How much you love me-Chapter Four

How much you love me-Chapter Four

Chapter Four-does love has a standard?

The family lawyer came with Alexis. Whatever transpired during that time, Sandy doesn’t care. It is not her business anyway.

As the days went by, Sandy tried her best to get out of Alexis’s way. Alexis on the other hand was keeping his distance from Alexandra which gives Vassilli the opportunity to get closer to Sandy. Alexis will visit his grandmother when Sandy is not there. She was wondering whether Alexis is really trying to avoid her purposely. Well, who cares if he is avoiding me? Sandy thought. I don’t want to see him either. Sandy was not aware that she expressed her thoughts aloud.

“Who is the unfortunate man that you don’t want to see Sandy?” It was Vassilli who was smiling at her.

Sandy just shook her head and said “I am sorry Mr. Vassilli… I was just thinking aloud. It was nothing actually.

“I thought we already had a truce. Why don’t you stop calling me ‘Mister’? I felt so old when you call me Mister Vassilli…”

“And are you not old ‘Uncle’?” said Alexis who was behind them.

Sandy and Vassilli were surprised to see him.

“What are you doing here Alexandra? You are supposed to take care of my grandmother and not to flirt with the man in the house!” Alexis thundered.

Sandy was trying to find the right words to answer the question of Alexis and his very rude remark. She faced Alexis and looked at him in the eye. “I am not flirting Mr. Andreas! And for the record… if you remember right… today is my day off!”

“Ah… that is why… you are out here…to let somebody know that you are available?” That last word sounded so insulting that Sandy felt so embarrassed.

Vassilli felt sympathy for Alexandra.

“You are insulting the lady Alexis!”

“Am I?” Alexis asked sarcastically.

Sandy left the two men without a word. She was almost running to her room. After locking the door she burst into crying.

“That brute! What right does he have to accuse me of flirting? That PIG!” There she finally found the word for that horrible man.

Vassilli and Alexis were facing each other after Sandy left.

“Where is your manner Alexis?” Vassilli confronted Alexis trying to hold his anger.

“There is nothing wrong with my manner! You should know better Vassilli. I already warned you not to seduce her!” barked Alexis.

“Seduced her? What are you talking about? We are just talking like two adults exchanging some kind of greetings… is that what you call seducing? Are you really that jealous?” asked Vassilli mockingly.

Alexis gritted his teeth. “Why would I be jealous? I just don’t want to be blamed whatever if something happens to her while she is living under my roof!” Alexis replied defensively.

“Then proved to me that you are not jealous, because I am going to invite her again tonight for dinner.” after saying that Vassilli left Alexis.

Alexis felt his heart was crushed. He could not be jealous. He is just concerned of that fool caregiver. Alexandra is really out of his league. Anyway… she can do whatever she wants. Why would he care? Alexis grumbled. But deep in his heart… he really cared.

True to his word Vassilli extended his dinner invitation to Sandy but Sandy refused. She just wanted to be alone. But Vassilli threw a challenge to Alexandra’s face that she was not able to refuse.

“Are you afraid of Alexis that is why you don’t want to go out with me Sandy? Are you giving him the satisfaction?” Vassilli said in a voice that Sandy did not like.

“What do you mean by that? I am not afraid of him and who cares what he thinks of me?” Sandy said angrily unable to hold her temper anymore.

These men… they are both giving her a hard time. “Please… I just want to be alone Vassilli.”

Finally, Vassilli left Sandy but he was not really happy that Sandy refused to go out with him.

Sandy had never been so alone in her life. Today of all the days… it is her birthday. This is the first time that she will be celebrating her birthday away from home and celebrating it alone. Her rebellious nature made Sandy decide to go to Athens by herself. She was already in the Ferry when she realized that she really did not know where to go. She did not even have her passport— she only have her purse with some Euros in it and of course her camera.

As soon as she got out of the Ferry, Sandy tried to find a store where she could buy a map. She was already walking for almost an hour trying to find what she is looking for. Maybe she could find a map in the hotel or a restaurant. They usually have it even in the Philippines, hotels and restaurants have plenty of tour guide. The question is… how to get to a hotel? She already felt so thirsty and hungry. It was almost midday. Then she saw a restaurant. Sandy was so hopeful that she will really be able to buy a map of the city.

The tavern-restaurant turned out to be very nice and well kept. She also observed that the people were friendly and so welcoming. She was seated by the host in the table near the swimming pool. Sandy was not even sure how much would it cost to pay for just a drink. When the server tried to introduce himself and ask what kind of drink she wants, Sandy did not know what to say.

“I—I really don’t know about what I am going to drink but please could you give me your special drink? I heard that Greece has a very special kind of drink.” Sandy said with a smile. She was thinking this is her special day anyway. She thought… it is a treat for her.

Sandy was so busy looking at the menu. She was not aware that somebody was watching her in the other table. When the waiter arrived with her drink, Sandy ordered grilled Salmon and some vegetables. She took a sip of the drink and liked it. “Mmmm… taste good. I wonder what kind of drink is this? I hope this is not alcoholic?” she thought. Well, I don’t care. This is my birthday and I am going to enjoy it. Period! She said to herself with a giggle.

She liked the grilled Salmon she ordered. She asked for refill of the drink. She just baredly finished her meal when she started to get dizzy. My goodness! What is happening to me? Am I going to be sick? Sandy mumbled.

“Are you okay Miss?” asked a very tall, dark man, the one who was watching her in the nearby table.

Sandy felt the whole room was moving. She tried to grope on the chair. “Y-Yes… I guess I am. May I have my check please…” she said trying to steady herself thinking that it was the waiter who was asking her.

“My name is … ” the man was not able to finish speaking because Alexandra passed out.

The man was about to help Sandy when a voice said behind him “Don’t touch her!” It was Alexis Andreas.

“Alexis! What brought you here? Surely not this beautiful lady?” said the man to Alexis.

“None of your business Geronimo. And what about you? What brings you here today?” Alexis said sourly.

Geronimo did not reply right away. He was just looking at Alexis who was glaring at him. Then Geronimo said softly “I think I understand why you looked like you wanted to eat me…” and Geronimo added a teasing smile.

Alexis did not reply. He simply carried Alexandra in his arms and went out of the tavern to the amazement of all the personnel of the tavern including Geronimo.

On the way home, Alexis could not help being angry. What the hell is going on? Why is this fool went out by herself?

Alexandra woke up the next morning. She prayed Psalm 23 drowsily. She felt weird this morning. She felt the throbbing pain in her head. Then she opened her eyes and saw that she was not in her room. “Where is this place?” Sandy was trying to figure out where she was and why was she here. Then she looked at herself and found that she was half naked, Sandy screamed that brought Alexis and Alfon in the room including the servants.

“What happened?” almost everybody in the room asked in unison. Alfon and the other servants were shocked to find Alexandra in the master’s bedroom.

All eyes of the servants were looking back and forth at Alexis and Alexandra. Sandy was trying to cover herself with the blanket. She felt so ashamed being the focus of the attention of the servants.

Alexis tried to smile to hide his embarrassment. “Ah… E-Er… since you are all here, I might as well let you know that Alexandra and I just got engaged last night…”

“Engaged???” said the servants in unison including Alexandra who was looking at Alexis with big eyes.

Alexis seemed to be a little bit relaxed now. He was not even bothered by the looks of the servants and including Alexandra’s.

“Why is it a surprise to you all? You can all go back to work now and I need to talk to you Alfon. Please wait for me downstairs.” said Alexis with dismissal.

The servants left including Alfon and some of them were giggling. Alexandra could not help herself being upset.

“You can’t do this to me Mr. Andreas!” Sandy protested.

“Cut the Mister thing Alexandra! If we are going to convince these people that we are engaged then you better start calling me with my name and please make it convincing to sound like real.” Alexis said while looking amusedly at Sandy.

“Why don’t you have to tell them a lie? And why am I here? This is not my room… and those servants… ” Sandy realized where she was. “This is your…” her voice failed to come out. Sandy started to cry.

“Please calm down Alexandra. I am not telling them a lie. That is all I can do to save you from this situation…” Alexis was sitting at the edge of the bed now.

“No! I won’t let you do this to me!” Sandy protested.

“You brought it yourself Sandy.” Alexis said.”What do you want me to do? Have the servants spread gossip that the Caregiver of my grandmother slept in ‘my bed’ is that what you want?” Alexis asked Sandy with a challenge in his voice.

“But I am just a caregiver…” Sandy said teary eyed. She was not looking at Alexis.

“Does love has a standard Alexandra?” asked Alexis holding her face.

“But we are not in love with each other! How can we get engaged without love?” Sandy argued.

“And what you do know about love Alexandra?” Alexis asked softly.”Is love really necessary for people to get engaged or married?” Alexis added that to Sandy sounds like sarcastic.

Sandy could not find the words to say.

Alexis on the other hand was thinking. “This little fool has no idea what he had gone through last night resisting the temptation that she presented herself.”

Sandy felt so embarrassed. “I-I’m so sorry… I could not remember what… what happened…” she said finally trying to remember what happened and why she ended up in Alexis bed.

Alexis was about to say something when the door suddenly opened and Amina was there staring at them. But that was just split seconds Amina came in and attacked Sandy who was not aware of Amina’s intention.

“You opportunist!” Amina was pulling Sandy’s hair.

“Stop it Amina!’ Alexis pulled Amina away from Sandy.”You can’t hurt her!” Alexis said angrily.

“Tell me that it is not true Alexis!” Amina said hysterically.

“What is not true?” Alexis asked Amina.

“That you are not really engaged to this mouse!” Amina blurted.

“Watch your mouth Amina! Don’t talk like that to my future bride!” barked Alexis.

Sandy was watching the two. Alexis looked so angry and pulled Amina out of the room. Sandy could not even manage to get out of that King size bed. She does not even know where her clothes are. She burst into tears again. Her heart felt like bursting with pain.