Cream dresses

Cream dresses

Life is more exciting because there is color in it. Colors play a big part in life. It can influence emotions, sway thinking, evoke reactions. In fashion, color plays an important part. You may buy the best designer clothes and say you look good but it is not only because what you are wearing is designer wear. The most important reason that you look great is probably because you chose the right cut for your body type and the right color for your skin tone. Many people can improve their looks without any cosmetic enhancement but by just choosing the right colors. They can make or break your look.

Here is a basic guide on choosing the right color for your skin tone.

Pale or Fair Skin

Bold and solid colors are great for fair skinned people as it will give them a strong look. Pale colors will only make people with pale skin look washed out and even paler. However, if you would really want to wear the light shades, pair them with a darker shade. For instance, you can pair cream dresses with brown jackets so you will look professional and put-together without looking even paler.

Dark Skin

Those with dark skin should choose the lighter colored clothes, quite the reverse of the fair skinned. The contrast of the dark skin and the light clothes is simply the right way to go. Dark shades like black, navy or deep brown are not really great choices for people with dark skin tones. If you need to wear something dark, keep them confined to as little part of the clothes as possible. For instance, if you wear one of those cream dresses, pair it with a black shrug and it will pass.

Medium Skin

Being blessed with medium skin will give you more options as far as color of your clothes is concerned. People with medium skin tones can go for both light colored and dark colored clothing. The best options for medium skin tones though are the family of beige like cream dresses or pink like carnation pink tops or blues such as cyan shifts. Red should be avoided as much as possible though. If you need to use it, try pairing it with the color that looks best on you. For instance cream dresses with tiny red prints.

There are really no hard and fast rules on what colors you should buy for your wardrobe. The most important thing to consider is that the colors you choose will actually fit your skin tone and will look good on you and that you know the proper way to dress up. For instance, you can have an array of just basic black, white or cream dresses. But with them, you match the right color and style of shrugs, cardigans, jackets, jewelry, shoes and bags. Then you can still pull off the total great look with all these put together.