Charlie Sheen for President

Charlie Sheen for President

President Sheen

I give you this, that if the terminator could be governor and Ronald Regan could be president, then why the heck not Charlie Sheen for PRESIDENT. Oh, and the speeches would be so entertaining. “Listen Iran, we got a heck of a lot of nuclear bombs here that we don’t need, and after we blow your ass up were coming to get all that oil. Our gas will be 25 cents a gallon! Winning!

He’d invade South Korea and turn it into North Korea.

He’s make all drugs legal and make adults responsible for their own decisions.

He’d invade Mexico and force them to take back all the illegals. “Get back over there!”

He’d place monkeys in charge of the senate (couldn’t hurt).

He’d have the military attack hurricanes with everything, even nuke them if necessary.

He change the word NUKE to FLOWER, “Let’s Flower those guys.”?


I give you this my friends, (I don’t have any friends you say) that because President Bush made it all the way to the presidency, then why not Charlie sheen. We’re going to go through the top 10 things that Charlie Sheen would do as president.

Every single morning he would awake and scream out to the secret service agent, “Where the hell is my machete!” And the response might be, “It’s in the left foot sir.” And Charlie would respond, “That sounds like it might be a good tittle for a movie “My left Foot.”

And the very first line of business when he ascends to the presidency, he would remove all taxes on all machate’s. Every single student would be required to carry a machete. “No machete, go home and don’t come back until you buy one! Or rent it I don`t care.“

That kid on Two and a Half Men would be cut in half to make it two and a quarter men.

He would have developed a small nuclear bomb so that he would be able to nuke the producer of two and a half that that he could take over the show and turn it from a tin can into gold.

As the President of the United States he would have a new flag designed with one simple word on it: WINNING!