Goodys Chocolates And Ice Cream-Prineville Oregon

Goody's Chocolates And Ice Cream-Prineville Oregon
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Ice cream sundae in a homemade waffle cone. It doesn’t get much better than this.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Goody’s Chocolates and Ice Cream

This author has lived in Central Oregon for more than eight years but prior to that, this had been our family’s favorite vacation spot. We probably spent at least nine years vacationing in the Sunriver and Bend area bringing with us just about everyone we knew.

One of the most enjoyable parts of every vacation, winter, spring, fall or summer was enjoying the delectable goodies at Goody’s. We first discovered the Sunriver store but then found two more in Bend which we loved to frequent after a movie or a day on the river or out shopping.

Almost always, we took home candy of some variety as a memento of our trip which never lasted very long. Our daughter was partial to the stuffed animals that flourish in the Goody’s stores.

All that said, Goody’s is a special place for me and my family. Even our friends who visit from time to time insist that we stop in for ice cream or they want to take home chocolates or candies for someone special.

Is it any wonder then that we were thrilled when our little town actually got its very own Goody’s?

Location: 346 NW Deer Street / Prineville, OR 97754

Phone: 541.447.6955

Hours: M-F 10-8; Sat 11-8; Sun 11-6

Owner: Stephanie Fahlgren

Great place for families and outdoor seating is available.

Goody’s in Prineville Oregon

The owner of the Goody’s in Prineville is Stephanie Fahlgren and she has been in business two years come May 1st. Her shop has indeed been a wonderful addition to the people who live and work in Prineville.

All the Goody’s ice cream parlors have an old-time feel to them but the Prineville Goody’s is very special. The Prineville store is one of only two franchises though the only one in Central Oregon. The other is located in Beaverton, Oregon which is west of the mountains.

For those folks wondering where the Redmond Oregon store went, it was moved by the Danforths (who own Goody’s) and is now located in Eugene, west of the mountains.

Because it is a franchise, Stephanie had more leeway in terms of ordering what kinds of displays she wanted, cabinetry, etc. and the floor plan and color scheme are all her own doing. The result–walk right in and sit right down. You feel like you’re in an old-time ice cream parlor and you can just savor the moment–and the great food and treats.

The store itself is actually the same building that housed the Shrum Brothers Ford dealership back in 1963, when Stephanie and her family moved from the Oregon Coast to Prineville. Her father worked in the exact same building that Stephanie serves her customers in on a daily basis. That invites a bit of nostalgia knowing that here in this modern day store, there’s a wonderful connection to someone’s past.

The atmosphere in Goody’s is relaxed and comforting. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to relax and stay awhile instead of rushing out to do this and that. The choices are astronomical so you’d best allow a lot of time to mull over your possibilities.

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Goody’s gives you the old time feel of the old soda fountain days.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Step up the counter and consider your many possibilities.
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Baked Goods at Goody’s Prineville

Unique to the Goody’s stores, the Prineville Goody’s has many outstanding choices for baked goods.

For instance, order a bouquet of beautiful cupcakes as shown in the photo. They make an incredibly breathtaking centerpiece for any occasion. The baked goods are done by local baking wizard Tina Greiner.

Other delicious items include

Cupcakes like the Red Velvet in the photo
Pineapple upside down muffins
Breads like jalapeno cheddar and honey wheat

If you don’t see what you’d like, be sure and inquire about placing an order. Stephanie and the folks that work with her do an outstanding job of providing quality baked items that are delicious to eat and gorgeous works of culinary art.

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Try a unique cupcake bouquet. This makes a beautiful centerpiece.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Fresh baked cupcakes. Try the Red Velvet and taste a bit of heaven.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Upside down pineapple muffins. Oh so delish.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Lunch at Goody’s

Unlike the other Goody’s stores, Prineville’s store also offers items like homemade soup daily. Since I happen to be a huge fan of soup, it’s so nice to know I can stop in or have my husband grab me a bowl of soup at a reasonable price on a winter day. So far, I’ve sampled the chicken soup and the clam chowder and give them both two spoons up.

The menu will also be expanding later in March 2013 to include other food items so not only can folks come in and get their ice cream or chocolate fix but they can also eat something healthy and delicious…first.

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Goody’s not only serves up desserts. You can get a delicious bowl of soup and more.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

The Chocolates of Goody’s

The pictures do not do justice to the magnificent kinds of chocolate you’ll find in any Goody’s store.

Stephanie orders her candy and chocolates mostly through the factory store which is located in Bend, Oregon on Division Street. (Self-guided tours are available every day of the week except Wednesdays and large group tours are available on Wednesdays).

This author’s favorite (since I can’t eat chocolate) though is Goody’s dairy caramels. They are probably three times the size of regular caramels you buy in the store and are melt in your mouth soft and creamy. Low calorie of course!

Chocolates are for sale by the pound and they come in just about every flavor imaginable. The chocolate peppermint bark is a favorite in our family while some prefer the peanut butter cups or the chocolate covered cherries.

No one can resist the truffles though or the peanut clusters but there are so many choices you simply have to keep coming back again and again to experience the magic.

Have the chocolate packaged in boxes for shipping or just buy a wee box for yourself to nibble on from time to time. You won’t be disappointed.

Goody’s chocolates are about as pure as you can get. There are no preservatives used and no wax. This does have an effect on shipping though (see below).

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Chocolate peanut butter clusters waiting for someone to enjoy.
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Peanut butter cups never had it so good.
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Pick 1 green, 1 orange, 1 red, 1 white. You could go on forever.
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Chocolate covered cherries waiting to be picked.
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Chocolate is Goody’s middle name.
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Try a bite of this chocolate peppermint bark.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Popcorn and Caramel Corn at Goody’s

All Goody’s stores carry caramel corn and different flavors of popcorn such as cheese popcorn. It’s sold by the bag in varying sizes from small to large.

The Bend store has many different kinds of popcorn and you can find a virtual cornucopia of popcorns there.

However, for the popcorn connoisseur of Prineville, you’ll find enough to get you by right here in town.

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Homemade popcorn in several flavors also available in different sizes.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Need some gumballs?
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Goody’s Candies

Just about any kind of candy you can imagine is sitting in a jar at Goody’s. If it’s gumballs or mini M&Ms you’re after, you need look no further.

For a baby shower I’m throwing next week, I’m taking some sweet and sour candies shaped like pacifiers and some Lego candies. Much like sweettarts, they’re a nice little addition to the table and a conversation piece as well.

If you like old fashioned peppermint sticks, you’re in business. Or go for the gusto and try the multi-colored licorice or the crystal pops.

Kids usually are on overload after a trip to the Goody’s store no matter how old as there are just too many sugary choices. In moderation though, it’s all good–literally. Buy it by the pound or 1/4 pound if you’re really trying to be good and take some home to enjoy a bit at a time.

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Candy jars abound at Prineville Goody’s. One of many pretty and yummy choices.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Just some of the jars of candy available.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Special Occasion Candies

No matter what the season, you’ll always find seasonally appropriate offerings at all the Goody’s stores.

Right now as we head into spring, Stephanie has her little Easter Goody’s bags on display. They make you forget it’s still wintertime and just the colors alone make you feel warmer.

These darling bags of candy make great gifts for young and old and of course are filled with the famous Goody’s chocolates and candies. You can’t miss with a gift like this.

Think Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts as well. This is a great little store to visit in person or on line to send someone a very sweet gift.

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Seasonal items are always available like these little Easter bundles.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Low fat but still delicious.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Goody’s Ice Cream

Part of the whole story of Goody’s is the fabulous ice cream they make. The store in Bend makes all the ice creams and toppings like the hot fudge, caramel and butterscotch to name a few.

Each store makes their own waffle cones and bowls though and of course at certain times of the day, you can smell them baking on the waffle irons.

Have a sundae or an ice cream cone stuffed full of homemade ice cream in all kinds of flavors. My favorite is a low fat caramel with nuts. Even without the toppings or getting a sundae, it’s heaven in a cone or in a dish.

Take home some handpacked ice cream for later but don’t forget to buy a jar or two of the toppings.

Several restaurants in Bend also proudly serve Goody’s ice cream on their dessert menu. It’s just that good!

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Goody’s Fresh Gourmet Fudge

As if the chocolates, the popcorns, and the ice creams were not enough, Prineville’s own Goody’s also makes fudge. Not just fudge, but incredible flavors of fudge.

Stephanie currently makes fudge for all the Goody’s stores. I’d personally never heard of some of these kinds of fudge:

Peppermint fudge
Apple pie fudge
Rocky Road fudge
Banana Nut fudge
Peanut Butter Chocolate fudge

You can buy it a piece at a time or buy a lovely box to enjoy later yourself or give to that special someone with a sweet tooth.

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Need a gift? Nothing says love like Goody’s fudge.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages
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Try one of many flavors of homemade fudge.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Gifts at Goody’s

Also synonymous with the Goody’s name is the amazingly darling and affordable stuffed animals and toys you can find in the stores.

When our kids were small, every vacation was marked by taking home one special toy or stuffed animal from one of the stores. The Prineville store is no different although Stephanie seems to have an ecclectic batch of stuffed friends I’ve not seen anywhere else.

I’m counting the days until my grandson arrives so I can buy him a special dog stuffed animal though the porcupine, the bee and the bull have definitely caught my eye. As if the candy, the chocolate and the ice cream aren’t enough to draw children in, most definitely the unique stuffed animals on display is worth the trip.

A basket with a stuffed animal and jelly beans or gummy bears makes a great gift for those kids’ birthdays when you don’t know what to get.

Even grownups can enjoy the stuffed animals especially when they come with a clever sign such as this one.

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Don’t leave without a stuffed animal~!
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Another cute gift idea are these sweet scented soy candles…but a word to the wise….don’t try them on your ice cream sundaes. Buy the real stuff instead.

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Got toppings? Don’t use these though as they’re scented candles~!
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Soda Fountain Menu at Goody’s

True to soda fountain days, if you’re local or just passing through, come in and sample some of these delights:

Cones–plain and waffle
Dishes of ice cream–plain or in a waffle bowl
Italian cream sodas
Genuine ice cream sodas
Sundaes–like turtle, hot fudge and caramel
Splits–traditional and others–with all the toppings
Ice cream bars–hand dipped
Frozen chocolate dipped bananas
Prepacked ice cream
Handpacked ice cream
Shakes and malts
Egg creams
Fountain drinks like sour phosphates or strawberry lemonade

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Goody’s is synonymous with Central Oregon.
Source: Audrey Kirchner, CC BY, via Hubpages

Stop in if you’re visiting or passing through the area heading east or west on Highway 26.

You won’t be disappointed as here you’ll find homemade ice creams, chocolates and toppings and so much more.

If you need a great place to stop and have dinner first before indulging in dessert, try Prineville’s brewery, Solstice Brewing Company. You won’t be disappointed there either. Great food at a great price and you can’t beat the beer.

Visit stores in the following cities: (or visit them on line at

Downtown Bend
East Bend
Boise, Idaho

Of note, because Goody’s chocolates have no preservatives and no waxes, shipments cannot be made to places where the temperature is over 80 degrees.

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