How to Make an Ebook with Page Turn

How to Make an Ebook with Page Turn
Make an Ebook with Page Turn

Maybe you will find it is necessary to create your own ebook in many case such as offering business or products information of your website, or self-publishing an ebook online. Make an ebook with page turn effect just like reading a real-printed book will not only let your readers keep the feelings of original print book, but also let the readers enjoy the convenience and interactivity of reading online.
Adobe Acrobat PDF is the most common e-book format. So you need do some “design” of your book in your word-processing program. You do not need to actually own Adobe Acrobat to convert your e-book into a PDF file, you can use some free tools to convert your documents to PDF files. (Of course, if you want your ebook with some interactive elements such as videos, hyperlinks, sound, etc., you can use some digital publishing program such Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro, XFlip, etc, to achieve.) The most commonly used word processing program is Word, now let we start focus on creating in Word.

Customize E-book format

A professional “look” ebook will attract readers to read more quickly, and good formatted e-book will make readers easier to read. Just do a few simple Word commands will let your ebook have a good format and professional “look”.

Set Margins:
Go to Word “Format: Document”, or “Page Layout -> Margins”, set margins to a minimum of three quarters of an inch on all sides, if you want to use a header or footer on your e-book you can set a little larger top or bottom margins, and the set “The page range” option as “mirror margins”.
Set page size:
E-books are typically between 5×7 and 6×9. You can set page size as 5×7 inch, or 13 x18.4cm from Word “Page Setup” menu (or Page Layout -> Paper size).
Set header and footer:
Set header and footer of e-book will let your ebook looks more professional. In most cases, we display the title of ebook and page number on these two places. For example, you can set ebook title in header and put page number in footer. You can place the information flush left, flush right, or centered, and set different format of header and footer such as using italic or bold.
Set font:
So many fonts are available for your use, which one is best? Well, Times, Times New Roman, Palatino, etc. are all good for standard font. And you can use non-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica for chapter headings and subheads. And 11 points is good for text, 12 to 14 point for subheads. Some fonts looks better onscreen, you can test all these fonts combinations in different ways.
Add Pictures:
It is best to add pictures, drawings, charts, and other illustration elements on ebook to cost lest. Pictures will increase the file size of your book, but this is an important consideration for the reader. One solution, you can use a scanner to scan your photos and convert them to .gif or .jpg files, using some program such as Photoshop to crop, reduce these pictures, you can save them at a smaller file size with lower resolution. But sometime you could not position the pictures precisely where you want them in your text, if you want to use lager number of pictures, you can consider using a desktop publishing program. Be sure to leave an enough margin between the image and text.
About Front matter:
The front matters including title page, a copyright page (for more information on how to obtain an ISBN, see, acknowledgements, tablet of content (you can generate this automatically in Word by using “headings” formats for your chapter titles and subheads).
About Back matter:
You can place an index, your bio, contact information and even advertisements at the back of your book.

Convert as PDF Format

If you don’t own Acrobat, Microsoft Word 2007 has an add-on can allow you free save Word document as PDF file. You can search this add-on from Microsoft website and download it to apply on your Word.
If you own Acrobat, you can add some features to your e-book, such as you can add hotlink very URL in the text(keep in mind to include the http:// prefix on all URLS). And you can also create links of tablet of contents of book that readers can directly to the text by click the clicking on the appropriate directory.

Create Page Turn Effect

There are so many digital publishing program for you to create page turn e-book, Such as using Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro, you can convert your PDF e-book to page turn flipbook as EXE file, during the creation, you can add videos, links, sound, dynamic SWF files to enrich your content, and set a background theme or book template for you e-book. Of course, you can also use other program such as XFlip Pro that allows you directly convert Word document to page turn ebook with multi-media elements embedded.

Publish E-book Format

Which format should choose? If you publish as PDF format, should you zip the e-book? If you want to compress the size of book, just zip it, Zip format ebook will shorten the download time for users. And if you are using some digital publish programs, most of them can let you publish as different formats such as HTML, EXE, Standalone SWF, ZIP, APP, etc. for different needs, just choose the right one as you need.

Whether you are a commercial publisher or self-publisher, you can create commercial publications with low cost, or make your own e-book with a few click of a mouse with small design and printing.