Google comes up with new Algorithm

Google comes up with new Algorithm

Latest algorithm of Google

In an attempt to keep dominating the search space Google has again come up with changes in its search engine ranking algorithm. The move is being sneaked as important steps in the Google’s attempt to provide the most relevant and authentic search results to its users.

Google has been trying since last three years to stop web-masters and publishers manipulating and playing with its mechanical search engine ranking and to create a human filter on its ranking algorithm. Google Panda launched in last few month was also an attempt of Google’s this endeavor.

Google Panda used metrics and signals from social media space to judge the credibility and authenticity of a web-page. The more a page is shared and talked in social space more is its relevance and importance.

This time also Google has tried to incorporate social signals and metrics to judge the relevance and importance of web-page.

Important points of this latest algorithm are:

Improved snippets: Unlike past with this algorithm Google has decided to rely less on the title, header and sub-heading of the content and put more emphasis on the main content of the web-page. The move was taken as an attempt to avoid the exploitation of web-masters and publishers and relying completely on the relevancy of the content.

Rich snippets: Another modification that Google came up with this latest algorithm is rich snippets. For example if a web-page has got reviews from review sites for its product Google is going to include the snippets of the reviews in its search engine result page. So, now website owners will have to get reviews for their products in various product review sites to get an edge over their competitor.

Better page title by using less anchor texts: Earlier Google had relied a lot on the boiler plate link of the web-page which was heavily manipulated and exploited by web-masters and publishers.
Google would be smart enough to predict that these links are boiler plate links and are subject to manipulation and exploitation. A link on blog-roll, global navigational menu bar, footer or header would not be given ranking value.

Google will rank content according to its Freshness algorithm: With this algorithm Google would be placing more importance to web-pages that deals with latest events and news. For example if someone has typed the keyword president election, Google would be smart enough to recognize that user is looking for the current presidential election and not those election that held five years back.

Another important aspect of this search engine algorithm is that latest, updated current brand of a product would be ranked high in the search engine result page of Google. For example if a latest and updated version of Android is launched in the market and somebody has typed the keyword Android, Google will return the most latest and updated version of Android and not those which were old an outdated.

However, these changes are not going to be worked for static information or news, for example if you are a restaurant owner and wish to promote your brand through internet marketing then you needn’t worry about this change I did a couple of seo for restaurant project and I am stating on the basis of those practical experience.