Get an amazing look through these formal hairstyles for long hair

Get an amazing look through these formal hairstyles for long hair

Are you going to attend a wedding, a prom, an office or a cocktail party? Girls with long hair have a lot of amazing choices because their hair length allows them to benefit from a great versatility. Therefore, you could take a look at these formal hairstyles for long hair and get inspired for your own special event.

2012 brings a few different elements which aren’t exactly new but they are definitely approached in a fresh way. For example, you are able to decide on formal hairstyles for long hair that are based on a double French twist. This kind of look has been popular in the past as well and now it’s brought again differently.

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These formal hairstyles for long hair based on double French twists are not pinned as thightly to your head as the previous ones. Keeping all your hair under control, allowing you to have a good time at the party, these hairdos are very suitable for this kind of event. At the same time, they offer you a very classy appearance that will surely stand out in the crowd.

Other great formal hairstyles for long hair are based on a half-up half-down look inspired by the Brigitte Bardot hairdo, which can be created very easily by yourself too. First of all, it’s important that you part your hair at the middle. The back hair strands need to be combed in order to get that puffy style and then pinned.

The front part of your hair is usually based on various types of bangs included in the majority of formal hairstyles for long hair. The most elegant type of fringe is represented by the side-swept ones because they make you look very stylish and feminine as well.

The interesting part about these bangs it that you have the freedom of styling it in various ways. The wavy side-swept fringes are meant to turn any formal hairstyles for long hair into a timeless and gorgeous appearance that will steal the eyes of everyone once you walk into the room.

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Curls can also turn your hair into one of the formal hairstyles for long hair because they offer your entire hairdo a lot of volume. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about the cuteness of your appearance due to the fact that curls are always meant to make you look sweet and innocent. Creating a curly bun at the back of your head while the hair at the front falls into a few curly hair strands will have the desired effect at your formal event.

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