How to Choose the Best Rival Crock Pot at Amazon or WalMart

How to Choose the Best Rival Crock Pot at Amazon or WalMart

Crock Pot Features

ago, when Rival introduced the original crock pot, there was just one
model. It was simple. The crock did not remove, there were two settings
(high and low), and it held about 2 quarts. Now, there are so many
Rival crock pots to choose from it can make your head spin. Even more,
there are now other brands of slow cookers, as well. It gets confusing. Although the other brands are good, I’m sure, Rival made the original
crock pot and I still feel that a Rival crock pot is the best — and it’s a real crockery crock pot. How do
you choose from so many features, sizes, and brands? Do you need a
programmable slow cooker? A Little Dipper crock pot (mini crock)? Or how about a slow
cooker-roaster combination with removable liner? Here’s how to narrow
it down and choose the best Rival crock pot.

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How to Choose?

First, decide how you will use your crock pot. How many people do you
usually cook for, and what kinds of recipes do you normally cook? Do
you already have some favorite crock
pot recipes, or are you completely
new to crock pot cooking? During this step, it may help if you look at
the available crock pots next time you are out shopping, just to see
the sizes, costs, and features available. Even if you are only cooking
for one, reconsider if you think a mini crock is all you need. It is
mainly for sauces and toppings, and it won’t hold enough for you to
make a meal, have leftovers to freeze or eat the next day, or have a
guest. But it’s great if you want nachos, to make the nacho sauce in!
On the other hand, remember that a crock pot cooks better if it is more
full than less full, so you might not want a 6 quart crock pot for one.
My rule of thumb would be for most people to choose 1-2 sizes bigger
than what they think they need. So a 2 quart for one person, a 4-5
quart for 2-3 people, and the largest crock pots for bigger families.

consider the features. My opinion, as someone who has used crock
pots for over 20 years, since the original Rival crock pot, is that
simpler is better.The more features you have the more you lose
the unique qualities of the crock pot. As much as you might be tempted
to combine as many types of cooking
into one appliance as you can, I would recommend resisting. The
crockery liner is part of the magic of a crock pot, and you risk losing
some of that magic if you try to use it as a a deep fryer/roaster/crock

want a removable crock! The entire crock pot won’t be
immersible for cleaning and it is much easier if you can remove the
crock for washing. Of course, you want high and low, and warm is a nice
feature. But why would you need a programmable crock pot? Since you
cook all day in a crock pot anyway and most foods cannot sit out in the
crock pot for a few hours waiting for it to turn on, it seems most
people can do without
this feature.

So now you should know the size of crock pot
you want, that you need a removable crock, and that you probably just
want a basic, simple model of Rival crock pot. I’ll leave you to pick
the color yourself. I love my red crock pot!

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Best Deals?

Where do you get the best deal? Most of the time, you can’t beat Walmart! However, when Target has a sale, you can find a great price on a Rival crock pot. So check the sales in the Sunday papers. But keep in mind: a Rival crock pot sold at Walmart is still a Rival crock pot, so there is no need to pay $5-$15 more for the dubious pleasure of shopping at a big department store. Shopping online is also a good option, since Amazon, Target, Walmart, and others are all sources of great prices online.

Tips for cooking with a crock pot

    * Be sure to READ your Rival crock pot manual! Crock pot cooking is different, and you don’t want to damage your crock pot or your food.
    * You can cook just about anything in a crock pot so look for a good crock pot recipe book.
    * Again, READ your crock pot manual.
    * Never add cold liquid or food to a hot crock pot, as it could cause breaking.
    * Never remove the hot crock or glass lid and place it on a cool or damp surface, as this can also cause breaking.

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