How To Expose (Your Picture) Properly, For Photography Beginners

How To Expose (Your Picture) Properly, For Photography Beginners
“Dali Atomicus” (1948) taken by Philippe Halsman
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Your Digital Camera

Is your camera one of those with the P, Tv, Av, M buttons on your mode dial? Yet, do you always only take your pictures using the “Auto” or “Scene” modes on your camera? Have you ever wondered what the other modes do or how to use them? Then, this article is for you. Today, you will learn how to operate, and gain a strong understanding, of what is known in the photography industry, as a PASM camera (PASM being an acronym for Program; Aperture Priority; Shutter Priority; Manual), and hopefully in the process, unleash the inhibited power of your camera and along with it, your hidden creative genius.

I have split this guide into multiple articles for a better structure. I will want to discuss about some photography theory first, then we will
move on to some applied examples in order for you to comprehend the subject better. Don’t skip over the theory, though! It is important as knowing the theory behind well will give you the eventual confidence to tailor the shot to your specific needs.

Do not worry, I will keep this guide as simple as possible. You need only a PASM
camera – some examples are the Canon PowerShot S, SX, G-Series; Nikon P-Series; or even a SLR, and a will to read and think a little to get started. This guide is also suitable for those interested in the basic exposure mechanics of a camera. Let’s get started then:

The Theory
This article seeks to give readers a general, non-technical theoretical understanding in the physics and manipulation of photography exposure, using the concepts of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
The Practical
Learn how to use your digital camera from this practical exercise. Find out how to control the amount of exposure your picture gets for purposes of creativity or realism, using the basic photography concepts of aperture; shutter speed and ISO.