Fake Facebook Friends

Fake Facebook Friends
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I only have 165 Facebook friends! Does that mean I have a low rating on the popularity scale? Most of my “Facebook friends” have several hundred to thousands of Facebook friends. Even members as recent as me! What;s wrong with me?

After I first joined 2 years ago, I was astounded by how many “friend requests” I got. Many from my old high school, and so many who I never even made eye contact with. I politely accepted all requests. I’ve even “friend requested” a few people myself along the way. Only, however, those who I was at one time actually friends with of course. Yet the difference was that most who I did “friend request”, I at least reach out to and said hi, or spent a bit of time catching up through a few messages. Usually not consistently staying in touch, as life does take over. Yet, I was at the very least, friendly with them at one time.

About a year or so ago, I realized that I had far too many Facebook friends who I never did say two words to, but, we went to the same high school, camp, or college. And in the end only heard of them. So why were most of them sending me invitations from around the states to all of these events, that they knew I wasn’t going to fly a few thousand miles just to attend. Especially of some stranger. And to events that I wouldn’t even be interested in. I realized that they were just sending invitations to all if their facebook friends, not only me. I began finding it really irritating. I sure as heck didn’t want to continue getting them, and even fished around Facebook for a way to stop them. Then I realized, why am I racking my brain, to try to get them to stop? Why don’t I just delete them as friends? And so I did. I deleted a lot. What difference did it make to me, since we were never even friendly? They probably never even noticed.

Then I began wondering what it all was. Why did it seem like everyone, was trying to get their number of Facebook friends up? Some would tell me that it was a way of “business networking”, yet in most lines of business, why would any one do that on a social media website? How about Linkedin? Or something of the like, for that? Okay maybe a few lines of business, but most, would you really want your business associates, or boss, or subordinates, to know your whole personal life? Or see your racy pictures? If you’re really using it for business, then, only use it for business. And keep your personal life, personal

Now when someone “friend requests” me, on Facebook, who I don’t know from a hole in the wall, I will always message them asking; “So how exactly do I know you?” Rarely, if ever, will I get a response.

So what does having more “Facebook friends” do for people? How does it affect people’s lives, as a whole? Oh, I think it’s definitely a good way to reconnect with people that you might otherwise not. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the numbers of “Facebook friends” that we never, ever even communicate with, nor have we ever. What is that all about? What is the appeal of “fake Facebook friends?”

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