How to Disable Facebook Timeline in Chrome

How to Disable Facebook Timeline in Chrome

Facebook Timeline is a worst feature of Facebook. When it was new many came to like it but slowly slowly many people started dislike it but worst thing is that if we enabled it we cannot disable it after. I even my self don’t like Facebook timeline.

So for all who don’t like the Facebook timeline I am going to show you a way to disable it in Chrme using Timeline remove extension.

So no more wasting time and below is the way to get rid of this worst feature.

Download and Install Timeline Remove Extension

Step 1. Go To Chrome Web Store and search for Timeline Remove

Step 2. After searching you may see lot of extension. Choose Timeline Remove by and click on Add to Chrome next to it.

NOTE: Do not install any other Facebook timeline remove extension except the above or you may be at risk of being infected so do not trust on the others because we have tested TImeline remove and found to be reliable to use.

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Step 3. You may see a dialog box of Confirm new extension. Its safe to click on Ok so click on Ok.

Step 4. Wait until it downloads and installs. After it is installed you will see a new icon next to your address bar in Chrome. Using this icon you can enable or disable Timeline Remove extension

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Step 5. Login to your Facebook and go to your or any one’s profile and see your old profile.

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Congratulations! Using the above method you have successfully disabled this worst Timeline but your friends will still see your timeline but not you.

You can also link your friends to this tutorial so they can also disable timeline and can see the old profile enabled.

If you have any problems or still cannot disable the Timeline then let me know and I will be very happy to fix your problem.