How to Convert Powerpoint Presention to Video Free

How to Convert Powerpoint Presention to Video Free

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Sometimes we are needed to convert Powerpoint presentations (PPT) to Video so we don’t have any program to run our presention so to do that task easy, I have come up with a new thing.

I am going to show you how you can convert your PPt files to Video so you can upload it on Youtube or show to other people without need of MS Powerpoint or any other viewer.

So no more wasting time and follow the below tutorial.

Convert PPT To Video

To do this task we will need software to convert our PPt file to Video. The below software I am going to give is freeware but you can find pro version at their website which is given below.

The freeware puts watermark on convert PPT so you may need Pro version of this program if you don’t want watermark.

Click Here to Download the Program

So after downloading the programme. Install it in your PC.

After Installing Run it and and you will see the E.M. Powerpoint Video Converter Pro or Free version.

After running click on Add Now you will see a new drop down menu which will ask you if you want to add files or folder. Click the option that suits you.

Now you will see a dialogue box in that dialogue box either select your folder or files and Click OK.

Now after adding the files you will see some option choose and set the option that suits you. After that when you come to Default output folder, this is where your video file is gonna saved. Click on button next to it and browse to the folder you want to save your video.

After everything is set click on Convert and wait until it converts your PPT to video. When it done converting click on the Open button at the bottom it will open your folder where it has saved your video.

And then in that folder you will see your video.


I hope the above method has helped you in converting your PPT file to Video. If you found any problem then let me know and I will try my best to solve your problem.

Yep! I showed you a easy way to convert your PPt to video but if you buy the PRO version then you will have more features and more facilities and also there will be no watermark in your video.

Thanks and Enjoy.

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