How Stop Snoring Naturally Saved My Marriage

How Stop Snoring Naturally Saved My Marriage

Is There A Natural Way To Stop Snoring?

I am getting older. We all are. And I am probably just as surprised as anyone could be about learning that I now snore when I sleep. My wife often reminds me with gentle prods designed to ‘help’ me adjust my sleeping position. Often, I can see that the excessive sound produced by me at night produces effects that last well into the next day. I’m not the only one suffering. The situation of my sleeping disorder affects my partner, a situation that I’ve learned is far too common. What can be done to help stop snoring? Can someone stop snoring naturally?

When I first discovered that I snored at night, I wanted to stop it naturally, without a medical device or drugs. I tried several soothing, sleep reducing essential oils that improved sleep qualities such as lavender and marjoram. They definitely helped, especially when I bought a nebulizer that created a fine mist that created a scent that enveloped our bedroom space. Sometimes it was nice, but we couldn’t keep the nebulizer on all night, but it did help to get to sleep and reduce the snoring a bit at the start of the night at least.

I haven’t yet tried a mask type gizmo or CPAP device as its called, as it looks very invasive and uncomfortable. CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure” and it looks like it forces air down your throat airway in order to reduce or eliminate the sound created by a collapse of the air passage. But the contraption must be quite a thing to try to get used to. Probably not for me. I was hoping for something a less extreme.

I happened to come across an odd looking device that claimed to do what the mask thing did, namely keep the air passage open so that the snoring noises couldn’t be created by my throat. Sounds good so far. The device looks like a bit like a clowns nose, but it is designed to fit on the end of your tongue so that it keeps it from allowing the tongue to block your throat air passage.

Stop Snoring Device

Stop Snoring Naturally Device

How Well Does It Work?

Does the Aveo TSD work? Well, it did for me. And it probably saved my marriage as well. Though it did take a bit to get used to at the start. Initially, I sometimes woke up and found that it had come loose off of my tongue at sometime and I couldn’t locate it, unless I stepped on it lying on the floor beside my side of the bed.

Sometimes, it was a bit tight on the end of my tongue. I had to learn to adjust the pressure, which is easy to with a slight pinch on the sides to release a bit of the vacuum pressure, so that it fits snuggly without any pressure.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that it is the right size for you. When you order one, make sure you choose the right size for the best fir and comfort. Once fitted correctly, the Aveo TSD will be comfortable and prevent the snoring that is keeping you and your partner from getting the sleep you need.

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