm stones – great for the complexion and relaxation – 75 minutes $115
Men’s facial – restorative, conditioning and soothing facial for men who spend a lot of time in the sun and wind. Also a relaxing massage of the scalp, neck and shoulders – 50 minutes $90


Desert body mask – Natural clay mask applied to the body finishing with an intense hydration treatment to leave skin feeling great, looking wonderful – 75 minutes $115
Herbal salt scrub – rosemary and pine are used to buff away dead cells creating soft and smooth skin, finished off with a hydrating lotion treatment – 50 minutes $85
Seaweed body wrap – this is a mineral treatment that penetrates skin and gives a more radiant glow to the skin. Application of age-defying hydration treatment and antioxidants follow the body wrap – 75 minutes $125
Self-tanning body application – Moroccan Mineral Bronzed Glow is applied for a natural look without using the sun and harmful rays – 50 minutes $80


Lip wax – $10
Chin wax – $10
Brow wax – $12
Brow shape and wax – $17
Cheek wax – $12
Full face wax – $40


Underarm – $25
Forearm – $35
Half leg – $35-$45
Full leg – $70
Bikini – $40 and up
Brazilian – $55 and up
Back – $45
Chest – $45


Trailhead massage (deep tissue or Swedish)- therapeutic massage specifically designed to the needs you outline before the massage – 50 minutes $80 — 80 minutes $120
Prenatal massage – stress relief in shoulders, lower back and legs – helps to reduce swelling and improves circulation. Also good for new moms – 50 minutes $80
Aromatherapy massage – therapist-determined blend of essential oils that will most benefit your individual needs for relaxation. The oils are bottled and given to you after the massage to take home – 50 minutes $85 — 80 minutes $125

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Bridge over Deschutes
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SunRiver Resort
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Deer and river
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Lodging at SunRiver
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Suite Lodging
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Restaurant at SunRiver

Sage Springs Club and Spa in SunRiver

SunRiver Resort is one of the most popular destination resorts in the Pacific Northwest if not nationwide. You will find so much to appreciate in SunRiver that you may never want to leave.

You can stay through SunRiver Resort, or you can rent suites, rooms, cabins, condos, townhomes, and even private homes through SunRiver Resort or through many realtors who work in SunRiver year round.

SunRiver Resort is also surprisingly affordable and they often have specials – as do many of the other realtors.

For services at Sage Springs, call to make an appointment at 541.593.7891. They have a wide variety of services and offer many packages – let’s see what they have to offer!


Sun up package – for tired skin – Oregon Hazelnut Scrub and High Dessert Oasis – 95 minutes $200

Sun down package – a body, mind and soul rejuvenation aimed at total relaxation – Sunriver Nourishing Body Wrap and Hot-Stone Massage – 100 minutes $205

High desert nirvana – restoration and rejuvenation – Gemstone Energy Massage and Goddess Facial – 130 minutes $275

Three Sisters renewal – head to toe relaxation treatment – Deep Tissue Massage, Boot Camp for your Skin, Sage Springs pedicure – 180 minutes $330


Gemstone Energy Massage – massage using gemstone massage oils to restore balance – 50 minutes $130 — 80 minutes $185 – your choices are rose quartz, garnet and amethyst

ISUN blissful infusion massage – massage with ISUN gemstone oils – 80 minutes $185

High desert oasis massage – aromatherapy massage with essential oils – 50 minutes $120 —80 minutes $175 – your choices of oils are spring rain, uplifting and Oregon flowers

Deschutes deep tissue massage – targeting specific areas to release tension – 50 minutes $125 — 80 minutes $185

Hot stone massage – massage and heat combined to release tension – 80 minutes $185

Energizing bodycoffee massage – massage with mint and citrus oils mixed with organic coffee extract and coconut for skin and scalp and Swedish massage – 80 minutes $185

Riverside relaxer massage – Swedish massage to improve circulation, relieve tension – 50 minutes $120 — 80 minutes $175

Maternity massage – prenatal and postnatal massage – available after first trimester – 50 minutes $120


Le grand classique facial – therapeutic and restorative – 80 minutes $175

Goddess facial – organic and natural products used for double exfoliation and treatment masks followed by hydration and repair products as well as anti-aging hand treatment and foot rub combined with neck and shoulder massage – 80 minutes $180

Boot camp for your skin – revitalization facial combined with anti-aging treatment to create younger looking skin – 80 minutes $180

Plaisir des sens stone therapy facial – warm basalt stones used to relax facial muscles and back resulting in a more radiant complexion – 90 minutes $185

Eclat cocoon deep hydration facial – deep penetrating facial using warm stones and then toning fruit mask and hydrating formulas – 50 minutes $130

Pure radiance facial – rejuvenating facial with organic skin care products – 50 minutes $120

Metolius men’s facial – deep cleansing designed for men – perfect for roughened skin from wind and sun – also a neck and shoulder massage with warm steamed towels – 50 minutes $120

Wellspring essential facial – Sage Springs signature facial – cleansing, exfoliation and massage along with a mask and anti-aging products and rehydration – 50 minutes $120

Young skin, clear skin teen facial – deep cleansing, toning, steam facial massage – 25 minutes $65

Sage Springs essentials add-ons

Eye opener – diminish dark circles, smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness – $25
Instant peel – do not get prior to sun exposure – $25


Sunriver manicure – hand treatment and manicure – 35 minutes $55

Sunriver pedicure – soak and exfoliating scrub, massage and pedicure – 50 minutes $75

Cleek and creel – warm therapy bath followed by foot massage – for runners, golfers or people who are on their feet a lot – 50 minutes $75

Sage Springs manicure – deluxe manicure with mask and heated hand cozies – 50 minutes $60

Sage Springs pedicure – deluxe pedicure with exfoliation and warmed mask – 50 minutes $80

Pinnacle pedicure – warm soak followed by foot peel and intensive foot cream – 80 minutes $110

MAKEUP SPA SERVICES – Sage Springs uses Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Makeup lesson – 60 minutes $85

Special occasion makeup – 50 minutes $65

Bridal makeup (includes consultation) $150


Brows – $30
Lip, chin or cheek – $20
Full face – $45
Forearm – $35
Underarm – $35
Lower leg – $50
Full leg – $85
Bikini line – $50
Back – $60

SCRUBS AND BODY WRAPS – for these services call 541.593.7891

Vichy Shower – multi-jet shower for cleansing and therapy

Oregon hazelnut scrub – 45 minutes with vichy shower $115

Sunshine and showers – shower with citrus oils and sea salts followed by Shea and cocoa butter to rejuvenate skin – 45 minutes (vichy shower) $115

Healthy skin sugar scrub – exfoliating dry skin and conditioning with Shea butter followed by body butter – 45 minutes (vichy shower) $115

Bodycoffee pure bliss experience – bodycoffee body scrub followed by body wrap. Scalp massage followed by application of massage oil – this treatment not recommended for sensitive skin – 90 minutes (vichy shower) $185

Detoxifying sea escape – exfoliation with sea salts followed by essential oils – full body mask with seaweed – not recommended for people allergic to iodine or shellfish – 90 minutes (vichy shower) $185

Sunriver nourishing body wrap – body wrap with dry-brush exfoliation followed by calendula balm and then wrapped in warmth – 50 minutes $120

Organic honey and avocado wrap – dry-brush exfoliation followed by full body mask then hydrating body cream – 80 minutes $180

Nirvana for the back – back scrub/mask for exfoliation accompanied by a foot massage after which warm oil is massaged into your back – 50 minutes $120

ISUN detoxifying body ritual – dry-brush exfoliation followed by aromatic oil full body rubbed into your skin as well as scalp and neck massage while you are wrapped in linens, followed by steamed towels and a hydrating massage with gemstone oil – 80 minutes $185

Scrub and body wrap add-on treatments:

Head, hair and scalp treatment – complete with foot massage – 25 minutes $60
Anti-aging hand treatment – raw honey and avocado oils, hydrating mask and antioxidant cream – 25 minutes $60
Hydrating foot treatment – same as above – 25 minutes $60
Spa reflexology – massage focusing on stimulation and release of pressure points in your body – 25 minutes $60
Sound mind – acoustic resonance sound table which allows you to experience music in a different way – they provide music or you can bring your own MP3 player – 25 minutes $40

Spa Hours:

Summer – Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Sundays 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Winter – Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Sundays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sage Springs Spa Reservations: 541.593.7891 – [email protected]

Spa Concierge & Reception: 541.593.7890

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Golf course at Black Butte Ranch
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Canoes at the dock
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Dining at Black Butte
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Black Butte golf
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Stable horses at Black Butte
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Swimming pool
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Fly fishing at the lake

The Spa at Black Butte Ranch

Black Butte Ranch is another destination resort that is famous throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is another of those places that if you visit, you will be tempted to stay forever.

Black Butte Ranch is a favorite spot for destination weddings and the spa services that they offer are numerous.

All their services offer the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation and the folks at The Spa are well trained in skin care and spa services.

Reservations for spa services: 541.595.5878


Bridal package – for the bride, her family, future in-laws and/or friends – 3 hours and 45 minutes – $280

60 minutes signature massage
60 minutes signature facial
45 minutes wedding manicure
60 minutes wedding pedicure

Couples package – day at the spa as a couple (all performed in same room) – 2 hours and 45 minutes – $430 per couple

60 minutes couples massage
45 minutes couples salt glow
60 minutes couples pedicure

Men’s revitalizing package – to improve well
being – 2 hours and 45 minutes – $215

45 minutes men’s signature back treatment
60 minutes men’s signature massage
60 minutes Thai foot reflexology

Women’s rejuvenation package – pure enjoyment and relaxation – 3 hours and 25 minutes – $275

60 minutes women’s signature massage
75 minutes Metolius stone facial
60 minutes Thai foot reflexology

Spa custom package – they will design a spa package to suit your needs if you do not see one that you like!


Ranch signature massage – Swedish relaxation and/or deep tissue techniques – 30 minutes $65, 60 minutes $95, 90 minutes $140

Deep tissue massage – therapeutic massage to relieve tension or stress – 30 minutes $65, 60 minutes $95, 90 minutes $140

Prenatal massage – ranch signature massage adapted to the pregnant woman – designed with support system to relieve the strain of gravity and allow face down comfort – 60 minutes $95, 90 minutes $140

Metolius river stone massage – massage with basalt heated stones – 60 minutes $110, 90 minutes $155

Side by side massage – massage for 2 with 2 therapists in the side by side room

Signature massage 60 minute treatment for 2 people $190
Metolius river stone massage 60 minutes for 2 people $220

Add-ons for massage therapy:

Scalp massage with warm grape seed oil – 15 minutes for $25
Stone foot massage – warm basalt stone massage – 15 minutes for $25
Aromatherapy – using essential oils – $15 per session


Metolius stone facial – warm stones and lotions – 75 minutes $135

Back to nature classic European facial – enzyme exfoliation ending with papaya mask – 60 minutes $95

Anti-free radical facial – reparation facial using mint and lavender thermal mask – 60 minutes $135

Teen spa facial – fruity facial great for all skin types – 60 minutes $80

Back to basics for women – exfoliation and pore cleansing for back using mango passion fruit mask – 45 minutes $85

Spa salt glow – exfoliation with body scrub using juniper and cypress essential oils.  45 minutes $75


Ultimate hand renewal – exfoliation and vitamin C soak and scrub, massage and therapy cream followed by paraffin treatment and polishing – 60 minutes $65

Signature hand renewal – moisturizing citrus soak, exfoliation, nail care and hand and arm massage with essential oil, vitamin cream and polish – 45 minutes $45

Basic hand renewal – quick manicure including soak, nail care, cream and polish – 30 minutes $35

Ultimate foot renewal – warm conditioning foot soak, therapeutic salt scrub and massage followed by paraffin and finished with polishing – 75 minutes $90

Scents of Black Butte Ranch foot renewal – includes signature foot renewal followed by foot and calf massage with a massage candle which you take home – 60 minutes $85

Metolius stone foot renewal – signature foot renewal followed by warm basalt stones to massage your feet – 60 minutes $80

Signature foot renewal – hot mineral soak followed by sugar scrub, mud mask and massage then toenail polishing – 60 minutes $70

Signature with a twist – signature foot renewal but take your polish home with you for touch-ups and repolishing – 60 minutes $75

Basic foot renewal – short version of signature foot renewal – hot foot soak, nail care, scrub, moisturizer and polish – 30 minutes $45

Add-ons for hand and foot spa services:

Perfect sense paraffin – 15 minute treatment $15
French polish – 15 minutes $15


Lip wax $15
Chin wax $15
Brow wax $20
Half leg (upper) $45
Half leg (lower) $35
Full leg wax $60
Bikini wax $40


Men’s facial back treatment – cleansing, exfoliation and hydration with mango passion fruit body mask – 45 minutes $75

Men’s signature foot renewal – Indonesian exfoliating mask, nail trim, calluses removed followed by foot and calf massage – 60 minutes $65

Basic men’s foot renewal – shortened version with soak, nail care, exfoliation, callus removal and short foot massage – 30 minutes $45

Men’s hand renewal – soak, nail trim, exfoliation with Indonesian scrub and arm and hand massage – 30 minutes $35

Gratuities are not included in the spa services visit.

Hours of operation: These vary according to the season so call for an appointment at 541.595.5878.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your spa appointment at Black Butte. You can also bring your swimsuit and enjoy the pool and steam room.

Cancellation is requested 24 hours prior to service to avoid being charged for your service.

The Spa at Black Butte Ranch also offers specials at different times of the year and mid week. Call for more details or check on-line.

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Courtesy Black Butte Ranch

Top Spa Services in Central Oregon

As you can see, finding top spa services in Central Oregon is not a problem – it all depends how much you can afford and how much you can indulge yourself!

These resorts and their on-premises spas give new meaning to the words ‘Calgon take me away’ and should you have the opportunity to check out any of these fine establishments, I think you will come away relaxed and rejuvenated.

Spa services can be a wonderful way to give yourself a special treat but they can also be a great stress reliever and a relaxation technique.

These spa services are but a few of those offered throughout Central Oregon. Even without the spa services, these destination resorts are among the best in Central Oregon if not in the country – enjoy!

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Pronghorn Resort –
Pronghorn Ln, Bend, OR 97707, USA
[get directions]

Destination resort offering Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio golf courses, Spa and Wellness Center and the Club at Pronghorn

Sage Springs Club and Spa –
57001 Meadow Rd, Bend, OR 97707, USA
[get directions]

Sage Springs Club and Spa at SunRiver Resort – where all your spa service needs are met at this world famous destination resort

The Spa at Black Butte Ranch –
Black Butte Ranch, OR 97730, USA
[get directions]

Enjoy the finest in spa services while visiting Black Butte Ranch or staying at this wonderful destination resort

{“lat”:44.091141,”lng”:-121.547714,”zoom”:8,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[{“id”:”4136″,”lat”:43.803391,”lng”:-121.490616,”name”:”Pronghorn Resort”,”address”:”Pronghorn Ln, Bend, OR 97707, USA”,”description”:”Destination resort offering Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio golf courses, Spa and Wellness Center and the Club at Pronghorn”},{“id”:”4138″,”lat”:43.870728,”lng”:-121.442924,”name”:”Sage Springs Club and Spa”,”address”:”57001 Meadow Rd, Bend, OR 97707, USA”,”description”:”Sage Springs Club and Spa at SunRiver Resort – where all your spa service needs are met at this world famous destination resort”},{“id”:”4139″,”lat”:44.377499,”lng”:-121.652496,”name”:”The Spa at Black Butte Ranch”,”address”:”Black Butte Ranch, OR 97730, USA”,”description”:”Enjoy the finest in spa services while visiting Black Butte Ranch or staying at this wonderful destination resort”}]}

Photo Credits

All Black Butte images used with written permission from Charles Kingsbaker at Black Butte Ranch

All SunRiver images used with written permission from Katy Sparks at SunRiver Resort

All Pronghorn images with written permission from Carrie Ramoz at Pronghorn

Unusual Spa Services Around the World

Foot Massage and Reflexology Demo

Virtual Tour of Pronghorn

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