Facebook Junkies Anonymous

Facebook  Junkies Anonymous
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Those of us who have joined the facebook crowd, are we that addicted?

I first joined Facebook, reluctantly, only about 2 years ago. I wouldn’t for years, even though, everyone and their aunt, were encouraging me to do so. Even my parents belonged. (very out of character for my father) Somehow, I felt it would be an invasion of privacy.

Then one day I just woke up and joined. I guess I started to feel like I was missing something. After I first joined I found everyone, first from my old high school “friend requested” me. Both old friends, and people who I never shared even one word with. People who I had to ask how I knew them. Then after I began accepting these unknown “friend requests”, I found that, not only didn’t we communicate, but most of my old friends I have never facebook communicated with. It’s strange but everyone is just trying to get their number of facebook friends up! Well, no longer do I accept these “friend requests” from those who weren’t even my friends. And I even deleted the ones who’s requests, I had initially accepted.

When I first joined I began to get the gist of things, saw how many would post throughout the day about absolutely everything. About their kids, their pets, their moods. Sometimes comical things, sometimes , serious. Usually trivial stuff. And you know what? We all cared! Someone would be in the waiting room of their dentists office, and post it on facebook! Really??? Why do we need to know about everything we’re all doing every minute, of the day? The worst part was that, I, in a lesser way, was doing it too! I’d get home from work, and immediately sign on, looking to see, if anyone had commented on, or “liked” any of my posts, and to see if anyone had posted anything, that I could comment on. Had I become a facebook junkie? Well, since then I’ve weaned myself down. I now go on every now and then. Or post one of my blogs. (Maybe I’ll post this one. Maybe)

Through facebook I have reconnected with a few good friends, that I have been in touch with, sporadically. But the overwhelming majority, of “facebook friends” that either I “friend requested”, or who “friend requested” me, we’ve never, ever communicated through facebook. I guess I get the social, or networking, or even the advertising part of it, but the whole thing seems strange. We’ve become more, and more virtual, and actually see each other less and less…sort of. And it really isn’t an invasion of privacy, like I’d anticipated, because you can share whatever you want, be facebook friends with who you choose. You don’t have to accept a friend request. If someone sends you a message, asking you questions about parts of your life, that you don’t want to share, you don’t have to reply. (Oh, really? I’m sorry, I never did get your message…) You can even turn off your IM.

Okay, well, I’m having withdrawal symptoms, so I’ll need to go sign on to facebook….; )


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