Dailey free app for your Android phone!

Dailey free app for your Android phone!
Amazon.com: Appstore for Android
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Yes, it’s really FREE – thank you Amazon!

If you are one of those folks who are always interested in the latest apps for your smartphone – especially for your Android OS smartphone. You have to go download the Amazon Appstore app to your Android OS smartphone. If your Android OS phone gives you any problems about downloading this app go to your “Settings” menu and under “Security” make sure “Unknown sources” is selected!

Amazon offers a “free” app everyday and these are normally paid apps, so keep checking it out and sometimes you may get a super app for free!!

I’ve had the opportunity to download cooking apps, science apps, math apps, games that I would not normally try just because I would have had to pay for them – so this way I get to try them out and see if they are worthwhile.

Hope this is helpful!!