Get Paid to Write Online with Constant Content- Write Articles for Money

Get Paid to Write Online with Constant Content- Write Articles for Money

Make Money Writing

I have been writing articles on Hubpages for 8 months, it started off as a bit of fun but very quickly turned into an obsession when I realised I could actually make money from writing on the Internet. If like me you would like to be a published article writer then you are in the right place, Hubpages is a fantastic place to start.

If you are not a member you can sign up here for free:

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I have not written this article to talk about Hubpages so let’s get to the point. When I first started writing online I really didn’t have a clue about blogs, keywords, SEO or back-linking but it didn’t take me long to realise that all of these activities were important if I wanted to become a successful writer. During the time I was investigating/researching these activities I was introduced to Constant Content; I am really glad I was.

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What is Constant Content?

Firstly let me tell you what Constant Content isn’t.

Constant Content is not a place to sell copied or poor writing and it definitely isn’t a place where you will get rich quick.

It is however a reputable business that supplies quality content to webmasters for publication on websites and blogs, this content is supplied by people like you and me. In it’s simplest form you write original articles either on spec or in response to a request, you submit them to Constant Content, they approve them, an article sells and you get money in your PayPal account.

OK, I admit there is more to it than that but you get the general idea, let’s look at writing articles for Constant Content in more detail.

Sign Up for Constant Content

Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet there is a link at the end of the article. Here I would like to take you through the sign up process and help you get accepted as an author.

In order to sell your articles you will need to write original quality text, by quality the emphasis is on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and of course it has to be of interest to article buyers.

During the sign up process you will be asked to take a short test which checks your basic ability to write in English, this little test weeds out poor writers at the first hurdle. Once you have entered your details and passed the test you will receive an acceptance email and access to the whole site.

You will then be guided to the author guidelines and FAQ’s, I strongly recommend you study them as getting articles accepted is dependant on your ability to write strictly to these guidelines.

Tools of the writer’s trade.

Overview of Submission Guidelines

I cannot express enough the importance of being familiar with the article submission guidelines, if you submit poor work your account will be suspended or even closed.

Here are some basic points that will be the minimum expected by the editors:

Article should be professionally written
Strictly accurate information
Must be original content
Include an introduction
End with a conclusion
Definitely must be interesting information

You will be directed to a comprehensive set of article submission guidelines when you sign up for an account. They are quite strict but this is a good thing not a barrier; remember this is a business that makes money, you as a writer are a business and writing quality articles will make you money so don’t be afraid of these rules embrace them.

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Writing Articles on Spec

Freelance writers can write an article on a subject of their choice, this is the first way of earning money on Constant Content.

When you upload your article you will need to indicate the prices you want to sell your article for, let’s look at these in more detail:

Full Rights-Highest price, you sell all rights to the article. It must have never been sold before and you are unable to sell it again. The buyer can change it, publish it as many times as they like and can resell it if they wish, you do not get credited as the author.

Unique Rights-Middle price, this means the article is sold to a single buyer, it can never be sold again or have been sold before. You do however get a credit when the article is published and it can’t be altered in any way or resold by the buyer, they can use it multiple times on websites they own.

Usage Rights-Lowest price, this means that you can sell your article over and over again, the buyer is purchasing the right to use it once.

Your article will need to clear the plagiarism software and if accepted there is a 65/35 split, that’s 65% of the sale price goes to the author and 35% is kept by Constant Content.

Keywords Training

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Writing Articles Requested by Buyers

Freelance writers on Constant Content have the added advantage of the customer request system.

Website owners place a request for a specific article, they make your job easier because they will tell you how many words too use, which keywords too use, how often they want the keywords and you know up front how much they are willing to pay for the article.

The beauty of this system is often website owners will be looking for a series of articles and if they like your work you are pretty much guaranteed repeat freelance writing jobs.

Summary of Writing for Constant Content

I hope that you have found this overview of Constant Content helpful. Please note that there is a lot more to being a contributor than I can fit in to this brief article but rest assured that everything you need to know is available on the site.

I would also like to draw your attention to the referral program, if you click on a link in this article and sign up to Constant Content; I will receive a 5% commission which is taken from Constant Content’s 35% not yours. When you are signed up you too can earn extra money by referring new writers.

If you havent already joined then go ahead and sign up now!


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