How to cure Breast Cancer through making simple lifestyle changes.

How to cure Breast Cancer through making simple lifestyle changes.

There is a cure for Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer has many known causes and unfortunately you won’t be told these causes by our mainstream medical system as they don’t know. It’s very important to know these causes because before you can beat a diagnosis of breast cancer you have to remove the factors that have caused the problem in the first place.

While our medical system is very good at finding breast cancer and monitoring the disease, their treatments have many problems, toxicity being just one of them. Breast cancer doesn’t have a single cause but many contributing factors and even though the problem is in the breast, the cause of the problem is in the rest of the body, mainly the liver and it’s this underlying cause you must address.

Doctors now days only treat the problem with surgery, radiation and or chemotherapy but there is nothing in those 3 treatments that will stop the spread of cancer. To stop the cancer coming back or shifting to another location find out what caused it in the first place and remove those causes. That is called; “a common sense approach” and very few people when first told they have breast cancer are applying that.

Some of the known causes of all cancers including breast cancer are our wrong food choices with our high consumption of processed food or food that’s been interfered with by man. Another is our sedentary lifestyle. We were meant to be physically active but because of our lack of exercise with our cars, the television and our work where we sit all day we don’t get the exercise we so badly need. Toxic chemicals are another problem and today we are surrounded by them. The ones that have been connected to breast cancer are under arm antiperspirants, hair dyes and sun screens.

The human body is continually trying to heal itself and the most efficient healer you have is your body through your immune system. The way to overcome breast cancer is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, as many of them have cancer fighting properties, get some vitamin D which you get freely from the sun and don’t forget the exercise.

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