How Facebook Granted My Wish

How Facebook Granted My Wish

When I was younger, circa 2002 I think that was, I started blogging and chatting with people across the globe. Sharing ideas, opinions, life stories and what-nots. But I share it with people I barely know. They are people from the different side of the world which I met on the popular chat flat form called, mIRC. Remember that? So then I always wished that my neighbor, friends and family also go on-line so I could at least share my blogs with them or keep up with them. And you know when they say, “be careful what you wish for?” I should have heed their warning.

Today my 2002 wish is barely a problem. Although there are still people who are either too busy or too anti-social who don’t follow the trend called Social networking. One of the most terrifying thing that could probably happen to me is if my mother can have access of all my facebook information, especially my photos. Photos of a cigarette on hand, a beer on hand, etc. So thank God for the privacy settings. Clearly, it’s more than what I wished for because today everyone’s one Facebook.

It’s so popular that it may not be all that bad after all. Facebook can be used for a lot of good deeds too. Like, looking up your school classmates in grade school and high school. Watching their awesome life through their status updates and party photos while you are, well, partying only in your head. Expressing your feelings! When you really hate someone in the office, go trash-talk that person on your wall without mentioning the name. It could surely satisfy your need for a sympathy. Another things is, you get to show off your photos to the world. The fun part is, your friends never fail to tag you in your most uncomfortable shot like the bad hair days, the evident disproportional bulges, and the pimple-stricken face days.

I used to deactivate my Facebook in a weekly basis before because I got too addicted to it. I was on it day and night. I used to forget a lot of things like paying the bills, doing errands and even going late for work. Then I saw my pattern and I didn’t like it so I decided to rehabilitate myself from it.

Having said that, I don’t want to take my 2002 wish back because that would be having a closed mind. However, I would like to advise everyone to do things in moderation. Be it social networking or any other vices, good or bad, moderation is key. Knowing when to stop and being responsible for your actions.

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