Creating Your Own Google Page

Creating Your Own Google Page
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Why Create A Google Page?

If you don’t know much about a Google Page, fear not. Most haven’t, which is kind of weird since Google has given one to each and every business in the world. It can be forgiven in part, because only just recently, Google merged its former Places Page with its updated Google Page, for businesses and just about everything else.

Most local businesses haven’t yet figured this out and so their page languishes, unoptimized and a bit useless on page 1 of a Google local search. Local business just have to claim verify and their page and then they can use it to get the word out for their own particular service or product. For everyone else though, you just have to create one, which is a relatively easy thing to do.

How To Create A Google Page

Like most Google products, creating a Page is free, and all you need is a gmail account. Google has a 3 step activation process which allows you to choose the most appropriate type of page for your enterprise. It doesn’t just have to be a local business, although that is the most important use. It can be an organization, brand, service, product, event, or even a hobby. Anything you want.

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Create A Great Looking Page

One you’ve entered the basic amount of information, your page will be live, and is ready to be filled with the content that will make your page unique and useful. Local businesses will have to wait for their page to be verified, usually a 3-4 week wait, which involves a mailed post card with a PIN verification.

In the meantime, your page can be edited or optimized to produce the best user experience and search results. If you have a local business, consider hiring a manager for your page as there are a few things that can be done to create more synergy with the other web properties that you might have (such as websites and Google profiles) and thereby increase the search and rank.

Google+ Quiz:

If you own a local business, what is the main reason why you haven’t yet claimed and verified your business Google+ Page?

Didn’t know what a Google+ Page was
Didn’t know how to do it.
Afraid to do something wrong
Didn’t think that it was important
Want someone else to do it for you
Unsure what Google+ is
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Get Your Google Page Now

Get Your Google+ Business Page Now!
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