How to add content automatically to your blogger step by step

How to add content automatically to your blogger step by step

Autoblogging with! Yes it’s true! Just follow
these steps and within ten minute you can start your blog with lots of content
without writing anything yes, and yes fresh content.

Step 1

Login to you and create a new blog.
Then Click on Settings >>>>
Email and create the email to Mail to Blogger Address. Your email
look like this [email protected]
Now Click at Publish emails immediately, this will publish immediately all mails coming to this email, If you have
time than you can sellet save as drafts and you can publish letter after
reviewing post. This will improve your blog.

Step 2

Create a New GMAIL ID. (Yes! just go and
create a new Gmail account)
Now Join Some yahoo group related to your blog from your new Gmail id or you
can subscribe RSS via email. (I hope you know how you can join yahoo group
through you Gmail account) or subscribe via
will allow you to send RSS to your blogger account.
Forward all the emails of your New Gmail account to the email address of
blogger which you have created in Step# 1 (2) i.e.: [email protected]
this step  is useful only if you want to subscribe yahoo
group, for just
enter  blogger email created in first
step i.e. [email protected]

Just forward 10 emails/day to your blog and keep look on your blogger account two
time in week and delete unwanted post So that it looks like normal blog and
delete unwanted contents.

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Final step 3

If possible write at least two posts by yourself so that your blog look like human editable blog and it also avoid large duplicate content, so that you are not going to panelize by search engine. Setup 100 of blog, if each blogs earn $10, than you can earn $300 per month. Nice earning! This one is just figure; success depends upon your dedication, Niche selection, promotion (like Digg, Readit etc) and lots of luck.

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