Easily Putting a Duvet Cover on a Comforter

Easily Putting a Duvet Cover on a Comforter

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover is essentially a bag that is designed to contain a down comforter.  Essentially it is a protective covering and depending on the materialmay protect the down comforter against staining or even dust and dust mites.  The duvet cover can also be a decorative covering aiding in the coordination of colors with that of other fabrics in the room such as the carpet or drapery.  Traditionally, the practice of having a duvet instead of seperate sheets and blankets originated in Europe and travelers noted the different bed covering.  A duvet cover can also make the process of making a bed easier because if you use it the way it was traditionally used it would be the only covering on the bed to put back in place.

Today duvet covers are found around the world as their popularity has spread.  The word duvet comes from the French word for down (as in a down comforter).  So, it is technicially not correct to call the cover a duvet.  Only the material that goes within the cover is the duvet and as the name implies that traditionally was down.  Today however there are other materials in use ranging from polyfill to the original down.

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Placing the Comforter in the Duvet Cover

It can be a bit tricky to place your quilt or comforter within your duvet cover but with a little bit of practice and a few tips it will get to be an easy task.  First you need to place your quilt or comforter spread on a large flat surface.  Since this will be going on the bed it is the ideal place to spread out your comforter.  If it is a larger comforter it may be helpful to have someone assist you with this.

Next take your duvet cover and turn it inside out.  This will mean that your pattern for the exterior will now be on the inside for a few moments.  Now you will want to reach inside the inverted duvet cover and find the corners that border the short end of the cover.  grasp one corner in each hand.

Maintaining your grasp on the corners of the duvet cover, go ahead and line these up with the same corners bordering the short side of the down comforter or quilt.  Grasping the matching corners of quilt or comforter through the fabric of the duvet cover start to unroll the duvet cover over the comforter.  It may take a bit of shaking, or if you have a second person they can help, but you should be able to lift both and let the duvet cover start to slide down and envelope your comforter as you work it back to being right side out.

Finally button up your duvet cover and place it on the bed.  You will probably find it best to position the buttons at the foot of the bed and if you turn it the correct way you should be able to hide the buttons of the duvet cover on the underside of the cover and comforter.