How To Make An App On Facebook

How To Make An App On Facebook

Facebook is the Number 1 social networking site, where 100s of users are joining daily. Everyone wants to be a Facebooker!

We see many Apps on Facebook, like Find your Love %, Find Your Love, You hates you the most, how serious are you? Etc. They all are made using easy techniques. I will mention the steps to how to make an app on Facebook.

First of all, log in to your Facebook Account. On the search box, search “App Factory”. Select the App Factory Page. Here’s the link for it: . Now, You will see this page:

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More Ways To Make A Facebook App

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You can create 6 types of Apps:

1. Phrases App

Some apps containing jokes, quotations etc.

2. Friend Interview App

Some apps containing Questions about Friends.

3. Percent App

Apps having the Percentage for any result such as How smart are you etc.

4. Virtual Gifting App

Apps where the apps post certain gifts daily.

5. Random Friend App

Apps where the apps choose any friend of that user playing it. Example: Who is the most idiot among your friends etc.

6. Personality Quiz

This app is new. In these types of apps, a QUIZ is held to decide personality of certain user using it.

Choose any type of App you want to create. A page similar to this will appear:

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Put the name of your App, description, and image.Then click on SAVE . Next STEP appears. That page is similar to this:

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Now, click on the Number 1 “Click Here”. It will take you to the page of Facebook Developer Tools. Sign up there. Signing up there takes few minutes. Now, after doing that, go to that page again and on Number 2 step, click on “Click Here” link. Create a new app by clicking on “Create New App”. Do not enter any name of app, and Tick Mark on the Terms of Facebook. Click on Continue. Put that Code asked known as “captcha”.

Go to that App Factory page again, and enter the App ID and App Security, which can be found on that Page of Facebook Developer Tools after you created that unnamed app there. Now, click on Create My App button. Your App gets created easily.

You can invite your friends to that app. Make a Fan Page of that App too and promote your Hubs there.

Making GAME on Facebook costs a lot.

You can make as many apps you want. Make interesting apps and Fan Pages and promote your websites, blogs and hubs!

Best OfLuck!