How To Catch and Evolve Feebas- Hoenn, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Versions

How To Catch and Evolve Feebas- Hoenn, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Versions

Feebas- Ain’t It Purdy?

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Hoenn Region

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Introduction- So You Want To Catch A Feebas?

One of the rarest pokemon in the Hoenn region is the elusive Feebas. Only known to be available on six tiles of a single map it can be quite the feat to find and catch one without some kind of outside knowledge on how to get it. This is where this guide comes in, to tell you how to find the Feebas and then how to evolve it into the powerful Milotic.

Of course, catching Feebas is only half the battle, maybe even less, as evolving it can be a pain in the bum especially if you don’t have time-based events happening anymore and can’t grow berries. No worries, I’ll explain that further on in the guide as well. So get your fishing rod ready and learn how to catch and evolve the elusive Feebas!

Where to Catch a Feebas?

The simple answer is Route 119, and it being a fish you have to use a fishing rod to actually get it. Now here’s the catch, it only appears on six (yes, six) of the fishable tiles on this route. Also if you change the Dewford town’s Trendy Phrase it changes the tiles randomly again so any progress you made in looking for it would be entirely lost. Also just because your friend has the same phrase doesn’t mean you have the same tiles available to catch the Feebas on.

So you have to literally check it yourself without any shortcuts. I will have a map available on the side to look at that shows how many tiles there are and a map downloadable on DeviantART that will allow you to check mark all the tiles you check so you remember in case you forget. Once you want to start checking do it in a systematic way so you don’t miss any squares (that could be one of the six after-all).

Something like this, where you start at the x and move down in a horizontal line checking each tile a few times (at least 5 times should be enough but more is always better). If you use a super rod there is only one other species of pokemon you could possibly catch (Carvanha) but any rod will work if you don’t have the super rod.

V<-<-<-<-<- ->->->->->V
etc. etc.

Caught One (Or More) Now What?

Double, or even triple, check that you have the right nature on the Feebas you want to evolve and either release or store the other ones so you don’t feed the wrong one the blocks. When you are sure you have the right feebas to evolve into milotic you need to do some block making to beautify your new fish. It might be a good idea to make use of the free berry giver-outers in case they give you one you need to evolve it, but what exactly do you need? Well, read on my friend, read on.

Natures you should look for and keep: Modest, Mild, Rash, Quiet.

Evolving Feebas Into Milotic

You need to increase feebas’ beauty to the max, but of course you can only feed so many blocks to each pokemon so you are limited to using blocks of certain beauty or higher in order to evolve Feebas before you reach the block limit. That’s where the nature part comes in, some natures really like beauty blocks so they get more from them while some don’t like them so you don’t get as much beauty out of the blocks as you would other natures. These are the berries that would make the blue or Indigo blocks to increase beauty to your feebas.

Berries you need:

Wiki Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Cornn Berry
Pamtre Berry (Best to use but only available after the elite four is defeated)

Now that you have berries, you might want to grow some if you can, if not then just try to stock up so you have enough to do it all in one go. If you don’t know how to make blocks or you want to practice you can use other berries to practice making some or just get used to the process to avoid wasting berries. When it stops saying the Beauty stat has been raised after you feed it a block then you have completed your feeding of the berries/blocks. Next you have to level it up so either battle or feed it a rare candy and it should evolve into Milotic, if not then it needs more beauty.