Foursquare iPhone app Review

Foursquare iPhone app Review

Foursquare for iPhone and iPod Touch is a free app.  This app is turning the overwhelming
trend of social networking into a location-based game linked to all your
favorite social networking sites.

This app has been around since the spring of 2009 but was limited
to certain large metropolitan areas. 
Now it is available to everyone worldwide.  Its user base is growing at tremendous rates since opening
up to everyone and is quickly becoming what twitter became in 2009.

The premise of this new iPhone app is to “check-in” whenever
you arrive at a new place.  The GPS
features of the iPhone make it very easy to do this and if the place you are at
isn’t listed it is also very easy to add new places.  What makes it a game is that if you have checked in the most
in a location and have been there within the last two months you are now the
mayor of that location.  It is
surprisingly fun become mayor and trying to keep it at your favorite hangouts.  There is also a badge system
implemented which gives you awards for completing certain tasks.  Some are for a certain number of places
checked-in in one night while others are more specific like going to a gym a
certain number of times.  It is
also fun trying to obtain these badges. 
The social networking aspect of this app lets you be connected to
facebook and twitter.  You have the
option of letting your friends know you have arrived at a place or shout a
message when you arrive.  Foursquare
can also search through your facebook and twitter friends as well as your
address book for others using foursquare which makes it extremely easy to add
all your friends.

Users can leave tips for others at any location.  These tips can be anything from
recommending an entree to information about where to park.  This feature also turns foursquare into
a sort of location review and recommendation site as well.

Foursquare is not without competitors.  Gowalla and MyTown are among them.  The simplicity and ease of use are what
set foursquare apart from its competition and it seems to be catching on fast.

I find this app very entertaining and predict it will be
huge in 2010.  Check it out, it is
free and fits seamlessly with the social networking sites you are probably
currently using.

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