How to Get Lots of Likes on Facebook

How to Get Lots of Likes on Facebook
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A Facebook Like Is a Thumbs-Up to You
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Do You Want Them to Like You?

One of the most common questions asked in social media is about increasing Facebook likes. In the world of ecommerce and marketing, this is an all too common issue. Since Facebook is still evolving as a business tool, many go into it unsure of how to improve their visibility and reach. But everyone wants more customers (and potential customers) on the largest social network on the web.

The good news is that improving your number of Facebook likes is relatively easy to understand, even if it takes some real effort. It is all about knowing how to market yourself, and how to break through the obscurity that is natural on a site full of competing pages. All you need is a few simple tips to get you started.

Know Who You Want to Reach
Before you begin implementing new techniques in your marketing plan, you should be aware of who your main audience is going to be. This will break your approach into two different categories: getting likes from people who already know you, and getting likes from people who might not have been aware of your existence before hand. For the sake of this article, we will assume you are more concerned with reaching new viewers. Having this goal in mind will allow you to focus attention where it is most needed. It will also allow you to break that group down further into smaller demographics that match your business: such as by age group, gender, location, social or economic status, and any other factors that might be relevant to your company/product.

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A Facebook Page Is About More Than Just Business Updates

This is a mistake you see a lot: pages that only focus on updates to their own site or blog, and fail to provide anything else. You will be highly limited in what your users share if this is the case, which in turn will limit your views. After all, social media is based almost entirely around what people share on their own profiles, and what they are interested in.

An easy way to increase your content is by making different sections or tabs on your Facebook page. In these sections, you should begin posting a wider selection of content that is still related to your business. Current events and news stories are a quick way to inject some life into your page. As are reviews and viral videos / photos / articles you find around the web.

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Facebook Likes Are a Measure of Your Fame

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Getting Genuine Facebook Likes Makes Business Sense
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Making Use of Facebook Ads

Ads are always an iffy area when it comes to the internet, because on many sites ads are ignored or even blocked by apps and browser add-ons. But on Facebook, advertising is a whole other animal. Not only are they always present thanks to the free use of the site, but users seem willing to follow them as long as there is something intriguing or eye catching about them.

There is a plus side for businesses that don’t have much money to dedicate to advertising. Each marketing campaign comes with a daily or monthly allowance that you set. Think of it as prepaid advertising. Therefore, you are in total control over how much you spend on these ads, which effects how often they are shown. You can also control the audience that views them to better target your demographic.

How to Get More Facebook Likes or Fans

The Final Word About Facebook Likes

Of course, there are many more factors involved. But if you add the three tips above to an already existent call to action on your business site asking people to like your page, you will be well on your way.

As your likes go up, you can begin to increase the amount of exposure you give to products and services on your page — which will help direct people to sales, new items and more. It is simple, but effective.