Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon Gym Leaders in Kanto (Badges Help)

Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon Gym Leaders in Kanto (Badges Help)
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So, You Want To Be A Pokemon Master?

The best way to do this is to get all the badges and defeat the elite four, but of course you already know this if you are already reading this. Getting badges is done by defeating Gym Leaders, each one of a specific type with it’s weaknesses and advantages. This specific little guide is for the FireRed and LeafGreen games, set in the Kanto Region (starts with Pallet town) and therefore helps with those Gym Leaders. So let’s get into your journey shall we?

Bages of Kanto Region

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These are the 8 Kanto Region Badges, in the order left to right. Top row then bottom row.
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Boulder Badge (Brock)

The first badge you will receive is in Pewter City and is a pretty easy beginner badge. The Leader is Brock, a rock type leader and not as tough as he seemed in the tv series.

He has a level 12 Geodude (Rock-Ground type) and a level 14 Onix (Rock-Ground type) in his party. But what to use against him in order to win?

If you chose bulbasaur or squirtle they will do just fine against Brock. Fighting moves are also quite effective so if you caught a mankey on Route 22 you can use that (useful if you chose charmander). Any water, grass, or fighting move will be effective in defeating Brock just avoid using any pidgeys as they won’t last long against his rock moves.

When you wipe the floor with Brock he will give you the Boulder badge which lets you use flash outside of battle and gives a boost to your pokemon’s attack skill. He also gives you TM 39 or Rock Tomb which is a strong attack that lowers speed of the victim (useful for slowing down opponents so you might attack first).

Cascade Badge (Misty)

The second badge is in the next town after traveling Mt. Moon, Cerulean City. A slightly more difficult badge to win, Misty is the leader with water type pokemon. Don’t let her beauty fool you, she didn’t become leader for her looks it was her skill at battling.

She has a level 18 Staryu (Water type) and a level 21 Starmie (Water-Psychic) at her disposal and uses them effectively. But what kind of pokemon will help you against Misty?

Well, poor little charmander is again not very helpful but don’t worry little guy you will soon be destroying enemies with a flick of your claws. Pokemon with grass or electric moves will help here, so if you chose bulbasaur he/she will be useful yet again on this second gym leader (but don’t forget to keep your other pokemon trained in case you need them). If you caught a pikachu in the viridian forest it will be helpful as well, but finding one can sometimes take quite awhile. Now, on Starmie because it has a psychic type attached to it bug moves will be super effective as well as the grass and electric moves (in case pikachu and bulbasaur or whatever pokemon you have, faint) so remember that.

When defeated Misty gives you the Cascade badge which lets you control pokemon up to level 30 and you can now use cut outside of battle. She also gives you TM 03 or water pulse, which is a water move with a 20% chance of confusing the victim.


Thunder Badge (Lt. Surge)

This third Gym Leader is located in Vermillion City and he is a really tall dude. He goes by the name of Lt. Surge and is a really big military man, using that to his advantage in the pokemon scene. He uses electric types which really can cause some people trouble. If you have mostly water and flying pokemon beware, he will destroy you in mostly one hit KO’s.

In his selected gym leader party he has a level 21 Voltorb (Electric type), a level 24 Raichu (Electric type) and a level 18 Pikachu (Electric type). Now in my personal experience that Raichu has always given me the toughest time even when I was using moves super effective against it, so be careful?

Electric types have pretty much one big weakness, Ground types. There is a cave nearby called Diglett’s Cave which has ironically Digletts, taadaa. These pokemon are useful against Lt. Surge so you might want to try getting one out of there if you are having trouble or just want one. Otherwise, there are grass and normal type pokemon that can learn ground type moves to use against Lt. Surge. Avoid using water and flying types as I said before as he will just electrify them and you will soon have a fainted pokemon, not very helpful when trying to defeat him.

If you manage to defeat Lt. Surge he will give you the Thunder badge which increases the speed of your pokemon and you can now use fly outside of battle (yay less traveling time). He also gives you TM 34 or Shock Wave which he probably used to defeat your pokemon many times as it never misses the target.

Rainbow Badge (Erika)

The fourth badge is received from Erika, a grass type pokemon trainer located in Celadon City. She may look sweet and innocent, but her pokemon can pack a punch if you give them the chance. Solution? Don’t give them the chance to attack and everyone on your side of the fence is happy.

She has a level 29 Victreebel (Grass Poison type), a level 24 Tangela (Grass type), and a level 29 Vileplume (Grass Poison Type). All of these pokemon can deal out poisons and other status conditions so make sure you stock up on Antidotes and full heals unless your pokemon aren’t effected by them or you think you can tough it out. Poison can be a real game changer though, hit with it and your top pokemon (possibly only one able to deal heavy blows) could faint before you get a chance to attack (mixed with sleep and paralyze).

Well, let’s say you picked Charmander at the beginning and kinda disappointed he hasn’t been much help Gym leader-wise. Here is his chance to prove how freaking awesome he is at wielding that flame. No fire type pokemon? Fear not young trainer, there is always flying and psychic types, and most people keep a flying type if only to use fly when they need to. Because she likes to deal out status conditions make sure you take her out as quickly as possible, aka no tail whips and growling please.

Once you win the battle Erika gives you a Rainbow badge (it’s so pretty) which makes all pokemon up to level 50 obey you without question (kinda sounds like pokemon are slaves) and it gives you the ability to use strength outside of battle. But don’t go running out to move boulders just yet, she has TM 19 to give you or Giga Drain, a very powerful grass move that sucks the life energy from your opponent and gives some to you.

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Soul Badge (Koga)

Badge number five, congratulations you are halfway to getting all of the badges, and to being able to try to defeat the elite four! Confetti! Anyway, Gym Leader Koga is here, in Fuchsia City, to defeat you or at least try to. He focuses on poison type, not one of my personal strong suits as it poisons you and seems to be super effective against most of my chosen parties.

Koga has a larger party than we have seen so far in a Gym leader with four pokemon. He has a level 37 Koffing (Poison), a level 39 Muk (Poison), a level 37 Koffing (Poison), and a level 43 Weezing (Poison). All one type pokemon so no weaseling away with some pokemon useful against specific pokemon of his like Misty’s Starmie. So what will be useful against him?

Psychic types are really your only super effective advantage over him. Ground types are also super effective but Koffing and Weezing (three of his two pokemon in case you missed it) have the levitate ability so any ground moves won’t hit them. Stock up on your antidotes and psychic pokemon this one will be over fast without either (over with you being the loser).

Once defeated Koga gives you the Soul badge that boosts the defense stat of your pokemon and lets you use surf outside of battle. He also gives you the TM 06 or Toxic, a poison move that poisons the opponent’s pokemon.

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Marsh Badge (Sabrina)

Badge six makes you three fourths of the way through the Gym Badges and this one could be another one of those easy players, if you know how to win. Sabrina is a psychic pokemon trainer in the city of Saffron and she is another one of those beautiful leaders you want to remember are powerful trainers.

She has a level 38 Kadabra (Psychic type), a level 37 Mr. Mime (Psychic type), a level 37 Venomoth (Bug-Poison type), and a level 43 Alakazam (Psychic type). Seems like you can just find something super effective against psychic and destroy her, right? Wrong!

This is important to take note of: her three psychic types have a high special defense so dark and ghost types, though super effective will do less than bug types would. Use a bug type or a strong attack pokemon against them and winning will be a piece of cake, unless Venomoth gives you trouble. Because of it’s bug type Venomoth is highly damaged by fire and flying pokemon and it’s poison branch gives you the ability to use a psychic pokemon if you have one. Bug against her psychics and fire, flying, or psychic against Venomoth and you will send her crying back to her mommy.

Once you earn victory against Sabrina she gives you the Marsh badge which raises the level of pokemon who obey you up to 70, which I doubt you will reach anytime soon unless you take a break from the story and just train for weeks. She also gives you TM 04 or Calm Mind which raises your Special Attack and Special Defense but doesn’t attack, so use it if that idea interests you (I’m more of an attacker than a stat changer).

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Volcano Badge (Blaine)

Badge number 7, how you entice me so, being so close to the end but so far if I cannot earn you. Surf to Cinnabar island (or fly if you have already been there before) and you will see the next Gym. Inside is Blaine and as the name of the badge suggests, he is a fire type leader although don’t let that fool you he is strong.

He has a level 42 Growlithe (Fire type), a level 40 Ponyta (Fire type), a level 42 Rapidash (Fire type), and a level 47 Arcanine (Fire type). Strong pokemon and two of my favorite evolution lines, not that you care about my favorites. His pokemon enjoy burning their opponents so try bringing along some burn heals just in case.

Fire, fire, fire everyone can guess one of fire’s weaknesses without ever playing pokemon. Water, the thing everyone uses when there is a fire (or sand for some but not as common for things like house fires and such). So use water, rock, and ground moves to quickly defeat Blaine before he burns your perfect lovable pokemon. Oh yea, you remember that move you used to get here surf I think it’s called? Try that one, it is powerful, super effective, and looks pretty.

Once you put Blaine out and leave just cool coals behind he will give you the Volcano Badge which raises your pokemon’s special attack and special defense stats. He also will give you the TM 38 or Fire Blast which is a powerful fire move that can sometimes leave a burn on it’s target.

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Earth Badge (Giovanni)

The 8th and Final badge before you can fight the elite four. Located in the first town you visited outside of your hometown, Viridian City this gym leader is one you may recognize. Giovanni runs this gym and is the leader of Team Rocket so you know he’s going to be one tough cookie. Trained Ground types fill his team and they aren’t to be messed with either.

He has a level 45 Rhyhorn (Ground Rock type), a level 42 Dugtrio (Ground type), a level 44 Nidoqueen (Poison Ground type), a levle 45 Nidoking (Poison Ground type) and a level 50 Rhyhorn (Ground Rock type). They know the move Earthquake that will most likely destroy your pokemon before they get a chance to do any real damage so watch out.

Useful pokemon consist of water, grass, and psychic types especially if you still have that pokemon from the last gym that knows surf. Nidoqueen and Nidoking might be a bit harder to take down and if you are having a problem try a Ghost and Poison type pokemon. The poison half will allow it to not be poisoned and the ghost part will have levitate so Earthquake won’t be a problem. Sometimes it just comes down to luck so if you lose just keep trying, eventually he will fall victim to your obvious power.

Congrats! You beat Giovanni the very last gym leader and can now go against the Elite Four, well done young trainer I wish you luck in your new conquest. You received the Earth badge which allows you to control pokemon of any level which is helpful since there are no more badges. Also given to you by Giovanni is TM 26 or Earthquake, that powerful ground move that most likely sent a few or more of your pokemon to the Pokemon Center, hitting all earthbound pokemon in battle except the one who used it. Again, good luck in the Elite Four!

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